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Kiyode Erasto Delivers Divine Album, Woosh Sanctify

Antiguan singer and songwriter Kiyode Erasto delivers a divine album in Woosh Sacntify, now available worldwide from all major digital retailers from FOX FUSE. A key member of Antigua & Barbuda-based imprint Federation Family, Erasto has been bringing conscious, spiritual music to the masses for sixteen years now and Woosh Sanctify delivers exactly that, to the delight of Erasto fans everywhere.

Boasting 13 dancehall and reggae jams, this marks the first international album release from Erasto, who has seen EPs and numerous tracks released worldwide in the past, also from FOX FUSE. “Woosh signifies a purging fire blowing in the wind – the new breath through word, sound and power,” discloses Erasto. “The goal of this album is to energize people with a positive force, and hopefully the uplifting vibes in the songs will fill you with humbleness, truth and peace.”

Producers Karl “Fucha Kid” Edwards of Federation Family (Federation Studio in Antigua), Mikterhorn Music Team, CobWeb of Dragunz Den, Slick of Jax Production, Karim of Reemo Productions and Dominique Theodore also contributed their talents to the making of this album.


1. Do Ya Thing
2. Ascend
3. Don’t Bastardize Rasta
4. Giant
5. Withdraw
6. Natural Queen
7. She Lub Um (She Loves It)
8. Love Is In The Air
9. My Blessings
10. Precepts And Statutes
11. Don’t Allow Them
12. Give Them What They Want
13. Far From Grace

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