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Alton Aimable Awarded a Proclamation at Queens Borough President Donovan Richards, Jr. Inaugural Caribbean Heritage Celebration

Alton Aimable, the president and founder of Tropicalfete, Inc. was awarded a Proclamation from Queens Borough President Donovan Richards, Jr. at his Inaugural Caribbean Heritage Celebration. The celebration took place on Tuesday 13, September 2022 at Queens Museum.

Alton Aimable is the Founder and President of Tropicalfete Inc. Aimable obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accounting at The City University of New York, York College. In his first semester, Aimable was put on the Dean’s list for excellent academic performance, and took classes outside of the curriculum such as music and web programming.  This was the foundation in which he was able to establish an online publication called Tropicalfete.com, the official home of Caribbean Culture. Over his career, Aimable has held various accounting positions including Senior Accountant with the Brooklyn Community Housing and Services Inc., Sr. Accountant N. Cheng & Company CPA firm and Lott Community Development. Mr. Aimable has received a proclamation from the New York City Council for promoting Caribbean Culture in New York City. Whether it is carnival, dance, music, drama or anything to do with Caribbean culture, Aimable is inspired to promote it through Tropicalfete. His dream is to take Caribbean culture to the International level where it will be accepted without discrimination or biases. Mr. Aimable also has a Community Leadership Certificate from Neighborhood Leadership Institute and is always working on initiatives to advance Caribbean Culture.

Tropicalfete, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides cultural enrichment programs to the youth, the elderlies and people within the community by extension. The programs includes but are not limited to stilt walking, dance and theatre, masquerade dancers, arts and craft, steel pan music, limbo and so forth. Tropicalfete, Inc., will continue to play a massive role in the upward economic development of the communities and the positive individual development of the youth and seniors.

Alton Aimable alongside with Tropicalfete’s Masquerade Dancers

Alton Aimable alongside Queens Borough President Donovan Richards, Jr and Tropicalfete’s Masquerade Dancers and Stilt Walkers 


Alton Aimable alongside Queens Borough President Donovan Richards, Jr

Tropicalfete’s Stilt Walkers 


About us: Tropicalfete, Inc. Founded in 1999 as an online publication and cultural resource center, it closed in 2011. Tropicalfete became a charitable, not-for-profit corporation. Its mission is to develop the community in the areas of arts and social services, with a focus on educating the community on Caribbean culture. We have established a reading program with Barnes and Noble for Caribbean Heritage Month in June. Tropicalfete was one of the many organizations that went down in the congressional record held at the Library of Congress for endorsing Caribbean Heritage Month, put forth by California Representative Barbara Lee (D-9), signed by President George W. Bush. For the past 9 years, we have participated in various parades, creating marvelous masquerade presentations. We have held free music workshops covering topics such as copyright and royalties, marketing, mixing, and playing an instrument. Tropicalfete has had the honor to work with VH1 Save the Music Foundation. We have also worked with such prominent cultural institutions as the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Currently, we teach dance and theater, stilt walking, woodwork, welding, masquerade, singing, sewing, steel pan, and other instruments. We have put on various musical showcases. We have taken our work directly to the community in places such as parks, colleges, community centers, etc. Our work has been validated by a number of persons engaging with our programs, as well as a proclamation from the New York City Government, the Brooklyn District Attorney, and other awards. We are in two public schools (PS 135, PS 276; PS/IS 323 and IS 392), engaging the students in cultural activities as part of cultural after-school adventures, an initiative by the City Council. (CASA). We have programs for youth independent of the schools. Tropicalfete has cultural enrichment programming at the Prospect Hill Senior Center, St. Augustine Senior Center, and William Hudson Senior Center. Tropicalfete is always looking to expand its cultural programming, and on the horizon to be introduced are limbo/fire eating, pottery, and culinary arts. Tropicalfete’s work has been featured on numerous media outlets, including the New York Daily News, Billboard Magazine, New York Times, Brooklyn Reader, News 12, PBS, NY1, Caribbean One TV, Caribbean Life, and much more.

Purpose: Tropicalfete publishes information with a concentration on arts and culture, as well as highlighting the importance of the arts on education and their positive impact on the economy. Tropicalfete is and continues to be committed to the cultivation of emerging artists working in all genres. Among these are: visual arts, fashion, music, dance, theater, film, and new media. Tropicalfete serves as a vehicle to elevate talented people while recognizing their contribution to society and the arts. In addition, Tropicalfete offers opportunities for gifted artists to be mentored through a variety of diverse events. We view the development of artists holistically, so our mandated obligation includes assisting people with their social needs. Tropicalfete aims to use the power of the artist and the arts to bring about social change for whoever or wherever it is needed.

Tropicalfete uses culture as a tool for social transformation.

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