Charly Black Releases I'm A Trelawny Citizen Mixtape!

Proud ‘Country Bwoy’ and veteran Dancehall DJ Charly Black prepares to release his first mixtape for fans on Friday May 25th, 2012.

Mixed by Easy Peasy Sound and DJ Unique, Black takes fans on a musical journey beginning with his inner lingua letting fans know that no matter what, he will keep pressing forward. The next track, “Times Like These,” is set to a Reggae riddim with lyrics that warn us to ‘not be fools’ in times like this, and more importantly, have faith.

Dancehall classics spanning the last few years to present run the rest of the mixtape highlighting hits such as “Rich Dis Year,” “Too Blessed” and “Badman Nuh Bleach.” It also features the ladies favourite and uptempo fun song “Cool and Deadly Wine” from the Caribbean Girls riddim produced by Bambino Muzik and F.R.E.E. Entertainment.

Expanding his catalog and vocal versatility, Black includes the Dancehall ballad “Fall in Love Again,” a song dedicated to a special lady who has been hurt in the past and has finally met a man who wants to play a special role in her life.

Of the mixed tape, New York’s Nigel Angus says “We had a lot of fun putting this mix together. Charly has a lot of hit records that his fans love, so we wanted to put those hits in one place for them! The mixtape is madd – no trupidniss!”

Coming from the Trelawny community, Charly makes sure to put his foundation on the map with the song “Anyweh We Deh” and “Party We Seh” which features Trelawny Citizens who adds additional flavor to the chunes.

Fans can download the mixtape “I’m A Trelawny Citizen” here:

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