Message from Ziggy Marley for the New Year

Irie New Year Family!
One of the first things on my list this year is to go see FELA! the musical based on Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s life one of my musical spiritual influences. I have his records, his documentary, his photos “everybody say yeah! yeah! “. I saw Fela live and met him in chicago in the 80’s right before I went to new york to record conscious party. I will never forget it and I will never forget Fela. “everybody say yeah! yeah!” Oh! it’s playing in los angeles at Ahmanson Theatre if you in town and want to check it out, JAH know I love Fela. bless

Africa seems to be on my mind in this new year. First Fela and now H.I.M. it is 2012 and a vision of the Unity of Africa is haunting me. here are some words of H.I.M. “Furthermore no clear consensus exists on the how and the what of this union. Is it to be in form federal, confederal or unitary ? Is the sovereignty of individual states to be reduced if so by how much…… On these and other questions there is no agreement, and if we wait for agreed answers , generations hence matters will be little advanced, while the debate still rages….. The opponents of Africa’s growth whose interest would be best served by a divided and balkanized continent…”

ANC 100
Interesting 2012 so far. Africa keeps coming up on my mindar ( radar ) After posting on two great Africans i post on another with reason. The ANC ( Africa National Congress ) with the leadership of brother Nelson Mandela led the struggle against the ignoble apartheid regime in South Africa. The ANC celebrates it’s 100th birthday today sunday the 8th. i will never forget the days of my youth hearing about the ANC in jamaica and feeling solidarity with the struggle and so wishing i could go there to join the struggle. So today we say Happy Birthday ANC and thank you for standing up for Africa. All the best Father Mandela. Jah Bless you

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