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Gramps Morgan to Tour with India.Arie, Fall 2013

Atlanta, USA Gramps Morgan, solo artist, and member of the legendary Reggae group Morgan Heritage, will perform across the USA alongside India.Arie this fall on the first leg of her ‘SongVersation Tour’ which kicks off in Seattle, Washington on Saturday September 21, 2013.

Gramps who is featured on the Reggae driven song, “Thy Will Be Done” on Arie’s fifth studio album, will open nightly with a twenty-minute acoustic set including songs from his solo projects, Reggae Music Lives and 2 Sides of My Heart Vol. 1.

Elated to have another opportunity to support the Grammy-award winner, Gramps explains,

“Opening for India.Arie is a great look for Reggae music. It’s also a huge honour for me to be sharing the stage with a friend and spiritual woman that I love and admire. From the day I saw her first video and heard her message I knew I had to work with this woman one day. We have the same purpose, so now to be the opening act for her tour is truly amazing!”

“She loves reggae music and I’m proud of dat!!!”

“India.Arie is next to none when it comes to singing from the heavens and that I can identify with. This tour will be great for my group Morgan Heritage, for Reggae music and the music business overall because it shows the unity and diversity in soul music. Soul music is not just a genre, it’s a lifestyle – a way of life…there are many types of music that I call SOUL Music and that’s me and India Arie.”

Similarly, both Arie and Gramps create art that heals:
“Me and India are like a hand and a glove. It’s hard now, after having worked together so much, to do an album without each other on it. We’ve become one in a very different way, that neither of us understands, but when she and the producer, Shannon Sanders got the idea, it was hard to resist not doing a reggae song together – so we got it done.”

This is not the first time India.Arie has enlisted Gramps Morgan to appear on one of her albums. In fact, their first single, “Therapy” was the #1 most downloaded song on her Testimony Volume 2 Love & Politics album; the single peaked at number 22 on the Billboard 200. Subsequently Gramps featured India on his second solo album, Reggae Music Lives.

According to her recent tweets, India.Arie was “excited to officially announce that Gramps Morgan will be my supporting act for the first half of the tour!” Later writing, “Seattle there’s nothing I love more than starting this ‘SongVersation Tour’ with special guest Gramps Morgan at the Neptune Theater.”

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