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New Lyrikal – Freedom (2016 TNT Soca)

Performed By: Lyrikal
Written By: Written by Jesse “Collegeboy” Stewart, Shawn “Spine” Stewart, Ato “#5” Williams (ZigBoi Music), and Devon “Lyrikal” Martin
Produced By: Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell
Guitars: Zan George
Steel Pan: Rodney Small
Bass & Percussions: Alex Barnwell
Back Vocals: Devon Martin, and Terri Lyons

Vocals Recorded at: Utopia Studios, Trinidad
Pan & Percussions Recorded at: Kubiyashi Productions, St. Vincent
Mixed & Mastered By: Keron ScratchMaster Hector
Video: Drone Kingz
Project Managed By: Leonardo Worrell

Lyrikal Takes You to the Land of the Free
One of the most liberating moments one will ever experience is that feeling of freeness when your plane touches the runway at Piarco Airport, or you arrive at the first fete or every time you put on a carnival costume and take to streets to participate in greatest show on earth, Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) Carnival. Then the music hits you, and somehow your waistline and your feet adopt a mind of their own and without effort you begin to move. You are dancing and parading with your hands in the air because at that point in time it is the only thing that matters.

It is no exaggeration that once you have filled the shoes of a feter or masquerader it is only then that you truly understand the true meaning of “Freedom.”

Once again Lyrikal has used his latest offering so perfectly titled “Freedom” to help us relive these freeing moments everywhere we go. Even if you have never been to T&T’s Carnival, or experienced an all-inclusive party, once you hear the drums, the chords, and the melody with Lyrikal’ s voice instructing you to “close your eyes and feel how freedom does feel” you want to experience a Carnival.

The infectious lyrics and the music were created by Jesse College Boy Stewart, his brother Shawn Spine Stewart, Ato #5 Williams of Zigboi Music, Alex Kubiyashi Barnwell and Lyrikal himself whom together has created a masterpiece. Freedom promises to raise your spirits, raise your hands and keep you dancing like you are permanently in the land of the free.

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