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Monthly Archives: January 2017

  • OFFICIAL RELEASE: RECRUIT – Terri Lyons x Skinny Fabulous

    Its time to get enlisted! Terri Lyons (THE LION) and the General Skinny Fabulous are looking for new recruits to be part of this year Carnival action. This uptempo soca track is an infectious blend of percussions and swelling music brought together by the production team of Kubiyashi. Terri Lyons offers a sultry blend of vocals married with the big booming military roll call voice of Skinny Fabulous – asking YOU if you are READY and if so lets go!



    Performed by: Terri Lyons, Skinny Fabulous
    Written by: Terri Lyons, Gamal Doyle
    Produced by: Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell
    Mixed and Mastered by: Keron “Scratchmaster” Hector
    Copyright COTT

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  • ‘Finesse’ Premium All-Inclusive returns on January 28th

    P.O.S. Trinidad (Sonique Solutions) – After its explosive introduction last year to the All-Inclusive arena, the ultra-premium all-inclusive event ‘Finesse’ returns to appease the needs of the partying public of Trinidad & Tobago.
    The 2017 edition of this all-inclusive fete experience is an all-white affair and takes place poolside of the picturesque La Vega Estate in Gran Couva on Saturday 28th January.

    This year’s event will provide the perfect occasion for Soca lovers to enjoy a first-rate feting atmosphere outside of the confines of Port-Of-Spain and promises the best vibes and the most beautiful ambience for patrons to eat, drink and dance as the sun sets on The Central Range.

    Promoters of the poolside fete, event group Green House Entertainment (who also produce the annual cooler party ‘Cooler Park’) are dedicated to creating top notch party experiences in Central Trinidad and delivering first rate fete options for not only residents of the community but for local and international fete-a-holics in general.
    For 2017, Green House has pulled out all the stops to deliver a relaxing yet festive Carnival affair within the lush, secluded, natural ambiance.

    Finesse 2017, which boasts the affordable all-inclusive price of $650 TT will feature delectable cross-culture cuisine, premium drink selections (including specialty cocktails) and music from top local DJs.
    Patrons will be also be treated to a unique line-up of live entertainment which includes reigning International Soca Monarch Voice who is currently riding high on his latest release ‘Far From Finished’ as well as 2016’s ‘Cheers to Life’.

    Last year’s fete attracted a wide cross-section of the nation’s top partying patrons including local fete connoisseurs, university graduates and professionals in various sectors.
    Several of the 2016 patrons have described the festive environment as the perfect atmosphere for those wishing to let loose, network, mingle and socialize while enjoying the very best in local luxury.

    If this is any indication of what is to come in this year’s event, then it is safe to say that the 2017 attendees are in store for a sizzling Soca soiree.

    Experience the ambiance, entertainment and amenities of ‘Finesse’ ultra-premium all-inclusive on Saturday 28th January, 2017, at La Vega Estate poolside, Gran Couva from 4pm – 10pm.

    For additional information on ‘Finesse All Inclusive’ please call 868-681-7873 and visit OR Green House Events on Facebook AND @greenhouseent on Instagram and Snapchat


    Patrons enjoyed themselves at the 2016 edition of Finesse Ultra-Premium All-Inclusive

    Patrons enjoyed themselves at the 2016 edition of Finesse Ultra-Premium All-Inclusive


    The nation’s top partying patrons will be at Finesse 2017

    The nation’s top partying patrons will be at Finesse 2017


    International Soca Monarch Voice is part of Finesse's unique live entertainment line-up

    International Soca Monarch Voice is part of Finesse’s unique live entertainment line-up

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  • D’ Chancellor brings forth Carnival 2017 track “Wajank”

    The word ‘Wajank’ is a slang which originated in Trinidad and Tobago and is defined as a person who acts in an irresponsible or reckless manner.
    For Carnival 2017 Soca artiste Keston ‘D’ Chancellor’ Harris will be encouraging the masses to channel their inner wajank with his latest J’ouvert-centric release.

    ‘Wajank’ was written by D’ Chancellor and produced by ‘Scrappy Da Rydhim God’.
    According to the New Jersey-based singer-songwriter, the inspiration behind the track was derived from a conversation with sister in which they reminisced about the unique local slangs used during their youth growing up in Trinidad.

    This trip down memory lane combined with his passion for the Carnival Monday celebration of J’ouvert birthed this new track which invokes a spirit of freedom and no holds barred, full-spirited enjoyment in the ‘dirty mas’ festivities.

    D’ Chancellor who originally hails from Marabella, South Trinidad shared that ‘Wajank’ has been receiving positive feedback since its release due to its infectiousness and iron-filled instrumental.

    He noted that although from a young age he was influenced mainly by Reggae and Dancehall music and primarily sang those genres at start of his professional music career, he quickly re-discovered his love for creating and performing Soca. He credits his mother (who actually helped him to pen his first song for a primary school Calypso competition) as his main motivation for pursuing his passion for the indigenous music of his homeland.

    The often calm, laid back, family-oriented Soca singer considers himself to be a very enthusiastic about his music and quite critical about himself as an artiste. He currently uses this creative and critical nature to compose music for other artistes in a variety of genres.

    Some of D’ Chancellor’s past performance highlights include appearances at Carib Fever, The 9th Annual New Jersey Reggae Fest, “Undercover Promotions” J’ouvert Band launching as well as opening for several top industry acts such as: Machel Montano, Patrice Roberts, Benjai, Beenie Man, Beres Hammond, Buju Banton and Rick Ross.
    Most notably, the ‘Wajank’ singer had the pleasure of working with former Groovy Soca Monarch Kerwin Dubois after winning his ‘Pressure Cooker Competition’ with the single “Heat”.

    D’ Chancellor has high hopes for Wajank’s success during the Carnival 2017 season and aspires to continually expand his fan base, build a massive presence for himself and his music, have a very successful career and leave his mark on Soca industry.
    Check out ‘Wajank’ on Youtube AND follow D’ Chancellor on social media via: Facebook: @IAMDChancellorMusic, Twitter: @iamdchancellor and Instagram: dchancellormusic
    For bookings and more information contact:


    Wajank Keston ‘D’ Chancellor’ Harris releases 'Wajank' for Carnival 2017

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  • Chelavich Scores Big With IFE TOP 10 Voting Programme

    Christopher “Chellavich” Anthony Lee, having recently won the international IFE (Island Fuse Entertainment) TOP 10 Voting Programme, is experiencing a major turnaround in his career, with high-profile TV, radio and press features. His first prime-time feature was on TVJ’s Intense, hosted by Ashley, Talia and Sanjay.

    Working as a tailor in Portmore, Chellavich spent most of his days listening to music from his favourite artiste – Bounty Killer. He too aspired to be a hardcore lyricist, and spent his spare time honing his craft. Chellavich later released a couple singles independently such as “Say She Want”, and made multiple appearances at local stage shows, charity events and parties. In 2015 Chellavich caught the attention of CEOs at the True Legends Music Group, Pablo Murray and Rohan Calvin, who immediately signed him.

    Working with True Legends Music Group, Chellavich has amassed an impressive collection of hot singles, for which they were seeking the means to promote. By chance they entered the IFE up-coming artist voting programme with an earlier single release entitled “Bounce Like A Ball”, featured alongside Razor B and other local artistes on the Sleepover Riddim. The heated competition was very close against other hopefuls such as Milli Chab of Hungary, yet Chellavich won with 33% votes.

    Along with a feature on the IFE TOP 10 Charts (5th position), another prize was to receive free publicity services, for which Chellavich has been receiving high-profile features. Still in campaign mode Chellavich stated: “The IFE Charts programme took me from 0 to 90 in terms of making me get TV, press, radio interviews and airplay overseas. Being part of the IFE Chart programme was the best move I made for 2016 because of that 2017 is looking bright”.


    (FROM RIGHT) Talia, Chellavich and Ashley

    (FROM RIGHT) Talia, Chellavich and Ashley

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  • Rupee Has Been Signed to International Label, ULTRA Music, Signaling Major Possibilities for Soca

    A major international deal has been signed, the likes of which, could propel the Soca music genre to higher heights, sooner than may have been expected.

    Ultra Music- the North American electronic music record label, which comprises Ultra Records, Ultra Music Publishing and Empire Artist Management, is about to work its magic with a Caribbean sound, brought to life by Rupert Clarke- the artiste best known as Rupee. The deal could rake in big gains for the entertainer but beyond that, it is likely to spur tremendous opportunity for all involved in the delivery of the Soca music genre.

    “Tipsy”- a song written and produced by Black Shadow’s Troyton Rami, Marcos Mejia and Kham and steered to completion thanks to the vocal ability of the Bajan soca star, is about to receive the kind of attention that could make the world stop and listen again. This would be Rupee’s second major opportunity internationally, having shown his worth when he sang, “Tempted To Touch” some years ago. Black Shaodow Music’s Troyton Rami is the writer and producer behind Sean Paul’s ‘Gimme The Light’, which peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Rami has worked with many Caribbean artistes, mostly within the Reggae and Dancehall genres, however, in recent time, Soca’s melodies and reinvigorated beats have piqued his interest, so much so that when he had completed a particular piece of written material recently, he felt the urge to contact Rupee- the artiste he believed could execute it seamlessly. “I was sitting in the studio and I said to myself, this is an awesome song. I called Rupee and I told him I had something great for him. He was excited and he flew in. He liked it but asked to make a few changes and when he was done changing a few of the melody lines and the hook, he had taken the song to another level,” said Rami.

    Ultra Records responded to the song’s energy after it had been circulated by Black Shadow and played on a few mix shows. “Patrick Moxey loved it and immediately said, let’s do this!,” said Rami, pointing to Ultra Records’ owner- the former Polygram and Virgin Records executive who has started Ultra some 22 years ago. With a deal signed between Rupee, Black Shadow and Ultra Records this week, the opportunities are now endless for the entertainer who had once been signed to Atlantic Records. “This deal could see Rupee reopen doors for Soca where white America, Europe and corporate folks who are buying and licensing music, will embrace it; more so now, with singers like Ariana Grande doing rub-a-dub. This deal could open doors for more new Soca artistes and more producers. It’ll see more A&R’s becoming interested in Soca,” said Rami.

    The song, with completed versions for various US media and a video, will be ready for delivery by March this year. Rami, who is Jamaican, expressed a desire to see Soca music reach further, explaining that it’s time to “take our Caribbean thing and sail it.” He said the desire with this particular project was to create a sound that delivered the feeling of the Caribbean, even with electronic beats. “We wanted a beat that could cross borders. We wanted all Caribbean islands to feel represented by the sound of the music. This beat is an electronic, Caribbean beat. When Jamaicans get on it, it turns into a reggae beat and when Trinidadians get on it, it turns into Soca,” he said.

    Rupee will be heavily involved in Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival this year with a few tracks already released and enjoying heavy rotation across the airwaves. “Tipsy” is so far, receiving the most favor among them all.


    Rupee Promo 1 Rupee Promo 2 rupee main promo1

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  • LISTEN: Queen Ifrica x Damian Marley = Trueversation | New Album (Out 3.3)

    The Jamaican award-winning singer, songwriter and social activist Queen Ifrica calls for global change on her third studio album Climb, available March 3, 2017 via VP Records. Queen Ifrica will debut new material from the album tomorrow (1.14) at Jamaica’s annual Rebel Salute festival.

    Today (1.13), fans can pre-order Climb as well as purchase the album’s first single “Trueversation” feat. Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. A music video for the song will follow next week.

    LISTEN to Queen Ifrica’s “Trueversation” ft. Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley:
    Throughout Climb, she touches on key social issues. The soul-tinged reggae track  “I Can’t Breathe” rails against ongoing police brutality in America; the ska flavored “Rebellion” name checks uprisings across several continents that have secured rights and improved the lives of many marginalized individuals. This sentiment is reinforced on “Battlefield”, which warns “we never yield, its war on the battlefield, if you nah hear you ah go feel.”  


    She also continues to uplift the younger generation. Queen’s beautifully sung lyrics encourage perseverance during hard times on the title track and she reveals two of her greatest motivational sources, her mother and grandmother on “Ask Me Granny.” On “Black Woman” she implores young ladies to know their worth and not be swayed by objectifying trends in popular culture.
    “These songs come to me as I am watching the world; I see myself as a social worker that uses music as my tool because music is the greatest weapon to impact societal change, to help young people to understand themselves more,” Ifrica says.
    Queen Ifrica

    Swooping in from Montego Bay, Jamaica, Queen Ifrica has taken the reggae scene by storm with hits like “Randy,” “Boxers and Stockings,” “Jus my Brethren,” “Below the Waist” and “Daddy” as well as more recent singles like “Love Is Not Blind” and “I Can’t Breathe.” From her humble beginnings of winning talent contests to joining the Tony Rebel’s Flames crew in 1998, she has blossomed into one of the genre’s top cultural artists with her roots firmly secured in the Rastafarian faith.  Climb is Ifrica’s third full-length album, following Montego Bay (2009, VP Records) and Fyah Muma (2007, Flames Productions).

    Queen Ifrica x Damian Marley = Trueversation

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  • Bob Marley’s Grandson Jo Mersa Kicks Off U.S. Tour & Drops New Single


    JOINS J BOOG ON U.S. 2017 TOUR &



    OkayPlayer’s LargeUp Premieres New Track Today

    Jo Mersa, the eldest son of Stephen Marley and grandson of Bob Marley, joins the Compton-born Samoan reggae artist Jo Boog on the road. The 2017 U.S. tour goes full circle, kicking off this week in California and spanning over 30 cities across the nation before its return back to the Golden State. See dates below.

    Mersa will tour in support of his brand new single “Private Beach Party” (out Jan 13, Ghetto Youths International) off the All Natural Riddim compilation, produced by Stephen Marley and slated for Jan 27 release. Mersa is also slated to release his full-length debut later this year.

    LISTEN: LargeUp premieres the new single today:
    Jo Mersa Marley

    Joseph “Jo Mersa” Marley was born in Kingston, Jamaica on March 12, 1991 and moved to Miami at age 11. Jo grew up surrounded by music. By the time he was four years old, Jo was appearing onstage alongside his father, his uncle Ziggy and aunts Cedella and Sharon (a.k.a. Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers) and their children as part of the group’s rousing concert finales with Jo often taking the mic and chanting the lyrics to the Melody Makers’ biggest songs. He keenly observed his father and his uncle Damian as they created music in Stephen’s Lion’s Den studio in Miami. He started making beats when he was about 11 and then began focusing on his songwriting and vocal delivery. He released his debut EP Comfortable in June 2014 on Ghetto Youths International, which spanned pop, hip hop, EDM and dancehall. He has toured extensively in U.S. and Europe alongside acts like Stephen “Ragga” Marley, Slightly Stoopid, UB40 and now J Boog.


    Bob Marley's Grandson Jo Mersa Kicks Off U.S. Tour & Drops New Single
    Jo Mersa Marley Tour Dates:
    Jan 12 @ Observatory North Park in San Diego, CA
    Jan 13 @ The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA
    Jan 14 @ The Marquee in Temple, CA
    Jan 15 @ The Rock in Tucson, AZ
    Jan 16 @ Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque, NM
    Jan 18 @ Gas Monkey Live in Dallas, TX
    Jan 19 @ Empire Control Room and Garage in Austin, TX
    Jan 20 @ Paper Tiger in San Antonio, TX
    Jan 21 @ Tipitina’s in New Orleans, LA
    Jan 22 @ Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, FL
    Jan 25 @ Culture Room in Ft Lauderdale, FL
    Jan 26 @ The Social in Orlando, FL
    Jan 27 @ Ponte Vedra Concert Hall in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
    Jan 28 @ The Loft in Atlanta, GA
    Jan 31 @ The Hamilton in Washington, DC
    Feb 01 @ Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY
    Feb 02 @ The Foundry at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA
    Feb 03 @ Brighton Music Hall in Allston, MA
    Feb 04 @ Higher Ground Ballroom in South Burlington, VT
    Feb 07 @ Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL
    Feb 08 @ Turf Club in St Paul, MN
    Feb 10 @ Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, CO
    Feb 11 @ The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, CO
    Feb 12 @ Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, CO
    Feb 14 @ The Depot in Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb 16 @ Neptune Theatre in Seattle, WA
    Feb 17 @ Wonder Ballroom in Portland, OR
    Feb 18 @ The Oregon Winterfest in Bend, OR
    Feb 19 @ Ace of Spades in Sacramento, CA
    Feb 22 @ The Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo, CA
    Feb 23 @ The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA
    Feb 24 @ The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA
    Feb 25 @ The Novo in Los Angeles, CA

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  • Grammy Nominated Legendary Jamaican Jazz Great Monty Alexander Returns To NYC’s Jazz Standard

    Grammy-nominated, award-winning Jamaican jazz pianist and band leader, Monty Alexander, will begin the New Year in fine style as he returns to the Jazz Standard, one of NYC’s renowned jazz clubs, from Jan. 31st to Feb. 4, 2017 for ten shows under the theme: “Looking Back.”


    Alexander kicks off a five-night series of shows on January 31st by looking back on his career of pure jazz performances as he remembers and revisits his musical journey in jazz and jazz collaborations with some of the greatest giants of the genre between 1959 and 1977.

    On Jan. 31st and Feb. 1st, Alexander, along with special guests Warren Wolf, (vibraphone), and Ron Blake, (tenor sax), will reprise songs from the Impulse! LP: ‘That’s The Way It Is,’ an outstanding album by the Milt Jackson Quintet – featuring Alexander, Ray Brown and Teddy Edwards that was recorded live in 1969 at Shelly Manne’s Manne-Hole in Los Angeles.

    On Feb. 2, 2017, the jazz maestro, whose “right-hand lines ring out with the power of a great vocalist” according to NPR, will remember legends Dizzy Gillespie, Milt Jackson and Norman Granz and Jazz at the Philharmonic/Montreux 1977. The show wraps up on Friday, Feb. 3rd and Saturday, Feb. 4th with a special Jamaican fusion spotlight as Alexander, Jamaica’s Commander of Distinction, and his band, the Harlem-Kingston Express, bring the vibes of his beloved homeland to their fans, while remembering Clement Seymour “Sir Coxsone” Dodd, CD and Studio One, one of Jamaica’s most influential record producer whose record label and recording studio has been described as the ‘Motown of Jamaica.’

    Show times are 7:30 and 9:30 P.M. nightly.Caribbean and other jazz fans who call New York City home can secure their tickets for the shows here or by logging on to the Jazz Standard website. Tickets are $35 for per show from Jan. 31st to Feb. 2nd and $40 per show from Feb. 3rd – 4th.

    For over a decade, the Jazz Standard, at 116 E 27th St, New York, NY, has been setting the standard for world-class jazz, warm hospitality, pitch-perfect sound and award-winning Southern cuisine and barbecue in an intimate and comfortable environment.

    Alexander is an American classic. His performances have been called pure magic by many journalists and jazz fans around the world and his sets are undoubtedly “a refined concept of groove.” This extraordinary musician continues to tour the world relentlessly with various projects, delighting a global audience drawn to his vibrant personality and soulful message. His energetic pieces, documented on more than 70 CDs, draws upon the timeless verities: endless melody-making, effervescent grooves, sophisticated voicings, a romantic spirit, and a consistent predisposition “to build up the heat and kick up a storm,” as Alexander puts it.


    In the course of any given performance, Alexander applies those aesthetics to a repertoire spanning a broad range of jazz and Jamaican musical expression – the American songbook and the blues, gospel and bebop, calypso and reggae. Like his “eternal inspiration” – Erroll Garner – Alexander is cited as the fifth greatest jazz pianist ever in The Fifty Greatest Jazz Piano Players of All Time (Hal Leonard Publishing) and mentioned in Robert Doerschuk’s ’88: The Giants of Jazz Piano.’


    Alexander’s voluminous discography includes albums for many labels including MPS, Concord Music, Island Jazz, Telarc and Studio One. Two of his most fondly remembered professional associations was with legendary jazz entrepreneur and producer Norman Granz, who conceived of Jazz at the Philharmonic back in the late 40’s/50’s and “Sir Coxsone Dodd.” The pianist recorded “Monty and the Cyclones” between 1959-1961 for Studio One and released three LPs on Granz’s Pablo label in the 70’s – Jamento (1978), In Tokyo (1979), and Soul Fusion (1978) by Milt Jackson & The Monty Alexander Trio.


    For more on Monty Alexander and his music visit him on YouTube or at . You can also like him on Facebook at or keep up to date on his performance on Twitter at @montyHKE.

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  • The Recording Academy and Atlantic Records Reveal 2017 Grammy Nominees Album Track Listing


    Latest Installment Of The Best-Selling Series Features 21 Hits From The World’s Biggest Superstars And Emerging Talent

    2017 GRAMMY® Nominees Album Hits Stores And Digital Retailers Jan. 20

    Album Pre-Order Available Now; Gives Fans The Chance To Attend
    Music’s Biggest Night®

    Pre-order The 2017 GRAMMY NOMINEES Album Here: or

    The Recording Academy®’s GRAMMY Recordings® and Atlantic Records have revealed the track listing for the 2017 GRAMMY® Nominees album. Set for release on Jan. 20 in stores and via digital retailers, the latest installment of the best-selling series — now in its 23rd year — features a collection of GRAMMY-nominated music for the upcoming 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards®.,. A portion of album proceeds benefit the year-round work of the GRAMMY Museum Foundation™ and MusiCares Foundation® — The Recording Academy-affiliated charitable organizations focused on music education programs and critical assistance for music people in need.

    The 2017 GRAMMY Nominees album is highlighted by 21 hits from the world’s biggest superstars and hottest emerging talent, including Album Of The Year nominees Adele, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Drake, and Sturgill Simpson and Best New Artist nominees Kelsea Ballerini, The Chainsmokers, Maren Morris, and Anderson .Paak among others.

    “The 2017 GRAMMY Nominees album provides a unique playlist, and showcases some of the greatest songs and talented artists that make up this year’s incredible nominees,” said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy. “We are pleased to collaborate with Atlantic Records on this project, which provides support for the invaluable programs and initiatives our charities produce throughout the year.”

    “It has been a fantastic year for music, and we’re very happy to partner with the Recording Academy once again to release a tremendous collection of GRAMMY-nominated artists and songs,” said Julie Greenwald, Chairman & COO of Atlantic Records. “It’s great to have all these amazing and diverse performances together on one album, especially when it supports the wonderful work done by The Recording Academy’s charities.”

    Music fans can log on to or through Jan. 19 to pre-order the 2017 GRAMMY Nominees album, and enter for a chance to win a trip for two to the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

    The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards will be held on Sunday, Feb. 12 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, and will be broadcast live on CBS at 8p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT).

    *No purchase necessary to enter or win. Visit or for details and eligibility requirements.


    grammy 2017 nominees

    2017 GRAMMY® Nominees Album
    Track Listing

    1. BEYONCÉ
    “Don’t Hurt Yourself” Feat. Jack White
    Album Of The Year

    “Stressed Out”
    Record Of The Year
    Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

    3. SIA
    “Cheap Thrills” Feat. Sean Paul
    Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

    4. DRAKE
    “Hotline Bling”
    Album Of The Year

    5. ADELE
    Record Of The Year
    Album Of The Year
    Best Pop Solo Performance
    Best Pop Vocal Album

    “Love Yourself”
    Album Of The Year
    Best Pop Solo Performance
    Best Pop Vocal Album
    “Closer” Feat. Halsey
    Best New Artist
    Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

    “Peter Pan”
    Best New Artist

    “My Church”
    Best New Artist
    Best Country Solo Performance
    Best Country Song

    “Brace For Impact (Live A Little)”
    Album Of The Year

    “Am I Wrong” Feat. ScHoolBoy Q
    Best New Artist

    Best Pop Vocal Album

    “Dangerous Woman”
    Best Pop Solo Performance
    Best Pop Vocal Album

    “Piece By Piece (Idol Version) ”
    Best Pop Solo Performance

    “7 Years”
    Record Of The Year
    Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

    “Church Bells”
    Best Country Solo Performance

    “Blue Ain’t Your Color”
    Best Country Solo Performance
    Best Country Song

    “Love Can Go To Hell”
    Best Country Solo Performance

    “Die A Happy Man”
    Best Country Song

    Best Country Solo Performance
    Best Country Song

    21. TIM MCGRAW
    “Humble And Kind”
    Best Country Song

    the recording academy

    About The Recording Academy
    Established in 1957, The Recording Academy is an organization of musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers and recording professionals dedicated to improving the cultural condition and quality of life for music and its makers. Internationally known for the GRAMMY Awards — the preeminent peer-recognized award for musical excellence and the most credible brand in music — The Recording Academy is responsible for groundbreaking professional development, cultural enrichment, advocacy, education, and human services programs. The Academy continues to focus on its mission of recognizing musical excellence, advocating for the well-being of music makers and ensuring music remains an indelible part of our culture. For more information about The Recording Academy, please visit For breaking news and exclusive content, follow @RecordingAcad on Twitter, “like” Recording Academy / GRAMMYs on Facebook, and join The Recording Academy’s social communities on Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube.

    About Atlantic Records
    Atlantic Records celebrated its 65th Anniversary in 2013. Founded in New York City, the label literally grew from a one-room operation into one of the world’s preeminent music companies. Atlantic has released a string of recordings that have had a profound impact on the course of modern music, its rich history including such musical icons as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, John Coltrane, and Led Zeppelin. The Atlantic Records Group roster today includes many of the world’s most popular recording artists, among them Charli XCX, Kelly Clarkson, Death Cab For Cutie, Flo Rida, Kevin Gates, David Guetta, JoJo, Bruno Mars, Matchbox Twenty, Melanie Martinez, Janelle Monáe, Jason Mraz, K. Michelle, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, Christina Perri, Charlie Puth, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Shinedown, Skrillex, Trey Songz, Twenty One Pilots, Rob Thomas, Wale, Wiz Khalifa, and many more.

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  • Keynote Records Alongside Canada’s RAW Media Announce K’Coneils’ First Canadian Tour

    On the heels of closing the year with a successful tour alongside Grammy winning Morgan Heritage, billboard charting artist K’Coneil will be arriving in Toronto at the end of January for approximately a two week stint as he takes on the central-east coast of Canada.

    Besides the obvious strong Caribbean diaspora in Canada, along with the influence of reggae and dancehall in mainstream music displayed in such hits as “Sorry” by Canadian native Justin Bieber, or Tory Lanez various hits, Canada is a melting pot of music and culture which falls in place with K’Coneil’s “Genre Fluid” mantra as his music establishes his brand of successfully blending the genres to create a masterpiece of sonic perfection.

    To press day, K’Coneil will perform on Tuesday, January 31st at STAGES in Toronto, Ontario, Saturday, February 4th in Ottawa, Ontario and Sunday, February 5th in Montreal, Quebec, with more dates to be announced. The artist will also be completing a media tour taking the time to introduce himself to the various media houses and fans alike, while linking with such celebrities as renowned soccer star Dwayne De Rosario aka Dero.

    On his northern journey, K’Coneil will take advantage of Montreal’s historical landscape blended with modern scenery to film the music video for his next single “Loving You Right” off his hit debut “Love/Lust” EP. Peaking at # 25 on on Billboard Reggae Album Sales Chart and in top 10 iTunes reggae chart, “Love/Lust” is rooted in the foundations of Reggae from his birth country Jamaica, on each track he expertly taps into the grit and grime of his homeland of New York City to tell stories of “Love and Lust.” With romantic punctuation’s of bedroom trysts, K’coneil seeps in a raw accented Caribbean dialect anchored in simple RnB melodies to visually provide glimpses of his current state of mind. With contributing production from Billboard charting, Seanizzle and New York Radio DJ Cali B, “Love/Lust’s” songs, subject matters, and inspirations, is truly a masterpiece of genre fluidity.
    “I am very excited to introduce myself to Canada and take in the vibes of such a diverse and beautiful country. The diversity excites me as it reflects who I am and my music.”



    Follow K’Coniel on Social Media:




    rebel vibes

    Keynote Records Alongside Canada’s RAW Media Announce K’Coneils' First Canadian Tour. Keynote Records Alongside Canada’s RAW Media Announce K’Coneils' First Canadian Tour.2

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  • VP Records Makes Mark in 2016 & Looks Forward to 2017




    As 2016 comes to an end, VP Records Music Group shines and looks forward to another great year.


    VP Records is proud to have three albums Jah 9’s 9, Raging Fyah’s Everlasting and We Remember Dennis Brown compilation on Billboard’s 10 Best Reggae Albums of 2016 selected by critic Rob Kenner. The list also includes two titles, Mr. Vegas’ This Is DancehallBeenie Man’s Unstoppable, from VP Records’ distribution arm VPAL.
    Read article:


    OkayPlayer’s Caribbean site celebrates some of the labels’ releases in their end-of-year round up, including Everlasting from 2017 Grammy nominees Raging Fyah and the debut album Epic & Ting from producer Bulby York. 


    See full list:


    In 2017, the premier reggae label and distributer wil gear up for first quarter releases from artists like Christopher Martin, Fay Ann Lyons, Bunji Garlin, Queen Ifrica, Spiritual and many more.  The label will also celebrate Greensleeves Records’ 40th Anniversary next year with special titles and events. Stay tuned!


    VP Records Music Group

    Based in Queens, NY, VP Records is a major pioneering and global force in the reggae music industry with satellite offices in Jamaica, Japan, United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil. VP is the only record label that represents the full spectrum of Caribbean music from roots & culture to soca and dancehall.  The leading label officially became the genre’s powerhouse with the acquisition of its long-time contender Greensleeves Records & Publishing in 2008. With VP and Greensleeves combined catalog, Greensleeves Publishing became the leading source for reggae music publishing worldwide. Since its acquisition, VP Records has also expanded the label’s operations through imprints, including 17 North Parade (vintage catalog and reissues), Dub Rockers (surf roots, rock and reggae acts), as well as VPAL (the global distribution network for the genre’s independent artists and their label counterparts).

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  • ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: “Machel Heads Back The Queen’s Park Savannah in Carnival 2017”

    Machel Montano will once again create waves at the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad at the 2017 edition of Army Fete- the most anticipated carnival fete bar none. Confirmation comes today from organizers who are working feverishly at this time to put all systems in place for the show, which sees thousands assemble to fete till sun up at this major annual event.

    Tickets for Army Fete went on sale at October’s end and organizers say, the response has been very good. With Machel’s confirmed attendance, it is anticipated that patrons will be even more eager to get their tickets to the safest fete in Carnival. Machel Montano’s catalogue of hits could see the entertainer pull out all stops at Army- an edition being referred to as “Total Recall”. In the past few weeks, Montano has released new music on the Lip Service Riddim and the V13 Riddim. The songs are entitled, “Lip Service” and “Wake Up” respectively. While many are still waiting to hear what the Soca star has up his sleeve to truly cause the revelry, Army Fete organizers know that Montano headlining Army Fete could never be an incorrect decision.

    The multiple Road March and Power Soca Monarch King will celebrate his 35th year in the Soca music business in 2017.

    For more on Army Fete, be a part of all social media dialogue on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @ArmyFeteTT and log on to Caribbean entertainment website- as well as LexoTV. Army Fete supporters are also encouraged to use the hashtags #2017ArmyFete and #ArmyFete to be apart of all social media promotions and giveaways.

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