Men Can Zumba Too! -T&T Dance Group Calls On Men to Join Fitness Party This Saturday

Men can Zumba too. That’s the sentiment being expressed by organisers of this Saturday’s Ultimate Zumba Fitness Party, which kicks off from 6pm at the Cascadia Hotel ballroom in Cascade. The energy surrounding the event is high from persons already familiar with the Zumba fitness experience but coordinator of the event- Atrawet’s School of Dance and Education, is hoping that everyone, inclusive of those unknowledgeable of the fitness trend, will come out and partake in the fun, as it’s being described as far more than just fitness.

With plans underway to party till midnight after the actual two-hour-long Zumba workout, party lovers who yearn to incorporate some level of exercise into their recreational habits are being assured that nothing could possibly outdo this experience. Tickets for the event have been going quite quickly, however organisers admit that women have definitely taken the lead when it comes to participation and now, they’re hoping to make it clear that men are wanted and will be welcomed with open arms at this weekend’s fitness party.

With part proceeds going toward two charities- The Diabetes Society of T&T and the Autistic Society of T&T, the event is truly for a good cause and seeks to introduce more people in T&T to Zumba which is all the rave, being touted as a workout regimen that will never become a bore. On Saturday, people in T&T, both newcomers and those experienced with the fitness trend will become a part of a fraternity that includes some 12 million fitness buffs worldwide who’ve been taking Zumba classes across 110,000 locations. The craze, which was created in the late 1990’s in Colombia has definitely hit Trinidad but still, Atrawets School of Dance and Education believes it could very well be the fitness regimen to capture more people of Carnival island, all with its meringue, salsa and other dance steps incorporated.

Corporate employees are being catered to in a special way with each package of 10 tickets purchased, guaranteeing an allowance of two additional patrons. Those participating will receive free Zumba party packs and with lots of giveaways in store, lucky patrons may very well walk away with much more than a sweat by the end of the night.

Again, men are being encouraged to come out and support the effort. Organisers truly believe that Zumba is the answer to the ailments suffered by many people- both men and women and so the regimen to a healthier life is highly encouraged. For further information on the event this weekend, persons are asked to call 679-8720 or email

Atrawets School of Dance and Education say it’s time to Zumba your way to a healthier, happier way of life!

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