Chabano Nkani Promotes New Music

US-based reggae artiste Chabano Nkani tells a compelling story of love and romance with his latest single, Let Me Hold You.

The soulful reggae track was released early this year as a part of his 13 tracks debut album, Paradise, and is available for purchase on iTunes and other digital outlets.

Chabano Nkani expressed that this track is very dear to him because it is based on real life experience, where he met a young lady who he wanted to pursue romantically but was just unsure of how to approach her, so instead he resorts to asking “safe questions”.

Produced under his Isle of Springs label, Let Me Hold You, is a song that authentic reggae lovers across the world fall in love with.

Needless to say, the reception for this song has been overwhelming and while there are no immediate plans for an official music video, there is currently a promotional animated lyric video out now on YouTube.

“I just want to thank all the DJs who have been rotating the song and the fans who have been there for me all the way, especially on social media,” he expressed.

With over 20 years in the music industry, Chabano Nkani is a well-seasoned artiste with experience in various capacities – writer, producer, and road manager to name a few.

“I just love music, and as long as I’m involved in music, I will always be happy,” he said.

As a producer, he has worked on some impressive projects, to include Warrior King’s debut album, Virtuous Woman and has produced tracks for other artistes such as T.O.K, Luciano, Half Pint and Natural Blacks.

Expect more from the artiste in the upcoming months as he will be in Jamaica working on his forthcoming EP that is slated to be released later this year.

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