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New Single – Vital Supply by Fadda Fox

What are the items stocked in your house before a natural disaster? Dry goods, water, an emergency first aid kit? It is imperative to store these basic necessities before such life threatening events.

In a similar scenario, taking feters into consideration, and more specifically, males; how do you prepare for an important occasion of your life such as Carnival? An expert in Carnival survival, Nicholas FADDA FOX Sealy simplifies the basic rules of this season’s existence through the exuberant release of another hit single ‘VITAL SUPPLY’

The song ‘VITAL SUPPLY’ was produced to emphasize the necessities of a ‘BESS’ carnival season through the eyes of a man… and well, we are sure you ladies would agree the same.

With Futuristic Jams own Jovan Jamesand Fadda Fox on lyrics, Kubiyashi on Production, Scratch Master on mixing and perfection duties, Fadda Fox was able to bring to life a real social scenario through a melodious selection.

This blend and perfect exemplification of Caribbean unity (creators of the song from various Islands) was further sweetened with the backing vocals of Kahailia Beach, Guitars by Zan George and project managed by Directiontt and Ministry of Vibe

When asked why ‘VITAL SUPPLY’? FaddaFox explained that he and his team are currently on a musical journey. Fox stressed that his ultimate aim is to become a household name not only in his country but within the international diaspora.

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