NEVAL CHATELAL and MACHEL MONTANO – WONDERS OF THIS WORLD (Trinidad & Tobago) – 2012 DOWNLOAD NOW – Trinidad & Tobago 50 Years of Independence

Trinidad and Tobago has been blessed with many natural marvels, for which we are world famous, from our living lake of pitch to the unending unique flora and fauna that grace our isles, we truly have many gifts to be grateful for. The true wonder of our nation however, lies in the life force triumphantly bubbling within every single Trinbagonian soul. The splendour and magnificence born within this cornucopia of melded cultures thrives in each of us and flows from our spirit with every step we take.

In this brand new release from the Going For Gold album, called Wonders of this World (Trinidad and Tobago), Neval Chatelal alongside Machel Montano reflect and showcase the beauty within the people of our twin island republic, which is at times forgotten in the mire of negativity no one can escape.

The strength and positivity in this song serve as a guiding light focusing our minds and hearts back to nation building ideals and goals. This musical reminder also highlights our role as a pillar in the formation of Caribbean potency and our continuing forward journey to create a region where we all stand as equals and all of our people benefit and grow from the tremendous wealth found here.

Through difficulties and trying moments it is the voices of those artists who see what we can be that keep us motivated; and in this release Machel and Neval combine to remind us that the pride and joy we feel in celebrating 50 years of independence is not only warranted but also so strongly rooted in the essence of who we are that nothing and no one will ever be able to shake, steal, or destroy our national spirit.

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