Internationally acclaimed Jamaican singer Da’Ville, releases his third studio album Krazy Love

Over the last month, Da’Ville has been feeding his fans’ appetite for good music; releasing his highly acclaimed Vitamin D mixtape late last month. The mixtape, hosted by DJ 4eign featured some of Da’Ville’s tracks from Krazy Love as well as he gave his legions of fans an ear-pleasing preview of what to expect on this compilation.

Da’Ville’s European Tour (May-June 2012)

Additionally, Da’Ville embarked on a wholly successful tour across Europe where he garnered nothing but Krazy Love in stops across Austria, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany, where he performed at several shows, including the Keep It Real Jam.

Now the prominent entertainer seeks to infiltrate the masses with his scintillating vocals as he unveils his third studio album, Krazy Love.

The compilation features commercially successful mainstream hits such as Took A Break, a heartfelt ode by Da’Ville to his loyal fans who stuck by him throughout his recent hiatus and You Got Di Ting, a scintillating effort on the highly acclaimed Overproof Riddim, which is dedicated to his female fans who have what it takes to keep their men.

In addition to the Dancehall and Pop sounds that Krazy Love contains, Da’Ville infiltrates ears with a soothing Reggae vibe on This Love. This heartfelt love ballad once again proves why Da’Ville hails as one of Jamaica’s premiere singers as he eloquently tells a touching love story
that many couples can relate to. Notable efforts such as Your Swag, Thug Like Me and When I’m With You are sure to win Da’Ville additional plaudits as he showcases his versatility with
a myriad of sounds that fans of different genres will love.

Krazy Love is now available digitally but physical copies will be in stores on the fourth of July. Get your copy at your local record store outlet.

The album is being distributed by international company, Zojak World Wide as well as Tad’s Record Inc.

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