Bubble Bath J’ouvert, Band Founded by Devon Matthews and Blaze Takes the Year Off

The absence of radio personality and entertainer, Devon Matthews from the Carnival scene in Trinidad and Tobago this year, has not gone unnoticed. His sudden death last year continues to tug on the heartstrings of many, among them, his close friend and fellow radio personality, Ancil ‘Blaze’ Isaac II. The J’ouvert band that both he and Matthews founded and delivered unceasingly for the past decade, will not hit the streets of Port-of-Spain on J’ouvert morning in 2018.

Isaac says he will be working on things to ensure that Bubble Bath J’ouvert, a carnival mainstay, returns to the J’ouvert lineup as a top choice for J’ouvert lovers, in 2019. “I need to reorganize things a little, get my head straight to make sure that the band continues to be a success, even with half of the brain behind it, now gone. Devon had a lot of ideas and he was truly instrumental in everything,” said Blaze.

Despite the daunting reality that he will no longer have the brilliance of Matthews to propel the band’s growth, Blaze believes he will be guided by Devon’s spirit. “I’m intent on giving the supporters who’ve been a part of the journey throughout the past 10 years, everything we initially set out to give them. The journey continues, and although it may be tough, Bubble Bath J’ouvert will be back in 2019, bigger and better than ever.”

Blaze extends his sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the loyal patrons of Bubble Bath J’ouvert, guaranteeing more fun in the year 2019.

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