T&T Now Has Its Very Own Wen'D- Down To Earth and Culture Driven

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. October 2011————- T&T’s getting its very own ‘Wen’D’- a fearless, energetic talk show host who promises to take local culture and arts to its pinnacle of success. Starting on November 5, Wendy Lewis will take over Saturday nights with her brand new one-on-one programme she’s dubbed, “Down To Earth With Wen’D.” Set to air on CNC3 in Trinidad and Tobago, the premise of the half hour long show is centred on straight talk in real life situations with icons and persons of prominence in local society. “ This won’t be the regular run of the mill culture show, I assure,” said Wen’D, expressing her determination to make the first 13 episodes, which will run into Carnival Saturday- a riveting, eye opening television experience.

With sponsors that include Courts, designers- Heather Jones, Claudia Pegus, Dexter Jennings and Andrew Weekes, Sasha Cosmetics, Creation Designs, the NLCB, American Airlines, Statement Limos and CNC3, the show is being promoted with the highest of confidence. “Interviews with artistes, carnival stakeholders, radio personalities and certainly after carnival- politicians, entrepreneurs and religious figures will take shape based on issues of current appeal but with a very laid back, comfortable effect. We’re making this an off- set, real view of society’s prominent figures with somewhat of an international flair, something that has never quite been done to the standard at which we’re aiming,” said Lewis.
Each episode will be taped at locations frequented by her guests – whether it be at their homes, gyms, offices or even at the corner hot spot where the vibe is right. Whichever way, Wen’D promises she’ll be there to get the news, views and even the sudden outbursts of those who’re often considered to be role models in Trinidad and Tobago.

With a launch date set for November 4, plans for a hit series are well underway. It’s title, “Down To Earth With Wen’D” epitomises the realistic approach the show’s producers are guaranteeing. Following the 13 episodes being filmed during the Christmas and upcoming Carnival 2012 seasons, Lewis assured that planning has already begun for guests outside of these culturally festive periods. “ No one will be left out. We’re touching everyone of prominence with an eye towards getting the ‘real’ feelings, emotions and characters of these people. Too often we see persons of prominence on television or on stages and we’re left bewildered by their larger than life personas. It’s time we got down to the nitty gritty. It’s time we made these people tangible- relatable,” she emphasised.

The show will air on Saturdays at 8pm with a repeat each Tuesday at 5pm on CNC3. According to Lewis, the concept was considered upon recognising that there was a lack of televised local content in a well- packaged, internationally produced format. “ Our icons are dying and we’re being left without an account of their history. We need to fix that and it starts with Down To Earth With Wen’D,” said Lewis.


Wendy Lewis is the CEO of Khalabash Entertainment & Promotions- an artiste and event management company based in San Fernando, Trinidad. She is also the former CEO of the Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company. Wendy’s career in artiste management in Trinidad and Tobago spans 22 years, having worked with a number of accomplished entertainers, among them General Grant, Inna Visionz soca band which included lead vocalist Kerwin Du Bois, Terri Lyons in 2008, and she now manages Heaven ‘Snakey’ Charles- an artiste she attests to being one of the most underrated entertainers of this time. A passion for culture and the arts in T&T presents Wendy as a person with an insatiable thirst to expose and promote everything beautiful that lies in T&T. As such, her new calling allows for yet another opportune moment where she will

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