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Madd Spider Productions Puts Fans in "Hot Water!"

Madd Spider Productions puts Dancehall fans in “Hot Water” with their latest riddim release!

If DJ and fan feedback is any indication of the popularity and longevity, Madd Spider Productions can rest assured that all interested parties are happy to be in ‘Hot Water!’

Released February 28th, 2012 on the Madd Spider Productions label, two thirds of the Dancehall Trinity (Froggy Madd Squad (Jermaine Omari Lawrence) and Taranchyla from Poison Dart Sound), have scored a hit as DJ’s in the UK, Jamaica, Canada and Germany collectively agree that the riddim gives radio and Dancehall the energy fans have come to expect from the production house.

Working with their successful formula of taking music back to an authentic Dancehall beat, fans have 48 minutes of quality production to enhance their iPod, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and radio time! When creating the riddim, the trio agreed they wanted it to be one that will be heard in the winter and summer without pause. “We come from an era in music where riddims never lost their magic” said Taranchyla from the Madd Spider recording studios in Orlando, “and our aim is to continue that tradition of magic for the fans!”

Sixteen artists bless the riddim who collectively take fans on a journey that includes the anatomy of a hot girl, the foolish ways of foolish men, what it is to be a World General and everything else in between. Award winning writer Wayne Wonder thrills fans with throwback flavoured lyrics delivered in his song “Anuh Lie” which includes an appearance from his alter ego ‘Supriz.’ Veteran Macka Diamond offers the view that looks, age, nor status will keep a man, while ZJ Liquid lets the world know what excites him about his lady.

In addition to being producers, Froggy builds on his growing artistic catalog with “Fake Friends,” Taranchyla’s alter ego, the Gangster Chipmunk is front and centre with “Gal Fool,” while Grammy award winning Delly Ranx explains the benefits of being a World General with “Haffi Get A Gyal.”

Find out why the world is excited about the Hot Water riddim on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggpj60IFXRA

Fans can purchase the riddim here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hot-water-riddim/id505671532

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