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“Heavy dub soundscapes and bass EQ deeper than the Pacific Ocean. Flashes of reggae, Latin and Italian sounds drift through the record, crafting a portrait of the borough’s ethnically diverse population… [Prince Polo] takes the role of a producer a step forward, not simply painting, but sculpting the sound aesthetics, shifting various elements to produce a textural glow that rises and drops with its own moods and ambitions.” THE PIER MAGAZINE

Brooklyn-based reggae/dub producer, musician, and engineer, Prince Polo, takes an evolutionary approach to Jamaican roots, digital dub and cumbia on Brooklyn Bodega, out this week (Oct 18) on DubShot Records. Polo’s genius manipulation of sound creates a seductive blend of reggae and latin flavors on a dubbed-out palette of hypnotic melodies. This 11-track vibrant collection represents Brooklyn’s convergence of cultures, including music from South America, the Caribbean and the United States.

Prince Polo, who produced and engineered the entire album, brought in an eclectic mix of musicians on Brooklyn Bodega. Master guitarist Harvey Valdes brought some authentic cumbia guitar styles and Dub Select Horns, layer the album with their intoxicating sounds. Polo also had the Polish Armada band cut all the tracks and the first single “Witness Protection” features Break Science member and Lee “Scratch” Perry alum Borahm Lee on melodica. On the vocalist’s end, Ecuadoran native L.O.ese delves deep on cumbia-fueled tracks “Lo Que Siento” and “La Morena,” while Kingston Jamaica’s singer-songwriter Kat CHR adds her soulful touch on “Calling Me” and rub-a-dub deejay Daddy Marshall delivers infectious verses on “Witness Protection” and “On The Soul Train.”

Listen and feel free to post “Witness Protection,” the dub verison of the mob classic The Godfather’s theme song,“Speak Softly Love”:


Prince Polo, born Billy Szeflinski, has been making a name for himself in the reggae scene since the late 90’s as a writer/performer/and producer, and has recently been gaining recognition for his progressive approach to recording and mixing reggae and dub music. As a sound engineer at The Kennel Studios in Brooklyn, he’s been the man behind the board for live and studio sessions with such artists as Lee “Scratch” Perry, Eek-a-Mouse, Mykal Rose, Destroy Babylon, I-Wayne, Rebelution, Mojo Morgan, Mikey Jarrett, Peter Ranks, Rob Symeon, Ranking Joe, The Expendables, and Ultra-magnetic MCs, just to name a few.

As a drummer, he toured with Cool & Deadly nationally in support of their 2009 LP, Rude Boys Revenge. In 2010, he explored new realms of dub and science with the infusion of a horn section, Dub Select, featuring Troy Sims and Omar Little from the Mobius Collective. Incorporating the horn section in the studio as well as in live performances has expanded the versatility of the overall sound and pushed the boundaries of the dub genre. Shortly after getting together, Polo had them on his first official release as part of the Future Sound of Reggae, a collaboration album through Hollywood actress Mena Suvari. The song “Digital Dancing” was featured on the release and is currently receiving rotation on Sirius Satellite Radio’s reggae station The Joint.

Track Listing:
1. The Red Phone
2. Lo Que Siento
3. Witness Protection
4. La Morena
5. On The Soul Train
6. Bodega Bullfight
7. Calling Me
8. Busride
9. It’s The Dub
10. Saladin’s Massacre
11. Jalapeno





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