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Reggae Superstar Singing Melody Builds a Mansion for Reality TV!

Reggae and Lover’s Rock Superstar Singing Melody, whose formal name is Everton Hardweare, is building a mansion for Reality TV, and fans are riveted to every brick, hammer and nail the star touches!

The Hardweares is the newest and hottest show to be added to television for the Fall season. Featuring Singing Melody and Wife Ruby Robinson, the two allow camera’s behind closed doors to see what it takes to build a mansion on picturesque North Coast of Jamaica, overlooking the Caribbean Ocean.

With a 13 episode season running from November 21st, 2015 to February 13th, 2016, fans will not only know tile options from color schemes, they will also know the dynamic personalities of Singing Melody, critically acclaimed and international singing sensation, and Ruby, his Wife, who is an executive for a telecommunications firm. “The show is as much about building this beautiful mansion as it is about family, as it is about our careers away from each other” says Melody while on location. “We let people in to the comedy and seriousness of building a home and working together as a team to accomplish our goals but also about the highs and lows of working everyday to make a marriage work” adds Ruby.

In the first episode, viewers are given introductions to The Hardweares, the background of their relationship, and their love story about meeting in Kingston, Jamaica 10 years ago. To add to that, Singing Melody’s singing partners, LUST, make an appearance and talk about the singer as well as the stars of the show as a couple.

Fans are connecting with The Hardweares, and loving what they see. The shows Facebook page picked up more than 6,000 fans after the airing of the 1st episode, and is receiving unprecedented feedback. Karen from Jamaica says “there is something about them [Singing Melody and Ruby] that rings genuine … This is my power couple.”

The Harweares, produced by Award winning Sonya Stewart, and two time Emmy Award Winning Senior Producer Angela Thame can be seen in Jamaica on CVM TV at 10PM on Saturday evenings. It is also airs in the Tri-State on Cablevision (Optimum) 1103, and in Canada on Bell Fibe Channel 661 and Rogers TV Channel 684 on the same day and time. Stations in 13 more US markets and the UK will begin broadcasting in January, 2016 with Africa and the rest of Europe to be added later in the New Year.

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