NEW 2015 MUSIC RELEASE – Mr. Renzo X Nessa Preppy – Jiggle – DOWNLOAD NOW

Carnival is all about Cause & effect.

Soca Music is the cause.

As West Indian people, it is highly likely that our initial reaction would be to dance when we hear sweet Soca music. Its even more likely that the type of dancing would be what we refer to as (wining).

Dancing/Jiggle is the effect.

Wining is frequented by the women of the islands. And as we are all aware, when an island woman wines, the “Bam Bam Jiggles”.

This is what you can expect in this chain reaction called Soca, this is the way of life in the caribbean, and this is what is meted out in fine style by this talented duo. Spearheaded by the musical genius of Julian “Juelio” Nelson who then merged with Kern Rose of Saga Boyz Music on the project.

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