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Dancehall Artist Richy Rych Tours the US with Everton Blender and Yard Squad Band!

Ready for the road, Dancehall and Reggae entertainer Richy Rych joins the legend Everton Blender on his US tour that begins in Louisville, Kentucky, and continues to its conclusion April 20th, 2014 in Austin Texas for the Austin Reggae Festival.

Considered as one of the forefront artists in the crossover market between Reggae / Dancehall and Hip Hop, Richy has steadily been gaining fans who are eager for more of what the artist has to offer. In particular, his song “Summertime,” produced by DJ Sky for Sky Records based in Manchester, Jamaica, and has been gaining a lot of traction with fans in the mid-west who can’t wait for the warm rays of sunshine. About the song, Richy says “the song is from my album ‘Jamaica Mih Come From,’ and really is about friends getting together to party and have a good time … so let’s have fun!”

Richy’s album will be available on iTunes and all leading digital retail outlets in May, 2014, and adds notable stage appearances with Tanya Stephens and Serani (to name a few), as a part of his resume, and is known for his radio friendly music. His addition of creativity makes him the go-to person when the genres Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop and Pop meet.

Ever one for Marketing, Richy Rych travels in his wrapped van making him a visual target for fans as soon as they arrive on site for one of his performances. As the introductory act for Everton Blender, Richy adds musical diversity for fans who enjoy both Reggae, Dancehall and a splash of Hip Hop. Richy is a proud born and raised Kingstonian who migrated to the US on an athletic scholarship, and and has 2 studio albums recorded to date.

He is currently backed by Yard Squad Band and is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Tour Dates:

4/4/14 – Louisville, KY

4/5/14 – Cincinnati, OH

4/6/14 – Sky Lounge – Southbend, IN

4/7/14 – 2720 Cherokee – St. Louis, MO

4/8/14 – Rest Day

4/9/14 – House of Loom – Omaha, NB

4/10/14 – The Lazy Dog – Boulder, CO

4/11/14 – Spice Land – Colorado – Silver Springs, CO

4/12/14 – Lake Hassau, AZ

4/13/14 – Yuma – AZ

4/14/14 – Phoenix, AZ

4/15/14 – Rest Day

4/16/14 – Rest Day

4/17/14 – El Paso, TX

4/18/14 – Murphy’s – Dallas, TX

4/19/14 – Flamingo Cantina – Austin, TX

4/20/14 – Austin Reggae Festival – Austin, TX

After the tour, Richy Rych will back Jr. Reid in his home city of St.
Louis, MO on April 26th, 2014.

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