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NEW 2015 SOCA MUSIC RELEASE – Konshens feat. Fadda Fox – Deh Deh – DOWNLOAD NOW

Deh Deh “Wining Class” a soca collaboration between two thriving artists Greg ‘Konshens’ Spence and Nicholas ‘Fadda Fox’ Sealy which lets partiers know they’re ‘right deh deh’ on the scene.

The concept stemmed from casual talk about their views on soca and who was more passionate about the genre. To both their surprise they shared the same enthusiasm and passion for the music and for them the next step was to transform the views into words and wow their audience.

Konshens, Jamaican born, would be known to many as the face in the reggae and dancehall industry but thought of something outside the box for 2014; a soca collaboration with his brethren. Though these guys are already exposed to the party scenes, they would tell you that a great beat influences a crowd’s response. Deh Deh (Wining Class) was composed and influenced by them both and Produced by the Soca General Peter Coppin and Nelieux at “Monstapiece Studio”. Some men want the ladies’ attention but can only admire them or watch them as they Gyrate their waistlines because they’re unable to keep up or even wine. So here’s the twist, Konshens met a sexy lady and was impressed with her physique but what he lacked was the ability to wine. Through inquiry she informed him she was a dance instructor so enrollment in her class was his strategy to get close to her and also learn to dance as he guaranteed fast improvement.

Fadda Fox, no stranger to the music industry and a soca enthusiast, found this tune to be up his alley. For him, Deh Deh allowed him to be expressive on the dance floor; music allowed him to be free and live within the moment. So unlike Konshens, his high energy and vigor proved his readiness for the challenge with the instructor. He exudes his confidence by describing himself as a champion jockey who can handle any position. His aim was to show off on Konshens so he understood how it’s done. Reference to his lyrical injection “Me nuh care gal tip pon ya toe, Kotch pun the side or jiggle to the floor, he’s a real fast learner he ready for the show, bend over and teach he some more”.

As we can see, these two gentlemen come from different backgrounds, one being Jamaican and the other Barbadian they integrate with the right movement: Strong passion for music and their audience. These two artists believe that soca music comes in various forms and given the right exposure, Deh Deh is expected to take flight in 2014 and beyond.

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