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Monthly Archives: October 2015

  • Optimus Productions TT Breaks New Ground with the AfroSoca Riddim

    Trinidad-based Optimus Productions TT breaks new ground with its AfroSoca Riddim, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on October 23, 2015, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. Producer Jesse John is at the helm of Optimus Productions TT and is thrilled to bring this hit soca compilation for the 2016 Trinidad Carnival season.

    Jamaican dancehall thriller Blak Ryno takes a bite into soca with his new anthem “Inside,” JW & Blaze and Kimba Sorzano team up for “Feelin It,” Shradah and Nessa Preppy join forces for “Caribbean Queens,” Spyro gets the party started with “Champion Bubbler” and Screws keeps it going with “Wine & Go Down.”

    The AfroSoca Riddim presents a fusion of soca with Afrobeat, combining African drum beats and soca rhythms to create this spectacular and ground-breaking new genre of soca called AfroSoca. The five-track compilation showcases a groovy soca melody that is perfect for those afternoon island limes, and the fetes and festivals at Trinidad Carnival.

    1. Blak Ryno – Inside
    2. JW & Blaze and Kimba Sorzano – Feelin It
    3. Shradah and Nessa Preppy – Caribbean Queens
    4. Spyro – Champion Bubbler
    5. Screws – Wine & Go Down

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  • Gold Medal Riddim Feat. VARIOUS ARTISTS (2016 TNT Soca)

    Meet our Soca Olympians ‘SocaLympians’.
    As competition to reach the first Soca Olympic Games in Trinidad and Tobago heats up, as we take a look at some of the athletes who have booked their place.

    Olatunji – As the reigning Groovy Soca Monarch champion, Ola is looking forward to capturing the double with the help of his Soca Gold Medal team members this season. After testing positive for performance enhancement drugs which brought too much vibes, he is in the clear again and has vowed to show his consistency year round. His team mates look forward to a strong start while chanting (Ola!!!) (Repeat x 7).

    5 Star Akil – Joining the team with an astronomical performance and title of ‘Mr. Consistent’ after returning from his South East Asia tour. He has done some deep soul searching, the stars have aligned and he emerges with a whole different side. Totally driven by a bottle of rum & friends we can expect that he won’t let down his team mates.

    Preedy – At this time, Preedy turns up drunk as the reigning whining champion. He brings, a new element to the team, Rum Drinking to wash “Away away” the woes. As he looks to take the break through soca artist title this season, the team coach remains optimistic about the young prospect’s chances.

    Sekon Sta – Current break through artist Sekon Sta stays focused as his endorsement deal remains intact going into the new season. It is rumored that his mom shall return to the big stage for emotional support. This year, negotiations for an increase in salary would ensure that she continues as his ‘best’ asset for him and his team.

    Shradah – The Anchor. The lone female has much kudos to gain as she holds the team together. With a bumper like that, she cannot be held back.
    After a short stint at whiner – holics synonymous (W.H.S) she’s fully focused & concentrated on finishing big for the team.

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  • A Companion to DJ Al Fingers’ Coffee Table Book

    Greensleeves, in conjunction with One Love Books, is proud to present Clarks in Jamaica, the album tie-in with Al Fingers’ critically acclaimed book of the same name which chronicles the celebrated status of Clarks shoes in Jamaica. The compilation, to be released on October 16th, 2015 on CD, vinyl and digital download, will showcase classics from the golden age of dancehall music that celebrates Jamaica’s love affair with the iconic English footwear brand.

    Al, who compiled the album, says “Growing up in England I’ve always been fascinated by the Jamaican love of Clarks shoes and the way the brand is referenced within reggae and dancehall music. Vybz Kartel’s tune ‘Clarks’ brought the phenomenon to many people’s attention in 2010, but the relationship goes back a lot longer, and I wanted to bring attention to that, highlighting the work of artists such as Dillinger and Little John who sang about Clarks many years before.”

    OkayPlayer LargeUp breaks down Jamaica’s history with the shoe and announces details of the Clarks In Jamaica compilation, raving that it “bounces along with harmonious melodies while featuring a multitude of classic artists vocalizing lyrics either in ode or in reference to the Clarks brand.”

    Clarks In Jamaica – Various Artists – CD Track Listing
    1.Little John – Clarks Booty
    2.Richie Davis – Lean Boot
    3.Trinity – Clarks Booty Skank
    4.Dillinger – CB 200
    5.Laurel & Hardy – Dangerous Shoes
    6.Ranking Joe – Clarks Booty Style
    7.Supercat – Trash And Ready
    8.Little John – Brandy
    9.Scorcher – Put On Me Clarks
    10. Early B – Pedestrian
    11.Culture – She Want Money
    12.Robert French – Rebel Girl
    13.Josey Wales – Love I Want
    14. Papa Dimes – Thru Me
    15.Little John – Joycie Gone
    16.Billy Boyo – Going Back To School
    17.Eek-A-Mouse – Wa-Do-Dem
    18.Little Harry – Leggo Mi Queen
    19.Papa Michigan & General Smiley – The Ghetto Man
    20.Nicodemus – Tubby’s Daddy
    21.Michael Palmer – No More Lean Boot

    Clarks In Jamaica – Various Artists – Vinyl Track Listing
    Side 1
    1.Little John – Clarks Booty
    2.Richie Davis – Lean Boot
    3.Trinity – Clarks Booty Skank
    4.Dillinger – CB 200
    5.Laurel & Hardy – Dangerous Shoes
    6.Ranking Joe – Clarks Booty Style

    Side 2
    1.Supercat – Trash And Ready
    2.Little John – Brandy
    3.Scorcher – Put On Me Clarks
    4.Early B – Pedestrian
    5.Culture – She Want Money
    6.Robert French – Rebel Girl

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  • Marvay Challenges You

    “Challenge Accepted” is the phrase that is quite applicable to Damian Marvay’s single ‘Survive The Weekend.’ Quite confident is he, that when challenged to indulge in Carnival he quickly accepted. Truth be told, only a fool would not accept, considering all the factors involved; women, music, costume, alcohol, partying and revelry. Marvay’s acceptance led to the most enjoyable weekend of his life and he now extends a challenge to you to ‘Survive The Weekend.’

    The Barbados born singer/songwriter/performer is the encapsulation of a “full package”; talent, personality and charisma. With a career in music that stems from Reggae-Soul, Marvay is no novice in expressing himself
    through music. His debut in Soca during Crop Over 2015 couldn’t come any sooner after lending his vocals as background for the likes of Bunji Garlin, Rupee, madda Fox and Farmer Nappy, among others. His
    breakthrough was a well-received surprise with the track becoming the anthem of many.

    Marvay’s relationship with production power duo De Red Boyz and songwriters 7th Wing was an unexpected one for him. It was during his performance at a popular night spoti n Barbados that he was approached by Scott Galt of De Red Boyz, to do background vocals on one of Farmer Nappy’s tracks for Carnival 2014. Almost immediately he impressed all those present and was called in by De Red Boyz to discuss his career. The conversations that followed led to the recording of ‘Survive The Weekend.’

    For a new comer in such a critical industry, Marvay has experienced a level of success that many have not been able to. The song title and various lines from the hit single became popular hashtags, it was used for two different advertising campaigns during the Crop Over season and he was recruited by Farmer Nappy for Farmer Nappy and De Red Boyz Band. Marvay has spent the last few months traveling with Farmer Nappy to perform an experience which he says is both humbling and entertaining.

    The highlight of his performances with Farmer thus far was his debut performance in Canada for Virgin Mobile’s IndieFridays finale in Toronto, Canada. Marvay is now officially under Farmer’s Management Company ‘Country LifeEntertainment’ and is working on new material for release in coming months.

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  • F Dem Out and Keep On Enjoying

    Finally, an opportunity has presented itself to shout out “F…Dem” without apology. Hold on, before you begin throwing F’s around let’s be specific; Forget, Face, Flatter and Fete are all applicable. When their eyes are recording your every move to strike up neighborhood gossip remember they’re only as significant as you make them. Every movement; wine, jump or wave is ‘For All Ah Dem’ and Vincentian Soca artiste Problem Child is stating this clearly in his track. The cleverly written track that is featured on the ‘Fete Life Riddim’ can easily lead to voluntary tongue slipping as he encourages you to give the confusion makers something to talk about.

    Released earlier this year for Vincy Mas, ‘For All Ah Dem’ was recognized as one of the more popular songs during the island’s festivities. The track quickly made its way to Crop Over where it also captured the attention of many. The song
    speaks to issues that many partiers and revelers have been experiencing recently. The turning up of noses must cease! Whether drunk and falling or provocatively wining, it’s the business only of those engaging.

    Problem Child has captured the attention of the masses yet again. It’s not only for his craftiness on ‘For All Ah Dem’ but also for the penning of lyrics for three other songs on the Fete Life Riddim; ‘Money Done’ (Patrice Roberts), ‘Whole Night’ (King Bubba) and ‘Inferno’ (Shradah). The singer/songwriter and producer Ramon “Fryktion” McDowall are causing quite a stir amongst the Caribbean Diaspora. Some may wonder if the Vincentian artiste has the ability to read minds while others will thank him for helping them speak. Regardless of your thoughts this song is going to heighten your reveling experience.

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  • 21st Hapilos NEW Release & Video Spotlight: Rub Up Rub Up Riddim

    Majah Label Music Group presents “Rub Up Rub Up Riddim”. The riddim features a roster of some of the best established and rising stars of dancehall and reggae like Alozade with “Breed Sumn”, Bramma “Life Sweet”, Chico “Love She Wah”, Devin Di Dakta “Ride Ride”, Ding Dong “PG 13”, Esco “Sell Out”, Franchizze “Me You & a Spliff”, HD “Feel Inside”, Hype G “Top Shella”, Iklips “Good”, Ishawna “Oh La La”, J Militia “Dem Try”, Jomo “Godmind”, Kirk Diamond “Need Fi Be”, Laza Morgan “Yes Yes”, Logycal “Hotta Dan Dem”, MJ “My Girl”, Mr.G “Bombo”, One Flow “Dun Floss”, Serani “Lay In My Bed”, Stylysh “Mi Nuh Worry”, Todgosnay “Rub a Dub” and Young Flex PF with Live Life”. “Rub Up Rub Up Riddim” is out now on iTunes via 21st Hapilos Digital. @kimanimlmg

    21st Hapilos Digital Distribution is the largest digital distributor of Dancehall, Reggae and Caribbean music. We have successfully placed Reggae and Dancehall on the international digital market via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and Google Play to name a few. We have effectively brought the revenue back into Dancehall by employing aggressive marketing and cost-effective distribution strategies to maximize the earnings potential of clients.

    Give Music…the gift that keeps on giving!

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  • 21st Hapilos NEW Release & Video Spotlight: Blak Ryno

    Dancehall and reggae star Blak Ryno releases his much anticipated “Better Tomorrow” Album produced by famed JA Productions and distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital. “Better Tomorrow” album features the lead single “Better Tomorrow, Side Chick, Way U Wine, Don’t Let Go, Inside, The Future, Cyah Do We Nothing, Every Time, Weh Do U, Hold My Meds, Very Special, Wish U Love Was Here, Like and Arrow, Mi Alright” and “Pass and Gone”. Blak Ryno “Better Tomorrow” album is available worldwide on all major online stores such as iTunes. @rynodistinger @jutusja

    21st Hapilos Digital Distribution is the largest digital distributor of Dancehall, Reggae and Caribbean music. We have successfully placed Reggae and Dancehall on the international digital market via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and Google Play to name a few. We have effectively brought the revenue back into Dancehall by employing aggressive marketing and cost-effective distribution strategies to maximize the earnings potential of clients.

    Give Music…the gift that keeps on giving!

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  • 21st Hapilos NEW Release & Video Spotlight: Vybz Kartel

    Since proudly debuting her own Short Boss Muzik label, Dancehall star superstar Vybz Kartel devoted common law wife has delivered a string of hit charting music. Short Boss Muzik latest release “Magic School Bus” performed by the iconic Vybz Kartel has taken over the airwaves and is now available to all on major online stores such as iTunes, distributed by digital giants 21st Hapilos Digital. @shortbossmuzik @iamthekartel

    21st Hapilos Digital Distribution is the largest digital distributor of Dancehall, Reggae and Caribbean music. We have successfully placed Reggae and Dancehall on the international digital market via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and Google Play to name a few. We have effectively brought the revenue back into Dancehall by employing aggressive marketing and cost-effective distribution strategies to maximize the earnings potential of clients.

    Give Music…the gift that keeps on giving!

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  • 21st Hapilos NEW Release & Video Spotlight: Ice Cold Riddim

    Acclaimed 21st Hapilos Productions and Loud City presents “Ice Cold Riddim”. The melodious reggae riddim features the sweet sounds of Cecile featuring Vybrant with “Mr Right”, Richie Stephens “Free Up The Plant”, Collie Buddz “Marijuana Dreams”, Gentleman “Ice Cold” and Jah Vinci with “Devil Boy”. The star studded “Ice Cold Riddim” distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital is now available on iTunes and all major online digital stores. @jwonder21 @loudcitymusic

    21st Hapilos Digital Distribution is the largest digital distributor of Dancehall, Reggae and Caribbean music. We have successfully placed Reggae and Dancehall on the international digital market via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and Google Play to name a few. We have effectively brought the revenue back into Dancehall by employing aggressive marketing and cost-effective distribution strategies to maximize the earnings potential of clients.

    Give Music…the gift that keeps on giving!

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  • 21st Hapilos NEW Release & Video Spotlight: One Don Riddim

    From the famous production house of Birchill Records comes “One Don Riddim”. The hit bound riddim features stars of dancehall and reggae such as Mr.Vegas with “Celebrate Life”, dynamic dancehall duo RDX “Bar Fi Shell”, Natel “Pocket Rocket” featuring Latty J, Vershon “One Man”, Mr.G “Wifey Material” and Trevor Off Key with “Gwan Ya Gal”. Distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital, “One Don Riddim” is available on all major online stores such as iTunes. @birchillmusic

    21st Hapilos Digital Distribution is the largest digital distributor of Dancehall, Reggae and Caribbean music. We have successfully placed Reggae and Dancehall on the international digital market via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and Google Play to name a few. We have effectively brought the revenue back into Dancehall by employing aggressive marketing and cost-effective distribution strategies to maximize the earnings potential of clients.

    Give Music…the gift that keeps on giving!

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  • Lyrikal Loner Official Road Mix (produced by Mastamind Productions)

    Lyrikal Releases the Loner Road Mix Just in Time for Miami Carnival

    For most people Lyrikal’s track Loner has been a favorite beginning right around Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2015. It was love at first listen for most people who could definitely relate to the lyrics and couldn’t help but chip to the sweet rhythm. With the 2016 Carnival season upon us, Lyrikal teamed up with his long time friend/producer Shawn Mastamind Noel to give you the highly requested official road mix!

    Performer: Lyrikal
    Written by Jason Shaft Bishop and Devon Lyrikal Martin
    Produced by: Shawn Mastamind Noel for Mastamind Productions
    Mixed and Mastered: by Shawn Mastamind Noel for Mastamind Productions

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  • Reggae Virtuoso Ragga Lox Delivers Two Albums and a New Song

    New York, NY (FOX FUSE) – Reggae virtuoso Rohan “Ragga Lox” Robinson delivers classic reggae vibes on two albums and a new song – Steppa Inna Babylon, Music Is My Life and “Mid Life Crisis” – all now available worldwide from all major digital retailers (released on October 2, 2015), from FOX FUSE. Three songs from the more recent Steppa Inna Babylon album debuted in the top 100 on the iTunes Germany Reggae Section Top Songs chart, adding more hits to his already enriched catalog.

    Born in Georges Valley near Mandeville in Jamaica, Ragga Lox has been building his repertoire as a singer and songwriter for decades now, debuting his first release back in 1995. His signature, smooth flow combined with his confident delivery has earned him fans and acclaim alike, internationally. Now he joins forces with FOX FUSE to bring his music to the global audience and reggae lovers everywhere.

    “I am very excited for this opportunity to work with FOX FUSE,” states Ragga Lox. “I have sold thousands of CDs independently, but always felt I could sell a lot more with the services of an experienced distributor, who would take the time to understand my music, so it can be marketed to the right audience, and that’s what FOX FUSE is offering.”

    Steppa Inna Babylon was produced in-conjunction with Undeniable Records and features guest appearances from other reggae luminaries such as Richie Spice, Lutan Fyah, Mikey General and Ethiopian singer Jah Lude. Music Is My Life is a collection of songs recorded for various producers over Ragga Lox’s first ten years of recording, and features appearances from Natty Remo, Jango Thriller, Ken Serious and Lee Kelly.

    The new gem “Mid Life Crisis” brings conscious reggae sounds and is the first track from Ragga Lox’s upcoming album and his fourth, full-length studio effort, overall.

    TRACK LIST – Steppa Inna Babylon

    1. On Di corner
    2. Steppa Inna Babylon
    3. House and Land
    4. Castle Of My Heart Featuring Richie Spice
    5. Thank U Jah
    6. Abuse
    7. Your Sista Featuring Lutan Fyah
    8. Wata Gone
    9. Ethiopia Featuring Mikey General and Jah Lude
    10. Dutty Life Style
    11. We’ve Just Got Started

    TRACK LIST – Music Is My Life

    1. Where Is the Love Featuring Lee Kelly
    2. Short By Far Featuring Ken Serious
    3. Wata Gone
    4. Chocolate and Roses
    5. Say What You Saying
    6. Music Is My Life
    7. Wanti Wanti
    8. Jamdown
    9. Poor People
    10. Can’t Stop Wi From Fly Featuring Natty Remo and Jango Thriller
    11. Nico D
    12. Bright Lights Big City
    13. Reggae Vibez
    14. Ghetto Youths
    15. Rise

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  • MAS2TV takes “Caribbean Culture” live and direct to any screen, globally!

    The much-anticipated Caribbean Over the Top (OTT) platform, MAS2TV was launched chalked filled with content that is unique to the Caribbean culture and aesthetic. The event took place at Sweet Chick Restaurant in NYC, with some notable guests attending, such as, Pat Meschino of Billboard, Michael Prinville a producer from NBC, actress Kandyse McClure and former footballer and TV Personality Robbie Earle.

    A year in the making, the platform was brought to market at a press gathering in New York City, where Chief Creative Officer and Executive Vice President Dianne Bissoon, promised to lend her close to 15 years of TV Industry experience to ensure the development and growth of the Caribbean Film Industry with the platform.

    With industry giants such as COMCAST and Cable and Wireless under her belt in terms of TV marketing, programming and strategy, the native Trinidadian is a force to be reckoned with and is sure to deliver on her promise.

    The MAS2TV acronym stands for Multiculturalism, Art, Society, and Sports Television; and the platform, which is available, online, Apple Devices, Android Devices and Roku Boxes, intends to bridge the gap between distributing quality Caribbean Programming to the world and bringing relevant and interesting programs into the Caribbean.

    Subscriptions for the channel are US$6.99 per month or US$69.99 annually for premium content, and it also gives you access to free content and music videos. This module, used by industry giants such as Netflix and Hulu also allows for filmmakers to earn income from their properties when they are licensed to the platform – a huge win for the emerging film market! Over the next year the organization also aims to bring Original Programming and live streams of cultural events and festivals live and direct from the region. The platform itself has hit the ground running, only 5 days out of the door and it has already received a 4 star rating on Roku.

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  • Soca Star Farmer Nappy Blazes with New Hit “Rental” (Music Inside)

    New York, NY (FOX FUSE) – Soca star Darryl “Farmer Nappy” Henry blazes with his new hit “Rental,” available worldwide from all major digital retailers on October 16, 2015, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. The acclaimed Trinidadian singer and songwriter delivers the very best that soca and calypso music has to offer and continues that rich tradition with “Rental.” This marks his first official release for the 2016 Trinidad Carnival season, from his own label Country Life Entertainment.

    Celebrating over 30 years at the forefront of soca and calypso, Farmer Nappy has placed second twice and third once in the International Groovy Soca Monarch Competition (for “Chippin,’” “My House” and “Big People Party,” respectively). In 2015, he was crowned Calypso Of The Year for the massive success of his groovy blockbuster “Big People Party,” which continues to be a soca anthem globally.

    “Coming off huge fan favorites like ‘Big People Party’ and ‘My House’ from the past two years, I challenged myself to maintain that standard,” reveals Farmer Nappy. “I always say if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, so I went back into the studio with my long-time production team De Red Boyz and we cooked up ‘Rental.’ First I gave you a big party, then I gave you my house, and now I give you a rental so you all have someone to dance with.”

    Farmer Nappy teams up again with Barbadian hit-production collective De Red Boyz for this thrilling tune, which paints the provocative picture of a guy being rented by a lady as her wining or dance partner for a fete (party). The same catchy hooks and groovy formula proved successful for Farmer’s previous monster jams “Big People Party,” “My House” and “Chippin,’” all crafted by De Red Boyz, who have been instrumental in propelling Farmer Nappy as the face of groovy soca music.

    Farmer Nappy is currently touring across the globe and will take center stage at the 2016 Trinidad Carnival with his very own band, De Red Boyz Band. This is another ambitious collaboration with famed producers Scott Galt (Trinidad-born) and Mikey Hulsmeier (Barbados-born), who make up De Red Boyz. Teaming Farmer’s unbridled talents with those of De Red Boyz is a perfect musical marriage in studio and now on stage.

    Farmer Nappy and De Red Boyz Band officially launched in New York City in April 2014, when Farmer released his Big People Party album to fans internationally at famed NYC music venue SOB’s. They have enjoyed numerous sold-out performances under their belt, from touring throughout the Caribbean, North America and Europe during 2015. The four-piece band consists of bass, drums, keys, guitar and backing vocals.

    With his new soca anthem and ultra-talented band in hand, Farmer Nappy is armed to keep his unique brand of soca and calypso music fresh, as he takes on Trinidad Carnival 2016 in style.

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  • The Film Factory presents A Day In The Life with the Reggae Warriors Inner Circle

    When looking at Inner Circle and their 40 year plus history in the reggae field there is much more than what meets the eye. This Jamaican bred, Grammy award winning quintet, is one of the world’s most respected reggae groups with a long string of successes stretching back to the mid-70’s. Inner Circle blends a special style of pop-oriented Jamaican beats and energy that have made them the leading stars of their movement. Their spirit through the power of reggae within live performances has allowed the band to transcend the traditional reggae niche and create a widespread crossover appeal. Inner Circle plays at many of the world’s largest music festivals, headlining alongside such towering pop and rock music icons as Elton John, Van Morrison, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Carlos Santana, and many others.

    In 1978, while playing for the One Love Reggae Peace Concert in Jamaica, the historic event in the film “Heartland Reggae,” which featured Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, the band achieved a major breakthrough when Chris Blackwell signed the group to Island Records. That same year, they achieved substantial commercial success with the Island album “Everything Is Great,” which became a Top 20 hit in the U.K and a Top 10 smash in France, and produced the popular singles “Mary, Mary” and “Music Machine.”

    Tragically, just as the band was poised for a major international breakthrough, Jacob Miller, the lead vocalist was killed in a car accident on March 23, 1980. Devastated, the rest of the band broke up. Ian Lewis and Harvey moved to Miami and opened a recording studio named Circle House, while Roger Lewis joined them not too long after. Inner Circle became one of the first Jamaican groups to tour in the U.S.

    Circle House Studios remains one of the most prominent recording studios in Miami to date and was the home of the 2014 worldwide smash hit “Happy,” by Pharell Williams.

    Inner Circle achieved new levels of international success in the 1990s. The title track of the album “Bad Boys” became a #1 hit in almost every European territory, and sold approximately seven million copies worldwide. Meanwhile, the Fox television network chose “Bad Boys” as the theme song for its reality show Cops, premiering in March 1989. As the program turned into a hit, “Bad Boys” became a household pop-culture reference. Marking the 25-year anniversary that “Bad Boys” has been on Cops, it has been named the #1 most played reggae song across the world. “Sweat (A La La La La Long)” exploded across the world right after, topping the charts in several countries in Asia, South America, Australia, and New Zealand as well as the European continent where it became the most played record in Germany and remained at #1 for a full three months.

    After winning a 1993 Grammy for Best Reggae Album with “Bad Boys,” the band scored again with the 1994 album Reggae Dancer, which earned another Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album. “Summer Jammin” was featured in the soundtrack of Eddie Murphy’s film Beverly Hills Cop III. The track “Bad Boys” became a hit again when it was used as a title song for the Will Smith/Martin Lawrence action film with the same name, including the sequel, Bad Boys II.

    Since 1997 Inner Circle has undertaken one of its most intense periods of touring, playing to enormous crowds, often in territories where few touring acts dare to venture.

    “In the last three or four years, we’ve been everywhere in the world, ” says Roger Lewis. “Brazil, Guam, India, Taipei, Beirut, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Asia, India the United Arab Emirates,” continues Lancelot Hall. “To some people a world tour is North America, Europe and Japan, but not us. If it’s on the map, we’re going there.” “Traveling around the world, you really learn that everybody’s basically the same,” observes Ian Lewis.

    Inner Circles recent collaborations include a remix of Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dog’s “Young Wild and Free,” featuring Bizerk, and I-Octane, which has reached up to 3 million views on YouTube, an amazing feat for a reggae track. Recently in May of 2014 young artistes and producers Chronixx, Steven McGregor, Don Corleone and Supa Dups assembled together at Circle House Studios.

    Chronixx is the latest to work with the Miami based veterans. He sang the lyrics to Tenement Yard with Miller’s distinctive vocals from the original track in the background. According to Lewis, “Jacob would be very happy…It’s a perfect bridge of past and present.” He says, “This song is gonna run Reggae Music.” Inner Circle is also releasing new projects with the talents of Nengo and Flo Rida in a song called “Fall in Love.” They also recently did a “One Love” remix and included the works of artist Pitbull, as well as Peter Morgan.

    Roger Lewis, Inner Circle’s co-founder and guitar player, says working with contemporary reggae acts is their way of reaching out to a new generation.

    “In a way (it is) to reach a new ‘demo’ but we collaborate with the artists we feel have the right vibe and who touch us musically,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

    “We are all one, regardless of our different ideas, and music is the best way to communicate that. Music is the highest language; it transcends politics, geography, and skin color, and it transcends all the things that separate people.” According to Touter Harvey, “The name Inner Circle means family, and that’s what we are. We’re all devoted to the band and each other, and that’s what makes us strong. We believe in the spiritual vibes of family and friends. Our success is nothing without warm, genuine people around to share it. Being successful is day-to-day just trying to be happy and keeping it real.”

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  • Dominica Announces Status of Hiking Trails

    Discover Dominica Authority, in collaboration with the Forestry Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, today announced that a number of Dominica’s hiking trails are open.

    Seven segments of the Waitukubuli National Trail, the Caribbean’s longest walking trail, are ready to welcome the adventurous hiker. Some trails were closed after the passage of Tropical Storm Erika which caused obstructions and infrastructural damage. The Forestry Division has worked tirelessly to ensure that trails are accessible. Segments Three, Four, Six, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen, totalling nearly 81 kilometers (50 miles), are open to hikers. Trail users are advised to exercise caution when hiking the open segments of the trail as some landscape features may have changed.

    Other popular attractions which involve some level of hiking are now accessible and operational. They include: Trafalgar Falls, Emerald Pool, L’Escalier Tete Chien, Middleham Falls, Freshwater Lake, Cabrits National Park and Syndicate Nature Trail. The trek to the famous Boiling Lake–a level 4 (difficult) hike across towering mountain ranges, hot streams, hot boiling mud, mini geysers and forests–is open and considered a “must do” for the trekking enthusiast. Guides are recommended as there are landscape changes on certain trails. Hikers are encouraged to use appropriate hiking gear when trekking in Dominica.

    The Forestry Division continues to assess the island’s hiking trails and will provide updates once assessments have been made and necessary repairs have been completed.

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  • New iWeb – All Inclusive (2016 Soca)

    iWeb has broken modern soca sub genres with the release of the infectious and highly melodic groovy sensation “All Inclusive”
    This instant hit was amazingly produced by the iconic duo De RedBoyz and stands out as ear candy to its listeners providing them with musical fusions to whet their soca appetites.
    The track was written by iWeb himself and Cheyne Jones and the two combined the West Indian spirit of togetherness and the sights and sounds of Carnival to create the magic that is “All Inclusive”
    “All Inclusive” transcends generations and as it states…..everyone is included!

    Written By Ian Webster and Cheyne Jones
    Produced By: Scott Galt & Mikey Hulsmeier (De Red Boyz)
    Mixed By: Anthony Lowhar for Commercial Music Inc
    Mastered By: Will Quinnell for Sterling Sounds.

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  • Busy Signal Shines at 2020 Gala With Star and Community Support!

    Multi Genre Superstar Busy Signal was all smiles and shining with the success of the 2020 Gala held at the Grand Bahia Principe in Jamaica!

    Raising money for the Busy 2020 Helping Hands Foundation, a foundation dedicated to reaching children and young people to tackle issues such as violence, poverty and lack of health care access, Busy Signal brought together entertainers as well as community stakeholders who collectively agreed that together, they can make a difference.

    Performances by Christopher Martin, DMajor, Exco Levi, and Ikaya demonstrated the will of younger generation artists to make a difference in the lives of the youth. This project will not only benefit people from St. Ann’s Bay, but the entire Parish of St. Ann and neighboring Parishes (Trelawny and St. Mary) as citizens from neighboring Parishes visit the St. Ann’s Hospital as well.

    Speaking to media, Busy said “it is important that the youth and the community know and understand that yes we are doing well in our careers, but we haven’t forgotten where we come from, and we are determined to give back to our community … to make it a better place for those coming up after us.” Echoing Busy’s sentiment is Ikaya who added “some of the kids from this community are going to be doctors in the future. A small gesture from us today will go a long way tomorrow!”

    Launched in April, 2015, the Busy 2020 Helping Hands Foundation has worked with and donated much needed medical equipment to the St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital in an effort to make medical access readily available for people in that area of Jamaica.

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  • International Reggae Recording Artist Omari Banks Joins the “Strictly Roots” European Tour

    Reggae crooner Omari Banks is joining the Royal Family of Reggae, Morgan Heritage on part of their upcoming “Strictly Roots” European tour 2015. Omari who holds a special place in his heart for Europe, has often shared cherished memories of his time as both a professional athlete and as a singer among his European fans.

    The prolific singer will perform songs from both his acclaimed “Move On Album” such as “No Point To Prove, Unafraid, Jehovah Message, Run Around and Bruised”, and new material like his latest single “More Than Friends” to which he recently finished filming the video in Anguilla and St.Maarten.

    “It’s a joy to be performing on the Morgan Heritage European tour. This tour promises to be special for me in so many ways. Its me coming back to Europe a place where ive always enjoyed. The opportunity to share the stage with reggae royalty is a blessing, I am super excited to share my music to a audience that truly loves reggae music.” – Omari Banks

    Omari Banks Tour Dates:

    Fri Oct 23 – UK Sheffield O2 Academy
    Sat Oct 24 – UK Birmingham O2 Academy
    Sun Oct 25 – Netherlands Dordrecht Bibelot
    Tue Oct 27 – Germany Cologne Underground
    Wed Oct 28 – Germany Berlin Yaam
    Fri Oct 30 – France Lyon Le Radian Bellevue
    Sat Oct 31 – France Paris Dock Pullman
    Sun Nov 01 – UK London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire
    Mon Nov 02 – Netherlands Amsterdam Melkweg

    “More Than Friends” produced by Damion Knight. Quote on song: “My fans have been asking for something new for a while now, it’s a great end of summer feel good. Im excited about releasing this next track “More than friends”as its a song i believe a younger audience will relate to it as it actually a quite sexy song”

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  • Chai ‘Zig Zags’ into Carnival 2016

    NYC, USA – New York-based starlet Chai weaves her way into the middle of the build up to Carnival 2016 with the release of her debut soca single “Zig Zag”.

    The rising soca star teams with Artica Productions on the self-penned track that’s already receiving rave reviews across the soca scene in the Big Apple. The song with its catchy hook and trademark dance gives soca audiences a peek into Chai’s creative process.

    “Soca has always been a passion of mine and I’m really excited to be back on the scene. We had a lot of fun in the studio creating the song and I just want people to feel that energy when they listen to it. That to me would be mission accomplished,” said the supremely confident performer of the track.

    Chai, real name Chakiya Arthur, is no stranger to the Caribbean music scene in New York. The 26-year-old Brooklyn native has collaborated with several producers and soca artistes in the big apple including Starblu Entertainment and Mastamind Productions.

    She’s also built a reputation as a budding song writer having collaborated on the scripting of Drupatee’s “Dulahin” with StarBlu and Antiguan soca queen Tizzy on her 2012 hit “Road Calling”.

    “The music has always been in me. From a young age I knew music would be an important part of my life. It’s been a blessing and I’m just happy to have the opportunity to share that gift with a captive audience,” she said.

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  • Sunshine & Nadiva Will Make Sure You “Keep Wukkin”

    UK-based soca duo Sunshine & Nadiva will keep you on the dance floors with their new hit “Keep Wukkin,” available worldwide from all major digital retailers on October 16, 2015, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. Previously known as Samantha & Nadine, these talented sisters have been blazing a trail in the U.K. soca scene for years now. After a two-year hiatus, they now blast back into the spotlight with the groovy soca jam “Keep Wukkin.”

    Produced by Ashwin “Smash” Seegobin for Smash Productions, the track is inevitably a smash for the newly-named duo, Sunshine & Nadiva, who are more than ready to live life magnificently again and take on the 2016 carnival season. The track is co-produced by Intense Force Music Studios and written by Mista Vybe from Trinidad, the brain behind Machel Montano’s 2015 hit, “Remedy.”
    “Keep Wukkin” reveals a grown-up, confident side for the pair, who recently enjoyed a successful 2015 carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago, as backing dancers to the 2015 International Groovy Soca Monarch champion, Olatunji Yearwood.

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  • King Tappa Gets Us in the Mood with “Tonight”

    Reggae and dancehall artist Kurt “King Tappa” Prince scores with his new song “Tonight,” available worldwide from all major digital retailers on October 16, 2015, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. The lovers rock and dancehall fusion track adds to King Tappa’s rich repertoire, which he has been building for over ten years now.

    Born in Dominica, raised in St. Croix and now based in New Jersey, U.S.A., King Tappa has been earning his musical stripes, first as DJ Tappa for Powersound sound system, and now by writing, recording and mixing his own music; he donned all those hats for his new smash hit, “Tonight.”

    “Reggae is my calling,” discloses King Tappa. “I love to work with one-drop riddims but I am very versatile, so working on other genres come easily to me. I love music, so I am open to trying new and different things, as long as it makes sense.”

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  • Nu Generation Studios Brings Reggaeton-Soca Vibes from Mr. Renzo

    Trinidadian production house Nu Generation Studios drops its new sizzler from Latino soca star Mr. Renzo featuring Neniita with “Colita,” available worldwide from all major digital retailers on October 16, 2015, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. The song is set to mash up the upcoming 2016 Trinidad Carnival season and beyond, as it now becomes available to reggaeton and soca music fans, across the globe.

    Acclaimed producer Julian “Juelio” Nelson of Nu Generation Studios crafts this Spanish-Caribbean fusion track for the exciting and eclectic singer and songwriter, Mr. Renzo, who was born Lawrence Adams in Bolívar, Venezuela and relocated to Trinidad as a child. His signature sounds include mixing tropical and salsa music with soca and calypso, as only someone with his diverse and unique heritage can do.

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  • Anson Productions and Preedy Share “Nation Of Love”

    Trinidad and Tobago-based Anson Productions delivers its new gem “Nation Of Love” by Preedy, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on October 16, 2015, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. A long-time lyricist and musical collaborator with soca’s top producers and artists, Preedy has stormed the soca world as a performer and this marks his new anthem for the 2016 Trinidad Carnival season.

    Akeem “Preedy” Chance penned the heartfelt ode to his homeland, following the social tension in the aftermath of Trinidad and Tobago’s recent general elections. “In light of all the race issues suddenly arising, this tune needed to be shared,” Preedy stated. “We are a small island, full of love, why the need for this negativity? We are here to spread positivity through music. That’s our goal.”

    The groovy tune was produced by Trinidadian hit producer Anson Soverall, who has his fingers on the pulse of soca music and eyes on the complex demands of the global musical audience. This song has already found its place at home and is bound to do so internationally.

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  • AdvoKit Productions Drops “Can You Feel It” by Aaron Duncan

    Trinidadian imprint AdvoKit Productions drops its new stunner “Can You Feel It” by Aaron Duncan, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on October 16, 2015, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. Based in Diamond Vale, Diego Martin in Trinidad and Tobago, AdvoKit Productions is fronted by head producer Kitwana Israel and arguably had the biggest hits of the 2015 Trinidad Carnival season, with its massively-successful Kan Kan Riddim.

    The production collective now teams with four-time (and reigning) National Junior Calypso Monarch and three-time Junior Chutney Soca Champion, Aaron Duncan. With already a prolific career under his 11-year old belt, Duncan is enjoying a journey that is reminiscent of soca superstar Machel Montano.
    “Can You Feel It” is a groovy soca gem that was penned by Emmanuel Rudder, Dale Ryan, Kit Israel and Duncan. The hit tune equips Duncan for a fifth Junior Calypso Monarch title, as he enters the 2016 Trinidad Carnival season.

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