Nisha B promises unforgettable evolution for 2012

Even with numerous achievements and Caribbean music accolades under her belt and after having earned the respect and approval of her industry counterparts including Soca King Machel Montano, Nisha Bissambhar continues to strive for further creative excellence in 2012. This year will see new developments and evolution in the Chutney-Soca Princess’ career and unique entertainment brand. From her formative years as a little girl watching her late father singing on stage to her present period of headlining shows in cities such as Barcelona, Holland, Toronto, New York and Orlando (many times as the sole female act on a predominantly male cast), this East Indian beauty has always been on a constant mission to learn, grow and re-invent herself. Even with the very daunting task of juggling a hectic performance and touring schedule with her band Karma along with her late night radio presenter duties on 90.5fm and her position of host for Synergy TV’s Chutney Island, Nisha is still able to balance her personal and professional life and still bring forth new ventures and music releases for her beloved fans and supporters (who she considers her inspiration and motivation for succeeding in this industry). Nisha B who is known for her mastery and fusion of musical genres, having pioneered the trend of mixing and infusing Soca, Hip-Hop, Reggae and Dance/Pop into her band’s Indian Film song repertoire, has released 4 new Indian film remixes produced by Big Rich of the ‘The Punkalunks Factory. Most notably, just in time for Carnival band launch season, she will be unleashing some new original songs written and produced by Klase Gonzales of First Klase productions and has plans for some Pop music productions as well as a Bhajan CD entitled “Karma Mangalam 2” later on in the year. She also promises accompanying videos for her new music. In addition to keeping it versatile and stylish on the music front, Nisha recently started a line of jewellery called ‘Crown Jewels’ which features materials sourced from various places around the world. She plans to expand on this line and to also open a clothing boutique. This busy bee who has performed and recorded with artistes the likes of Beenie Man, Allison Hinds, Anil Bheem, Ziggy Rankin, Kees Dieffenthaller and Busy Signal guarantees more collaborations and surprises and shared, “I am aspiring to be a leader in my industry so that my music, my performances, my fashion, my life would be not only be memorable but serve as positive examples for others when I retire. And of course my ultimate goal is motherhood; I cannot wait to have a mini me, a little Nisha B”. She encourages her fans to keep up to date with the evolution of her brand on social media by accessing the The Nisha B Page on Facebook, by following her on twitter via @NishaB1 and by utilizing the Ravi B and Karma app for new music, updates, photos, tour info and much more.

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