MTV IGGY Hails I-Octane

It seems the indomitable reggae artist I-Octane has received yet another nod of approval. This time it comes from MTV IGGY, the branch of MTV, which is dedicated to bringing the hottest international sounds and exposing them to the US market through the MTV brand. I-Octane is no exception and he has performed on the station to rave reviews from both station execs and fans.

Despite being known for his fiery hot lyrics and energetic stage performances, I-Octane’s set showed a more mature, soulful side of the artist. Drawing on some of the love songs and ballads from his album. I-Octane performed while surrounded by an array of candles, which created a cozy and intimate atmosphere. He was accompanied by two talented and world renown guitarists, Bobby Seyvarth and Mario Sebatian, which gave listeners the opportunity to really hear the amazing quality of his voice as well as to connect with the artist and his music on a deeper, more intimate level.

The performance and interview, which recently premiered on MTV IGGY adds to the body of evidence that shows the rising status of the reggae sensation. He continues to develop by leaps and bounds and his widespread acceptance by peers and fans worldwide is continuously captapulting him to the next level.

The release of I-Octane’s debut album “Crying to the Nation” was met with much anticipation and excitement and it debuted at number six (6) on the Reggae Billboard Charts. It was also named “Pick of the week” by USA Today. Since then, it has made its way onto a number of different charts and is being hailed by many as one of the best reggae albums to hit the world in over a decade.

I-Octane continues to make his mark in the music industry and he is constantly eveolving and proving to the world that soon he will undoubtedly be considered as one of the legends of reggae music!

‘Crying to the Nation’ is available at all digital music outlets and in all leading record stores worldwide.

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