Konshens Teaches Us How To ‘Drink And Rave’

Dancehall’s ‘It Man’ – Konshens has teamed up with the industry’s Dynamic Duo – Razz & Biggy and the result is a celebratory track titled ‘Drink and Rave’ which is slated to be released under the Razz & Biggy Music Imprint. Celebration is a major part of success; it’s that part of the journey that makes it all worth the effort that was put in from the beginning. Drink and Rave is just that; an anthem for celebration.

Few members of the Jamaican Entertainment fraternity have been continuously riding the wave of success quite like Konshens, since his debut in 2005 which was by popular demand, initiated in Japan; destined for success you may say. 2012 has been really great to Konshens, he was featured on Reality series conceptualized by model Tyra Banks – America’s Next Top Model, he toured Uganda to glorious receptions, released the Mental Maintenance album which topped charts around the world, places like Japan and Germany readily comes to mind.
In the track Konshens reflects on the hard work that it took to allow him to enjoy his current success and reaffirms his belief in the supreme being and in those age old sayings; ‘who God bless no man curse’ and ‘wah fi be haffi be’. There should never be a question about the artistes view on loyalty; in various lines throughout the track he echoes sentiments of embracing not only the loyalty of those around him but also those who played a positive impact on the musical journey that he embarked on years ago.

“Working with Konshens was a great experience” commented a notably pleased Razz, he went on to explain that “Konshens is a very focused artiste, he knows and understands the concept of hard work and does not hesitate to get straight to work when in the studio”. Since launching the Razz & Biggy Music label the duo has worked on productions such as their ‘First Born Riddim’ and other singles.

The song was exclusively premiered on the duos fifth mixtape effort for 2012 titled ‘One More Year’. “It was only fitting to use our mixtape to premiere it” commented Biggy when asked about the choice to use that medium to launch the song.

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