Tertiary Students To Benefit Big Time With Charm Carnival In 2013

In December, the team at Charm Carnival will unveil a lot more of their innovative plans for Carnival 2013. The new band and its leaders, Sharon and Robert Amar are bent on making the people who spend thousands annually for the Carnival experience, truly enjoy something worthwhile- a true magical carnival experience.

In recent media reports, some of the innovative ideas unveiled included customized drinks trucks that would offer ease to the masquerader on the road come Carnival Monday and Tuesday. In addition to that, the plan, according to the Charm team is to offer masqueraders a self-service bar option when it comes to their beverages so as to allow a free flow that is satisfying to the individual needs of patrons. Beyond that, the band is preparing to deliver one common sound on the road for its masqueraders and so, technology will be a major part of their operation in the season ahead.

Recently, the band announced via its social media posts that they would be offering special tertiary education packages for the local masqueraders enrolled in tertiary education institutions. “Charm Carnival is about accommodating the customer. We know many people yearn to play mas but it’s an expensive luxury. When the tertiary student and her friends come to us, we’ll make it happen for them. We have some very special sections that are unique to the tertiary education student- both financially and when it comes to design,” said a Charm rep.

Promising convenience and a really good time, Charm Carnival is signaling their intention to shake things up a bit. December will see the start of their hard ground campaign, in a bid to get everyone- even those who aren’t usually inclined to take to the streets in the festive season, to actually be a part of the fun. “ This is Trinidad. Trinidadians need to at least experience playing mas once in their lifetime. What we will be delivering for first timers is something they’ll never forget. We are focused on real enjoyment- not the kind of enjoyment that needs a popular DJ or hype man to build, prior to the season. When we take to the streets in 2013, the experience with Charm will speak for itself,” said the organizer.

Already, the band has been getting calls from overseas mas enthusiasts who are eager to be a part of something new. Arguing that masqueraders are tired of the same old thing year after year, many are eager to embrace the innovations in store, according to the team at Charm Carnival. “It’s time for new ideas. What’s been done differently in the past 10 years really? We’re coming to show the rest how this should be done. We’re coming to bring back Carnival enjoyment with a fresh sense of direction on where the thing should be heading.”

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