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Miami Broward Carnival Promises To Be One of the Most Colorful and Vibrant Expressions of Caribbean Culture

(Miami) -The ultimate kick-off to the 2013 Miami Broward Carnival commenced with a special launch event on July 20th, 2013 that festively packed Sun Life Stadium as over 20 masquerade bands showcased their costumes. The Miami Broward Carnival Launch was merely a tease of the pulsating energy to hit South Florida on Sunday, October 13, 2013 at Sun Life Stadium where over 20 bands will participate this year and an estimated 25,000 people to attend. Miami Broward Carnival is one of the most attended and highly esteemed festivals of South Florida. As the active tourism season in October resumes, a full schedule of signature events being planned and Carnival promises to have a major impact once again on the economy of South Florida.

“As Mayor of the City of Miami Gardens, I am pleased to welcome the Miami Broward Carnival back to the City. Celebrating diversity is a pivotal part of strengthening communities. As such, the importance of hosting events like this cannot be overstated”, states City of Miami Gardens Mayor, Oliver Gilbert.

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