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Champaign ready to perform for first Euphoria Charity Concert Staging in Jamaica

Get ready to ‘drink in’ the performance from Champaign at Euphoria 2014

For the First time in Jamaica, the group Champaign hits the stage to perform in Kingston at the Euphoria Charity Concert on December 14. The first staging of what will be an annual Charity event, is set to take place at the Lime Golf Academy in New Kingston.

The Concert is already shaping up to a trendsetting event with more than able performers and an enormous cause to boot; All proceeds go towards purchasing food for the over four hundred kids at the Mustard Seed Communities.

With Massive hits known worldwide such as ‘How About us’ and ‘Try Again’, the Jamaican audience should anticipate a memorable performance from the 1970’s group led by Grammy Nominated, Multi-Platinum Recording Artist, and Lead vocalist Pauli Carman. Carman began performing professionally in 1977 with a group called “Coalkitchen”, they released an album called “Thirsty Or Not Choose Your Flavor” for Epic Records in that year.

Since then he has appeared on such hit TV shows as Soul Train, Solid Gold, and has toured in such venues as Madison Square Gardens, Cow Palace, Disney World and many others. Most recently the Carman led group ‘Champaign’ has performed in the United States in Salt Lake City, Utah for 20,000 people for the Muzart World Foundation, a wonderful Foundation to keep Music and Arts in all public schools. Being a performer on the Euphoria Charity Concert is most fitting as ‘giving back’ is a movement avidly supported by the group.

“I’m very proud to be a part of The Euphoria concert for the Mustard Seed Charity. I feel very strongly about helping those in need, and I am an Ambassador for many Foundations both in the U.S. and abroad such as Muzart World Foundation and The Mabuhay Foundation in the Philippines. I even have a very special page on my Website called Music for a Cause” Pauli Carman commented.
After over thirty years on stage, Champaign has become experts at entertaining an audience with a complete package, Euphoria’s audience will be no different on December 14.

“I like the one on one communication with a large audience who appreciates your music, the give and take is amazing energy, pure joy. Jamaica can anticipate “Champaign’s” top hits from the past and present wrapped in to a very exciting show of love and fun.” Carman added.

The Euphoria Charity Concert also features International “Superwoman” Karyn White, Freddy McGregor, Ernie Smith, Leroy Sibbles, Mr Vegas, Romaine Virgo, Kevin Downswell Christopher Martin and more.

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