Konshens Announce the Title of His Sophomore Album 'Hotel Room'

International Dancehall Artist Konshens announces the title of his Sophmore Album ‘Hotel Room’. Here is what Konshens had to say about the title and expectations of his upcoming album to be released 2013.

Q. So how did you come up with the title ‘Hotel Room’?

“The last album ‘Mental Maintenance’ had me on the road for the majority of the year, I was unable to go to the studio and voice as often as I would like. So we brought the studio on the road and voiced in the ‘Hotel Room’.

My producer and engineer Mark Hize is also my DJ when on the road., so more time after a show we vibe and voice a song. On this album if you hear a soca song its possible that we just done perform a Trinidad and then go back to we room and voice. You may hear a bad one drop and we were probably in Africa at the time.

So the title really signifies the hard work we put in this past year on the road, thanks to ‘Mental Maintenance’ and the work we continue to do while on the road and voicing every chance we get in and out of the ‘Hotel Room'”.

Q. Looking back at 2012 and the success of your worldwide debut album ‘Mental Maintenance’ and what it has done for your career, are there any expectations for your Sophomore album ‘Hotel Room’?

“Naaa. From a creative standpoint, which is the only part a try to focus on, I have no expectations nor will I even try to compare this album to the first. All I’m doing is coming real again with the same effort put into every track and hope the end product is good enough to gain public approval.

I’m already in love with it now though, final is gonna be crazy. My aim is just to make another great album. Let my team worry about the numbers”.

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