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Carnival Concierge unleashes a premium travel experience

New York, NY– Following a successful inaugural 2013 Trinidad and Tobago Carnival travel tour, professional travel management company Carnival Concierge LLC is gearing up to once again serve international festival lovers and first-timers an unparalleled vacation package during the 2014 edition of the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’.

The New York based boutique travel coordination company is the brain child of Trinidadian natives and founders Aisha Smith and Keisha Williams. They specialize in group travel to a variety of cultural festivals internationally, with special focus on Caribbean Carnivals.
Launched in 2012, Carnival Concierge provides custom packages and highly individualized care to meet every need of each client participating in the Carnival.

For T&T Carnival 2K14, the company designed one of a kind packages for its clients. These packages consist of first rate, locally owned hotel accommodations in Trinidad, a choice of all-inclusive parties, J’ouvert and Carnival costumes (customized to fit each body type), a relaxing after-Carnival excursion to the sister isle of Tobago and safe and reliable ground transportation throughout the duration of the trip to both islands.

With a mission to expose people worldwide to an unforgettable experience, the company was born out of a passion for the annual festival and an understanding of the often daunting task foreigners face in planning their own trip. The company coordinates costumes, party tickets and hotels. Both ladies, who currently reside in the US have participated in numerous international Carnivals and have assisted countless individuals in navigating the T&T Carnival landscape.
As a result, the duo has created this effective, customer-friendly solution, for interested persons to have a memorable adventure in the Mecca of Steelpan and Soca.

This initiative appeals to many first-time, foreign-based Carnival hopefuls from various parts of the world including Asia, Continental Europe and North and South America. Carnival Concierge is equipped with the resources, contacts and a strong circle of influence to access the various facets of the festival. Smith and Williams are devoted to providing a solution for their clients via their concierge business and a high level of service unmatched by any other entity in the Global Carnvial industry.

Most notably, the ladies of Carnival Concierge provide personalized attention to their clients e.g. consultations to ensure maximum comfort during the celebrations.
They aspire to constantly improve their product by building new relationships with various service providers (i.e. party promoters, Mas band owners, hoteliers) while maintaining their focus to create a pleasurable, professionally organized experience for their C2K14 participants.

They shared, “Much like 2013, we are dedicated to making sure that each client has everything he/she needs (similar to a concierge at a hotel). We are focused on the client, their safety, their enjoyment of the ultimate carnival experience. If they trust us to ‘Serve them Carnival’ they will not be disappointed”.

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