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John Q Arrives in Jamaica to Shoot two Music Videos

John Q Arrives in Jamaica to Shoot two Music Videos


John Q whose given name is John Kwesi Quansah visited Jamaica to shoot two music videos for his latest Reggae Singles Born Alone and Give me Your Love ahead of his debut album which is anticipated to be released by year end.

“It’s a pleasure to be back in Jamaica to mark this significant milestone. Reggae is in my blood, and Jamaica is the home of Reggae so it is a seamless match to be able to shoot my videos here,” John Q said.

Born Alone channels self-love and encourages listeners to empower themselves regardless of their circumstances.

The lyrics challenge listeners to take time to make themselves happy, and asks self-evaluation question and encourages them to “Stop trying so hard to be accepted, stop forcing the people to love you”, then settles that true acceptance and loves comes when you are naturally yourself first.

Give me Your Love which is predominantly sung in English and is a lover’s rock Reggae song.

John Q said the inspirational track is his way of using Reggae music as a vehicle of change for conscious upward mobility. “We all have greatness in us, but first we must believe it, and then we need to act on it, only then will we achieve our full potential,” he expounded.

Ariff Butler, CEO of Bloozick Multimedia, the production company tasked to shoot both videos said his team is looking forward to working with John Q.

Born in West African nation of Ghana, John Q migrated to the United States to further his studies, and has been living there for the last 25 years. He sings in English, Twi and Ga, and is also fluent in Spanish. Despite the upcoming album being his first, his love affair with music started in his teenage years. He was exposed to a variety of genres of music while growing up, but settled on Reggae after hearing Bob Marley’s song “One Drop”. The infectious beat provide soul-reaching inspiration which has been a magnetic-like attraction pulling him back to the music and never allowing him to wander too far.

John Q’s songs including Born Alone, Reggae Babaoo, Rain and Sun, and Gonna be More, his collaboration with Jamaican gospel singer-songwriter Claudius England continue to receive airplay on radio stations in the Jamaica, Ghana, the United States, and London.


John Q Arrives in Jamaica to Shoot two Music Videos

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