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    Reggae singer Chardavid, aka Iley Dread, mourns the loss of his father
    Reggae singer, Chardavid, also known as Iley Dread and by his given name, Colin Levy, is mourning the loss of his father, Reginald Levy.
    The elder Levy passed away on Wednesday, September 25, while a patient at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St James.
    He had been battling prostate cancer and had undergone two surgeries in September, from which he never recovered.
    A devout member of the Rastafarian community, Reginald Levy raised his seven boys and three girls firmly grounded in the faith.
    “My father, first and foremost was a very spiritual man. Although he had been diagnosed with cancer, he was still very strong up until the time of the first surgery. Afterwards, he was in a lot of pain and was told that he needed to do a second surgery. We all felt that he would have been better after that, but, unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse and he never went home after that. His passing is unexpected and it has left a void in the lives of his children and his grandchildren who loved him dearly,” Colin Levy said.
    Chardavid remembered his father as a very loving, hard-working man of the soil who went about his daily life without complaining.
    Reginald Levy, popularly known as Bongo Reggie, was born on March 17, 1937 in Chester Castle in Hanover.
    According to eldest son, Kirk, after the post-mortem, which will be performed on October 5, the family will provide details of the funeral arrangements.

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  • Brand New Single + Video from Pop Superstar Kat Deluna “Wanna See U Dance”…Listen Now!

    “Wanna See U Dance”
    (La La La)
    Download Radio & Instrumental
    Back Up Link


    Get “Wanna See U Dance” on iTunes HERE:

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  • Fresh Off Her African Tour, Diva Nikki Z Gears Up For Release Of “Riddim Nolanding”

    CT, U.S.A  – Fresh from her African Tour where Nikki Z performed as guest deejay in several venues, Multi media personality the Diva Nikki Z is already on to her next and perhaps dearest project to date. Nikki Z is gearing up to release a new riddim, the “Riddim Nolanding” not to be confused with “Nolanding Riddim”. The production is a collaboration between Nikki Z and Creepa Music Productions. She has yet to reveal the artist line up for “Riddim Nolanding”, but did divulge that her artist Lex A Million has sure hit single!
    While in Africa, Nikki Z performed in Nairobi at the Carnivore Simba Saloon at a Homeboyz event dubbed ‘Uptown Saturday-Best of the Best’ , she states “Africa was a dream. I can’t explain the emotions I felt on my short stay there. All I can say is I can’t repay G Money, Homeboyz Radio or all my fans & supporters who made this trip possible. They say this with now be a yearly event. That thought alone keeps me smiling everyday. I went to Africa, I loved it & I felt the love right back, priceless ”
    While in Kenya, Nikki did get a chance to sight see and has shared some candid pictures with her fans (view pics here). Although this was not a vacation, she did get to relax before getting back to her busy schedule with her #1 syndicated show “Nikki Z HOT 20”, her top rated radio show on Hot 93.7 and DNZ Promotions who have been bringing the hottest dancehall and reggae acts to the New England Area.
    Nikki Z admits and recognizes that she has to work twice as hard in this entertainment business and she doesn’t want to limit herself. The progression to producing was only natural, since she delivers the hits weekly, she has her finger on the pulse of music and is contributing her share.

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  • On the occasion of World Tourism Day 2012

    On September 27th we at the Caribbean Tourism Organization join the rest of the world in observing World Tourism Day (WTD) celebrated this year under the theme, “Tourism & Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development.”
    As an organization with responsibility to provide leadership in regional tourism, our duty is to emphasize the need for more renewable energy technologies in operations throughout the tourism sector and to encourage the widespread adoption of energy efficiency as a way of life.
    Both in our own countries and at an organization level, we must use the occasion to participate in activities which promote sustainable development. Let our actions and practices raise awareness of the need for improving energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities that can enhance our competitiveness in the tourism industry. The more we reduce our dependency on expensive, traditional sources of energy the more we will help to secure our future.
    Let us remember the purpose of World Tourism Day, which is to raise awareness of the role of tourism within the international community, an objective that is aimed at demonstrating the effect which tourism has on political, economic and social values worldwide.
    Here in our region, as we move further in the direction of sustainable energy as a tool for attaining sustainable development, we must constantly examine our own energy consumption habits on a daily basis and do whatever we can to influence practices and behaviours that will sustain our livelihood and protect the planet.
    We at the Caribbean Tourism Organization will continue to advocate the need for efficient use of resources to derive economic, environmental, and social benefits, and to stress the importance of developing and implementing more responsible energy practices.

    World Tourism Day seeks to address global challenges outlined in the UN Millennium Development Goals and to highlight the contribution the tourism sector can make in reaching those goals. Let us collectively work towards achieving a sustainable tourism product, and in the end a sustainable future for us and for the generations to come.

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  • Trinidad and Tobago, WI: Derwin Vallie – The Harbinger of Trini Renaissance

    “A day includes many things but is nothing without love, it is that beautiful aspect of any day…whether you are sharing love with your significant other, family, friends, strangers or things…A beautiful day is needed.” the words of famed musician, singer songwriter DerwinVallie on the release of his latest single “A Beautiful Day”
    Vallie expresses this sentiment vividly through his latest offering. This track is a cocktail of genres and is a perfect blend of, island pop, Caribbean soul with a splash of blues, jazz and rock that can only be described as musical brilliance.
    Vallie wastes no time as he also delivers an amazing video that brings to live elements of folklore from Trinidad and Tobago, with a modern twist.
    “A Beautiful Day” is the second part of the Trilogy that began with his first hit single “Deep”, which also showcased the culture of his homeland as he re-introduced the local character ‘Soucouyant’, a spontaneous combustible night-time creature known for hematophagy (blood sucking).
    For this video he will introduce more folkloric characters; Papa Bois, La Diablesse, Seer Woman (Obeah Woman), Dame Lorainne, Cultural dancers and a rhythm section. Capturing the true essence of storytelling a ‘seer woman’ reveals Vallie’s fortune and directs him to find a La Diablesse. Following the advice of the seer, he seeks courtship with the character known for having one cow foot, which culminates into a full celebratory wedding ceremony in the streets of Siparia, accompanied by drummers and a myriad of folk performers.
    The lyrics which was penned by Vallie, was recorded at his very own DV8 production studio and The Myth Lab and showcases the talents of musicians Rodney Alexander, Bayete Williams, Eugene Bass, Darien Bailey, Dean Williams and Denice Millien and was mixed and mastered by Drethephoenix and Sterling sounds respectively.
    Admitting that this project, which was scripted and directed by Vallie, was an ambitious and challenging one that required the collaborative efforts of several talented groups and individuals, after experiencing the final product one would agree that this song will leave a memorable mark.
    “I feel accomplished and ecstatic that the project was a monumental success,” says Derwin. He says that his greatest feeling of accomplishment comes from the
    collaborative effort between Loreless Folk Productions and south-based talents. With a talented and technologically intelligent camera crew that understood his vision and foresight, Derwin shared. “The camera crew did a great job of interpreting my vision and I must say a special thanks to Wizz Kyd and Slagiatt Productions as well as Keon Paul of F1 photo Studios Ltd. for their patience and passion.”
    Loreless Folk and Derwin Vallie plan to continue producing new and innovative concepts, that showcase these rich and somewhat, dormant aspect of Trinbagonian heritage. More so, the team remains determined to keep working in collaboration with the various creative groups of our folk and craft community in the creation of ‘art’ worthy of local and international recognition.

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  • T&T Carnival 2013 Atop Miami Producer’s Agenda.pdf

    P o r t – o f – S p a i n , T r i n i d a d . S e p t e m b e r 2 5 , 2 0 1 2 – – – – – – – T h e e m e r g e n c e o f
    a n o t h e r C a r n i v a l s e a s o n i n T r i n i d a d a n d T o b a g o b r i n g s w i t h i t , a n
    u n i m a g i n a b l e n u m b e r o f m u s i c r e l e a s e s . A l r e a d y , M i a m i i s s e n d i n g
    s o m e t h i n g d o w n t o a d d t o t h e m i x a n d t h i s o n e , a c c o r d i n g t o t h e N e w
    Y o r k b a s e d m a n a g e m e n t t e a m t h a t ’ s h a n d l i n g t h e a r t i s t e s o n t h e r i d d i m , i s
    a g u a r a n t e e d c r o w d p l e a s e r .
    T h e S c a t t e r R i d d i m i s r e a d y t o b e u n l e a s h e d i n T & T . T h e r i d d i m w a s
    p r o d u c e d b y a h i g h l y r e s p e c t e d p r o d u c e r o u t o f M i a m i , k n o w n s i m p l y a s
    I r o n T r a x x ; i n f a c t , i f y o u ’ r e w o n d e r i n g w h o h e i s , n o t e t h a t h e w a s
    r e s p o n s i b l e f o r t h e p r o d u c t i o n o f M r . C h u c k y ’ s h i t s i n g l e T o u c h I t i n
    2 0 1 2 a n d t h e m u s i c f o r b r e a k t h r o u g h a r t i s t e , S i z w e C w h o d e l i v e r e d W i n e
    On You i n 2 0 0 9 . N o w , I r o n T r a x x i s a t i t a g a i n a n d a s i s e x p e c t e d , h e ’ s
    e a r l y .
    T h e s i n g l e s o n t h e r i d d i m a r e a l l u n i q u e a s t h e y c o m e f r o m t h r e e a r t i s t e s
    wi t h v e r y d i f f e r e n t b a c k g r o u n d s . T h e f i r s t s i n g l e s h o w c a s e s t h e t r i o o f
    D a d d y C h i n e e , B i g D r e w a n d C h a r l e e W a y o n a c a t c h y n u m b e r a p t l y
    e n t i t l e d , D a n c i n g . T h e g u y s t h e n d i s b a n d t o d e l i v e r s o l o o f f e r i n g s o n t h e
    r i d d i m .
    D a d d y C h i n e e o f f e r s h i s v e r y o w n s i n g l e c a l l e d S t a g a r r a h o r T h e
    D r i n k e r ’ s A n t h e m . T h e n , i n f u s i n g h i s L a t i n f l a i r t o t h e s o c a r i d d i m ,
    C h a r l e e W a y d e l i v e r s a s o n g s i m p l y c a l l e d , L a -Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra. B i g D r e w
    r o u n d s o f f t h e r i d d i m w i t h h i s s i n g l e , N o B e h a v i o u r – a s o n g t h a t l e n d s t o
    t h e t r u e s p i r i t o f c a r n i v a l r e v e l r y t h a t w i l l u n f o l d i n 2 0 1 3 .

    E a c h o f t h e s e a r t i s t e s h a v e a s t o r y a s y o u ’ d w e l l i m a g i n e b u t i n 2 0 1 3 ,
    t h e y ’ r e m a k i n g e v e r y a t t e m p t t o i n j e c t t h e i r f l a v o u r a n d s p i r i t i n t o T & T ’ s
    c a r n i v a l e n j o y m e n t . D a d d y C h i n e e h a s j o i n e d t h e f r o n t l i n e o f c r o s s o v e r
    l o c a l b a n d , R i s h i G y a d e e n a n d t h e T & T E C G u y a t o n e s a n d a c c o r d i n g t o h i s
    m a n a g e m e n t , t h e b o o k i n g s h a v e b e e n c o m i n g i n q u i t e c o n s i s t e n t l y .
    Al r e a d y , t h e b a n d h a s s e c u r e d , w h a t t h e y c o i n a s a l l t h e m a j o r a l l –
    i n c l u s i v e c h u t n e y e v e n t s f o r 2 0 1 3 .
    T h e s e c o n d a r t i s t e – T & T b o r n , F l o r i d a b a s e d B i g D r e w , h a s b e e n s i l e n t l y
    m a k i n g h i s p e r s o n a l i t y a n d s p i r i t f e l t v i a h i s m u s i c . O v e r t h e y e a r s , h e ’ s
    r e l e a s e d a n u m b e r o f t r a c k s v i r a l l y , v i a Y o u T u b e a n d h i s s k i l l s h a v e b e e n
    r e c e i v i n g p r e t t y g o o d r e v i e w s . B e n t o n c r e a t i n g ‘ f e e l – g o o d ’ m u s i c , w h i c h
    h e s a y s w i l l , f r o m t i m e t o t i m e , c o n t a i n s e r i o u s m e s s a g e s , B i g D r e w ’ s
    m o s t r e c e n t r e l e a s e p r i o r t o t h e m u s i c o n t h e S c a t t e r R i d d i m w a s a t r a c k
    c a l l e d F e e l N i c e o n t h e K I S r i d d i m , i n 2 0 1 1 .
    T h e t h i r d a r t i s t e o n t h e S c a t t e r r i d d i m h a i l s f r o m P u e r t o R i c o a n d e v e n
    w i t h h i s s u c c e s s o n t h e L a t i n m a r k e t , h e h a s c o n s t a n t l y p r o f e s s e d h i s l o v e
    f o r t h e v i b r a n c e a n d e n e r g y o f S o c a m u s i c . H e h a s y e a r n e d t o b e a p a r t o f
    t h e S o c a f r a t e r n i t y a n d w i t h t h i s , a m a j o r r e l e a s e f o r 2 0 1 3 , C h a r l e e W a y
    h o p e s t h a t h i s l o n g a w a i t e d i n t r o d u c t i o n t o t h e m a r k e t h a s c o m e . P r i o r t o
    t h i s a t t e m p t , C h a r l e e W a y h a d c o l l a b o r a t e d w i t h B i g D r e w o n a n u m b e r o f
    s i n g l e s , a m o n g t h e m , a s o n g c a l l e d , N o T u n e o n t h e R i c h B o y r i d d i m
    e a r l i e r t h i s y e a r .
    T h e t h r e e a r t i s t e s a r e c o n n e c t e d t h r o u g h t h e i r a f f i l i a t i o n w i t h a U S b a s e d
    t e a m w h o r e c e n t l y f o u n d e d a n o n l i n e s p a c e t h e y c a l l , S o c a I s Y o u r s .
    A c c o r d i n g t o t h e g r o u p ’ s c o – f o u n d e r , G e o r g e L u k e , t h e o v e r a l l a i m i s t o
    g e t t h e w i d e r w o r l d f a m i l i a r w i t h S o c a m u s i c . T o g e t h e r w i t h G e r m a n D J
    H e l g e N i g h t l i v a , L u k e s a y s t h e y p l a n o n e x p o s i n g a s m a n y C a r i b b e a n S o c a
    E T -CE T – E RA T h e Comp a n y ~
    a r t i s t e s t o t h e m a i n s t r e a m m u s i c m a r k e t v i a t h e c o n n e c t i o n s t h e y ’ v e e a c h
    m a d e o v e r t h e y e a r s .

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  • Bacchanalia For Arthur Guinness Day….Kerwin Du Bois Is Ready For IT!

    Trinidad, WI: Bacchanalia For Arthur Guinness Day….Kerwin Du Bois Is Ready For IT!
    On Thursday 27th September 2012 Jamaica will experience bacchanalia like no other when Kerwin Du Bois graces the stage at the National Indoor Sports Centre, Kingston. Du Bois joins a talented cast of entertainers including Sizzla, Mavado, Popcaan and fellow country-mate Destra Garcia to celebrate the legacy and life Arthur Guinness, the founder of the world-renowned Irish Stout. Overwhelmed with joy and humility, Du Bois admits that, “I was shocked when I was approached to be part of such a monumental event.” Mr. Bacchanal who is carded to perform along with Ms. Bacchanal Destra Garcia will unleash his brilliance during his 20 minute set, “It’s my first time performing in Jamaica and I am going to give my all and ensure that all those present enjoy….it’s all about bacchanal and vibes” said Du Bois.
    Arthur Guinness Day celebration takes place every year throughout the world including a remarkable line up of inimitable musical brilliance in Jamaica, Italy, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia and Singapore among others while the iconic drink and creator are celebrated. Along with the artistes who will share the stage with Du Bois in Jamaica there are others gracing global stages such as Willy Moon, This Club, The Milk, P Money, Dream Mc Clean and Gary Chaw to name a few.
    The talented Du Bois has been soaking in all the success that he has experiencing and working on creating a unique sound that will contribute to Soca and Calyspo music. He promises that he has much more to offer through his writing, production and vocal expertise. According to him, “I am working on giving the industry and all my supporters music that will transcend the years.” Look out for his performance at the Arthur Guinness Day celebrations in Jamaica and for his soon to be releases for Carnival 2013.

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  • Morgan Heritage ‘The Return EP’ + Brand New Video

    The legendary 5-piece reggae group Morgan Heritage release their brand new digital EP The Return today, September 25. After various solo projects, Morgan Heritage is also preparing for their first new studio album in four years, slated to drop at the top of 2013. The 4-song EP, produced by Shane Brown, gives fans a taste of whats to come and is on the heels of the group’s massively successful Europe tour spanning Holland, Sweden, France, Italy, England Belgium, Spain and Poland. The band rocked major stage shows including The Garance Reggae festival to over 50,000 fans in the south of France and Indigo2 at London’s famed O2 arena during the 2012 Olympic Games.

    Incorporating live footage from the tour and on the road, Morgan Heritage unleash their brand new video from the EP’s opening title track “The Return.” Check out the world premiere today on Boomshots and support on Complex.
    Born in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, Morgan Heritage is comprised of reggae veteran Denroy Morgan’s five offspring – Una Morgan (keyboard/vocals), Peetah Morgan (vocals), Roy “Gramps” Morgan (keyboard/vocals), Nakhamyah “Lukes” Morgan (rhythm guitar) and Memmalatel “Mr. Mojo” Morgan (percussion). Growing up with intensive vocal and instrumental training, the Morgan family was exposed to everything from the godfathers of roots reggae to top 40 U.S. radio. The band was signed to MCA Records in the 90’s, triggering one of the most impressive streaks in modern-day reggae. For over 15 years, the band has racked up several hits and albums in Jamaica and abroad – working with highly respected Jamaican producers, such as Lloyd “King Jammy” James and Bobby Digital – and also had respective solo careers and music ventures of their own.

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  • Album of Duets by Richie Stephens & Gentleman to be released by VP Records

    Kingston, JA: Jamaica’s music ambassador Richie Stephens and multi-platinum German singjay Gentleman, who both enjoyed tremendous success this year with hit singles “Live Your Life” and “Warrior” have pooled their creative talents on a new album aptly titled “Live Your Life” which will be released next month on the VP Records imprint.
    Gentleman, who is currently in Jamaica putting the finishing touches on the new disc was very upbeat about the project.
    “It is nice to see how things have turned out with the album. We have some excellent songs that fans are gonna really enjoy” he said.
    “The project came out of a natural vibe between the two of us without being planned. We put a lot of work into the songs and I am very happy with the finished product.”
    The 12 track disc will feature six duets including ‘Jah Is Not Sleeping,’ ‘I Found Heaven’ and previous released singles ‘Life your Life’ and ‘Warrior.’ Also to be included on the disc are six solo tracks (three from each artiste) including “Drift Away’ and ‘Dutty Soul’ from Stephens and Gentleman respectively.
    “This is probably one of the most sophisticated album I have ever recorded,” Stephens bragged.
    “We have a little something for everyone including an old school track that fans are really gonna love. The rest of the album is just as impressive” he said.
    Given the good working vibes he has with Gentleman, the decision to do an album of duets was a no brainer Stephens said.
    Gentleman and Stephens’ whirlwind success started in 2011 with their first recording “Live Your Life” which topped reggae charts in New York, Florida, Atlanta and was voted the ‘Best International Song’ at the 2011 Stone Love Awards in Kingston. The video clip for the song also won the award for ‘Best Music Video’ at the 2012 International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) in Chicago this year. The pair have also enjoyed several electrifying performances in Germany, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Croatia where Stephens was the special guest of Gentleman. Their most memorable performance was before a crowd of 750,000 in Poland, at the biggest festival in the world — Woodstock. This was followed by another stellar performance at the 2012 Jazz & Blues Festival in Trewlany, Jamaica.
    Stephens and Gentleman will give fans a taste of songs from their new album along with other favorites when the perform at the American Friends of Jamaica Ball in Manhattan on Thursday, October 25 and the official album launch slated for Friday, October 26, 2012 at Mingles Cafe in the Bronx. Dub Master Chris, radio host of Irie Jam Radio in NY will be serve as MC for the launch.

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  • Media Alert: Tad’s Record Releases Prezident Brown’s New Album, ‘I Sound Is From Creation’ on November 13, 2012

    New York, NY- Jamaican roots reggae artist Prezident Brown returns with the highly-anticipated release of his latest album, I Sound Is From Creation, available on November 13, 2012 from Tad’s Records. Born Fitz Cotterell in Clarendon, Jamaica, Prezident Brown embarked on his musical journey in the 1980’s, and over the years, has transcended international borders to bring his brand of socially-conscious messages, packaged through sweet reggae music, to the global audience.

    Hailed as one of the few remaining authentic roots reggae entertainers, Prezident Brown is often compared to the late Dennis Brown and Jacob Miller of Inner Circle. This, his ninth full-length release, is no different, as he continues his mission to educate and entertain, through his music.

    Boasting 14 tracks molded by Prezident Brown’s signature chanting style, all solidly laced over classic one-drop reggae riddims, I Sound Is From Creation is a must-have album for reggae lovers. With the first single, “Be Careful (Rags To Riches),” Prezident Brown implores listeners to not get attached to material things or lose themselves, as they rise from “rags” to “riches.” The second single, “Teach The Youths Dem (Meditation),” address the destruction of the culture and encourages youths to be strong in the face of adversity. Other notable tracks include “Defender,” where he delves into his Rastafarian faith and urges the public to not belief the negative propaganda that is spread about the religion, “Fi Wi Queen (Jamaica 50),” which pays tribute to Jamaica’s 50th Independence celebrations, “Everything Is Everything,” which explores the mysteries of creation, and “Rebel With A Cause,” a unique combination of neo-soul and roots reggae that speaks to Prezident Brown’s musical versatility.

    “I came up with the album name I Sound Is From Creation because some of the songs were made from chanting the melody and lyrics,” reveals Prezident Brown. “The musicians created music for the chant and together we made a record.” Working alongside Axx Of Jahpostles (Devon Bradshaw on bass and Ian “Beezy” Coleman on guitar) on the production created a fruitful and comfortable working situation for the entertainer. “It is always a pleasure to work with Devon Bradshaw and Ian Coleman,” states Prezident Brown. “We work very well as a team and they are involved in a lot of my projects that are already out.” Axx Of Jahpostles thus share in the album’s billing.

    “Overall I have grand feeling about the album as the collection of tunes represents me well,” discloses Prezident Brown. “I believe real progress is gradual and not overnight, so one should practice and maintain one’s position. This project took two years, on and off, to conceive and come together.” With the final project in hand, Prezident Brown is bound to satisfy the masses, as he continues his prolific pursuit as a reggae music ambassador and a socially-conscious commentator.

    “Prezident Brown, as an artist, is one of those silent but deadly gems of reggae music,” states Tad Dawkins, President of Tad’s Record. “His songs are both entertaining as well as powerful in message. There was no contemplating when the opportunity arose for Tad’s Record to put out an album for Prezident Brown and Axx Of Jahpostles. Tad’s Record deals with quality music and I Sound is from Creation is a solid and high quality album.”

    I Sound Is From Creation will be available both physically and digitally on November 13, 2012 with worldwide distribution by Tad’s Record. For further information on Prezident Brown, including upcoming tour dates, log on to, and follow his musical mission at and For all press inquiries, please contact the FOX FUSE Publicity Department at 1-212-300-3813 or

    Track List

    1. Fi We Queen (Jamaica 50)
    2. Hypocritical Smiling Faces
    3. Cease Fire
    4. I Sound Is From Creation
    5. Rebel With A Cause
    6. Rising Star
    7. Some People
    8. Everything Is Everything
    9. Self Mastery Flex
    10. Defender
    11. Free The People
    12. Friends
    13. Teach The Youths Dem (Meditation)
    14. Be Careful (Rags To Riches)

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    In2ition, innovative stage-show concept, launched at Pier One
    Intrendsik Promotions, a group of young and innovative professionals, last Wednesday evening launched their inaugural production, In2ition, at Montego Bay’s Pier One.
    Clearly, quite a bit of thought has been put into conceptualizing, In2ition, billed as the “exclusive soca and dancehall event” and which will feature internationally acclaimed soca and dancehall acts performing on two separate stages.
    Scheduled for October 27 at Catherine Hall in the second city, In2ition joins the elite group of trend-setting concerts for which Montego Bay has become fashionable.
    As explained by Intrendsik director, Marlene Bailey, “Intuition is really two concerts showcasing two different genres of music, on two completely different stages, in the same venue, with one cover charge.”
    Another director, Seretse ‘Mikey’ Bell, unveiled the artiste lineup, which includes I-Octane, Machel, Konshens, Destra, Lil Rick, Lady Saw, Tommy Lee, Patrice Roberts, Aidonia, Farmer Nappy Jahvinci, Shal Marshall, Demarco, Super Jigga Cubanis, Seanizzle and Jr Daine.
    “All the soca acts will be on one stage, while the dancehall acts will be on a different stage,” Bell emphasised, adding that InTrendsik was going all out to ensure top class entertainment and value for money.
    He outlined the range of entry packages, from ‘regular’ to VVIP, with In2ition patrons having the option of purchasing pre-sold tickets for a limited time at a special rate at Paymaster outlets islandwide. For ‘Regular’entry, the cost will be $5,000 presold and $5,500 at the gate, with an additional $1,000 for special assigned parking; for VIP the price is $8,500 presold and $9,000 at the gate; and V-VIP patrons will pay $11,500 presold and $13,000 at the gate. Free assigned parking is included in both VIP packages.
    He informed the media that a special In2ition drink will be created by Chef Brian Lumley, who will also prepare the signature meal for patrons in the VVIP section.
    Guest speaker at Wednesday’s event was none other than the affable Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Glendon Hariis, who welcomed the promoters to his city. Obviously keen on opening his gates to events that will have a positive effect on the image of Mo Bay, the mayor of that tourist town declared that he was delighted to have In2ition join the stellar lineup of music festivals hosted in the second city.
    “My office will do everything in our power to assist with in ensuring the success of this concert, not only for 2012, but in the years ahead,” Mayor Harris pledged.
    A host of media practitioners from Mo Bay, Kingston and beyond, turned out to the event and were feted in fine style, which included a sail around the pier on a catamaran laden with food and drinks and pumping soca music from the upper deck and blasting dancehall music on the lower deck.
    The launch was hosted by Intrendsik director Terri-Ann Guyah, and a late-arriving Miss Kitty, whose vibes were purely infectious. Special guest at the launch was Lady Saw, one of the headline acts for In2ition. Exuding lots of charm and personality, Lady Saw was dressed in a close fitting pants with sky high blue suede shoes and sporting waist length hair, While on board, she gave guests a taste of what to expect at In2ition on October 27 at Catherine Hall.
    Sponsors include Riu Hotel, Sunset Beach Resorts, Knutsford Express, Paymaster, Irie FM, Zip FM, Hype TV and Pure Country.

    About InTrendsik
    InTrendsik Promotions Limited brings to the fore a professional promotions team, which seeks to provide world-class, intrinsic, impressive and impressionable events; providing guests with lifelong memories and allowing sponsors to gain maximum exposure and increased market share by far reaching advertising and powerful market penetration strategies.

    CAPTION: Lady Saw, one of the headline acts for In2ition, the exclusive soca and dancehall event, settles down on board the catamaran at Mo Bay’s Pier One at last Wednesday’s launch of the event. In2ition, which takes place on October 27, features I-Octane, Machel, Konshens, Destra, Lil Rick, Lady Saw, Tommy Lee, Patrice Roberts, Aidonia, Farmer Nappy Jahvinci, Shal Marshall, Demarco, Super Jigga Cubanis, Seanizzle and Jr Daine on stage at Catherine Hall, Montego Bay.

    1. The exclusive soca and dancehall concert to be held on two different stages in the same venue.
    2. PROMOTERS: InTrendsik
    3. DATE: October 27, 2012
    4. PLACE: UDC, Catherine Hall, Montego Bay
    5. LINE-UP: Soca stage – Machel Montano, Destra, Patrice Roberts, Lil Rick, Shal Marshall, Farmer Nappy and Super Jigga. Dancehall Stage: – Lady Saw, I-Octane, Konshens, Tommy Lee, Aidonia, Jahvinci, DeMarco, Cubanis, Seanizzle and Jr Daine
    6. ENTRY FEE: Regular – $5,000 presold and $5,500 at the gate; VIP $8,500 presold and $9,000 at the gate; V-VIP $11,500 presold and $13,000 at the gate
    7. IN2ITION DRINK: Special In2ition Drink to be created by Chef Brian Lumley
    8. PARKING: Regular patrons can pay an additional J$1,000 to receive special pre-assigned parking; VIP and V-VIP patrons automatically receive special, pre-assigned parking as part of their package
    9. SPONSORS: Riu Hotel, Sunset Beach Resorts, Knutsford Express, Paymaster, Irie FM, Zip FM, Hype TV and Pure Country

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  • KC Jockey – “Livinin Love” – Press Release, Audio & Video

    New York, NY- Karl-Marx Waite of Sweet Sadie’s Records, Inc. announced the video release of pop/R&B/hip-hop artist KC Jockey’s track, “Livinin Love,” which has been met with accolades from media and fans since its iTunes debut on April 17. KC Jockey is still enjoying the success of his single, “Girl, You’re Free,” which debuted April 13th on the U.K. Music Week Urban Club Charts at #19. Both songs were produced by Waite on the Sweet Sadie’s Productions, Inc. label.

    The video for “Livinin Love” was directed by Mike Cooke, and shot in Atlanta, Georgia. It portrays a story about a solder, played by KC Jockey, who goes to war to fight for his country, and for the world to ultimately live in peace. The woman he loves is against his going away, and breaks up with him, citing her needs and his absence. He returns home to a hero’s welcome, and a nice gathering with friends, family, and loved ones. It ends with his girlfriend returning to and reestablishing a relationship with him because she’s more in love with the man that he turned out to be, and they continue “Livinin Love.” KC Jockey commented, “This is a video that makes you feel good about life and the sacrifices that we all make to live in love and happiness. I enjoy making others happy, and anyone who knows me can tell you that. Love should always come first. It should be the foundation on which everything is based, and the reason for everything one does in life.”

    “Livinin Love” is a smooth, mellow, and danceable jam with a pop and R&B base fused with KC Jockey’s reggae style delivery. The crooner, who also wrote the track, has an unmistakably authentic style as he blends a Jamaican accent with English metaphors. “Livinin Love” denies a simple genre categorization and will be enjoyed immensely by anyone who enjoys good music. It’s a beautiful, heartwarming song about love – loving people, loving life, and loving love. The inspirational and uplifting track is musically strong with lyrics that will pull at your heartstrings and brighten your mood no matter what you’re going through. Good breaks that are well timed, interesting sync use, overlapping musical patterns, and a harmony that won’t let you go are the hallmark of this song, which is very well done and sure to be well received by music lovers and critics alike. The video ends with a heartwarming sobering, but thoughtful message, “R.I.P: For The Soldiers Who Died Fighting For Our Country To Live In Love.”

    KC Jockey was born in Kingston, Jamaica but moved to Brooklyn, NY as a young child. The rising star quickly developed a passion for all things New York-both the good and the bad. The “bad” had him in the streets hustling to get all the luxuries he saw others around him enjoying. The “good” had him embracing his God-given musical abilities, which he finally realized could provide him with the same lavish lifestyle as the hustling he saw going on around him. When his mother passed after a tragic accident in 1997, Jockey dedicated himself to the studio, often working through the night to perfect his craft. The hard work paid off in 2000 when Jockey launched his own record label, Sweet Sadie’s Records, appropriately named in honor of his mother.

    Jockey’s infectious smile has landed him jobs as the face of many of the hottest new products on the market. He is currently one of the faces for the fresh new clothing line 4.U.2.N.V, who have featured him on their New York City billboards, and already has the musical chops and resume to prove his international star power, having shared stages with the likes of 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Jay Z, Mary J Blige, Beanie Man, and many others. His consistent success on both the North American and European charts shows that his style and sound transcend borders and cultures. Not pausing for a moment, the talented young star just completed work on a soundtrack for an upcoming movie and continues to pen and record more songs.

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  • New Conscious Reggae Artist on The Rise! Listen!

    Rippa Jackson
    Conscious World Artist, Rippa Jackson has been climbing on World-Wide Music Charts and becoming a household name in recent months.

    Rippa Jackson is in full command of his craft, as a gifted and significant artist in the reggae industry.
    With his captivating debut single ‘Help Someone’, Rippa Jackson has been heralded as one of reggae music’s fast raising superstars. His message is in the music, with his ”soul spiritual”, positive and uplifting lyrics combined with his melodic, deep, rich baritone voice. Rippa’s single, “Help Someone”, released on the HotHead Kulcha label is receiving rave reviews internationally and locally. “Help Someone” is currently on music charts worldwide, which includes “Jamaica Top 25 Reggae Singles” and “New York City Reggae”. Along with countless TV and Radio interviews Rippa Jackson is fast becoming a household name. Born Rohan Thompson in Spanish Town and raised in Portmore Jamaica, at the age of ten, while singing in church, Rippa realized that his dream was to become a musician. Exposed to the music that he loves and a dream that took him thru the harsh reality of life’s ups and downs Rippa emerge, liken to an artist painting words on canvas, his music is an expression of that journey thru life’s un-edit reality. With Rippa Jackson fans demanding and eagerly awaiting his album, HotHead Kulcha has recently released a 4 song EP that includes, Help Someone, Save Me, Too Much Die, and If You Go.
    Between tour dates and finishing up his much anticipated album ‘Help Someone”, Rippa with his ”Give Them A Helping Hand Foundation’ ‘is spear heading driver to help in the betterment and development of our youths and our communities.

    Listen to Rippa’s Music Here!!

    “Help Someone” VideoPlease “Like”

    Rippa Jackson – Help Someone HD (Raw Cut)

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  • Steele signs distribution deal with VP

    Canada-based reggae artiste has signed a distribution deal with VP Records for his fourth studio album Reality. The 15-track album which was executively produced by Fam Records Fitz Morrison is expected to make deep inroads into the reggae market.
    Among the creative genius who took part in the project are Lloyd Campbell, Computer Paul, Sting Ray, Taddy P, Korner Stone Production and Steele’s own  Mobs.
    The 2012 JUNO nominee artiste who has also copped many other Canadian awards is excited about Reality and feels this is one of his best works yet.
    “As the album title suggests it’s all about everyday livity. There is definitely something for everyone. A few life lessons in songs, lovers rock and some smooth grooves,” said the singer about the album which will be available for digital download on September 18 through over 300 reggae digital ports and VP Records retail locations and all leading record stores.
    In other news the Steele will be in action at the upcoming Cornwall College Old Boys Association dinner and dance.
    “I’m very proud and honoured to be invited to perform. Cornwall College has definitely created many fun memories for me, when I remember the sometimes fierce football rivalry between Cornwall and my former school Rusea High; those were crazy times, now I laugh about it. More importantly the fact that once again another past student body is giving back to an institution that forged for so many the path to success. It’s truly an honour,” he said of his expected performance.
    Born Mark Steele in Lucea, Hanover he has been impacting Canada’s music scene since 1992. Among the many songs he has released over the years are Jah is My Strength, Slave Driver and What’s Wrong Wid Wi.


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  • Junior Kelly Completes Contractual Obligation With VP Records ****|**** And Continue On His Musical Journey |

    Great Vibes all around as Junior Kelly Complete Contractual Obligation from VP Records and moves on to continue his Musical Journey
    Great Vibes all around as Junior Kelly moves on from VP Contract
    As far as internationally-acclaimed reggae artist, Junior Kelly, is concerned, his years spent under contract with VP Records were not only productive and interesting, they contributed significantly to his development and progress globally.

    “They were seven good years musically and otherwise,” Kelly said in an interview. “And seven is really such an awesome number, so it was significant and appropriate that after seven years, we closed the chapter on what proved to be a mutually beneficial agreement,” the conscious Rasta Artiste stated.

    It was in 2003 that Junior Kelly inked the deal with reggae music giant, VP Records, and began a musical journey of exploration that took him along a meandering learning curve. The 2010 opus, Red Pond, signaled the delivery of the final album for VP under the contractual obligations. However, while Red Pond gained critical acclaim, there are some who feel that the true potential of the album was never fully capitalized and that the artist would have benefited more had there been an effective and penetrative marketing thrust in place.

    Kelly’s management admit that they have heard all the critics, but for them, that chapter has been closed and they are looking towards a future filled with more conscious, uplifting music. However, they were quick to point out that this doesn’t mean that they would never work with VP again.
    “The vibes between us and VP is great. All respect is due to them and we salute the Chin family for their contribution to the development of reggae and dancehall music,” was the message from Junior Kelly’s team.

    “We were even considering extending the contractual period and doing another album for Chris (Chin), but we finally made the decision to do some work on our own and explore other options,” a representative for Junior Kelly explained.
    The VP contract, as is the norm with many binding recording contracts, demanded exclusivity, giving the artiste little room to manoeuvre in terms of production choices. Now that Kelly has regained his independence, so to speak, he has been linking with other producers, listening keenly to the riddims and experiencing the beat of reggae music on various levels.

    One of the first singles that he dropped in the post-VP era was “Been There”, a Big Bomb Entertainment release on the Broadleaf Riddim. “Been There” worked its way to number one on the Richie B Jamaica Music Countdown, made the Top 5 on the long-running New York Reggae Singles Chart and dominated the Stampede Street Chart during the summer.

    When Junior Kelly heard that the single had topped the chart, he commented, “I give thanks to all those who worked assiduously to make this single number one. Naturally, it’s a good feeling when fans endorse your music and it gives me the encouragement to continue along this path.”

    “Been There” adds to Junior Kelly’s list of songs which have impacted in a huge way. Among them are the “Sunshine,” “Boom Draw”, “Hungry Days,” “Missing You” (with Bar-bee)”, “Too Late” with Queen Ifrica, “Receive” and the blockbuster, breakout single, “Love So Nice”, which spent a record 15 weeks at number one.

    Junior Kelly has been in the business of making uplifting and empowering reggae music for more than 25 years. Beginning his career during Dancehall’s ‘rude boy’ era in the late ’80s, Kelly’s inspiring messages have always made him a standout artist within Jamaica’s heavily populated entertainment scene.

    His breakthrough single “Love So Nice” established him as a bonafide star in 2000. His commanding juxtaposition of precisely timed, deejayed rhymes and melodic singing, coupled with his vivid storytelling abilities, took the song to #1 on the Jamaican charts. The album “Love So Nice”, released in 2001, also spawned the well-received singles which brought him recognition throughout the Caribbean, North America, and Europe.

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  • Michael Mooleedhar takes his film-making career to the next level.

    POS, Trinidad– As the 2012 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival draws nearer, Michael Mooleedhar director of this year’s entry “The Cool Boys” uses the word ‘opportunity’ to describe this region’s budding creative sector. The 27 year old film-maker plans to utilize opportunity to move to the next stage of his career and contribute to the overall elevation of the local/regional film industry.
    Armed with a Film Degree from the University of the West Indies (U.W.I), and having done his break through documentary film “Queens of Curepe” (2008), Michael Mooleedhar has collaborated with the likes of Patricia Mohammed on “Coolie Pink and Green” (winning people’s choice award TTFF 2009) and “Seventeen Colours and a Sitar” (2010), Kim Johnson on “The Audacity of The Creole Imagination” (2010) and countless other productions.

    Often described as a ‘boy wonder’ by many of his contemporaries, Michael is currently stepping up his game by pursuing a M.A. in Creative Design Entrepreneurship at U.W.I and is due to finish in December 2012. He shared, “I’m presently enrolled in this revolutionary program that deals with design and the business of creative products. I wanted to go back to school to learn about the business side of my industry as I realized how much of an artist I was becoming and how much of the business aspects and needs for my chosen craft I had been overlooking”.

    Michael affirms that the film industry in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean is a wide open field of opportunity for the innovative and creative willing to take on the challenge of an industry in its early stages of development. “I would really like to see The Caribbean producing more feature films especially now as technology allows for cheaper production costs and I believe a country as culturally rich as T&T should be producing at least 2 feature films a year.

    In addition to touring and having his previous film projects screened and sold around the world in countries such as India and Canada, Michael recently directed a TV cooking series for CNC 3 entitled ‘Christmas Cooking with Khalid’ which featured renowned chef Khalid Mohammed.
    However, he admits that his latest undertaking ‘The Cool Boys’ was his greatest test and learning experience to date. “It was my first time directing actors on such a large set and with a budget. I took on the challenge and believe it was a critical experience in my career to get me to the next level of filmmaking”.

    The Cool Boys which was written for a Production Call that was put on by the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company reflects many real experiences and characters from Mooleedhar’s own life. Mooleedhar shared, “Film is the genius art form; the universe has to conspire with you to create the film you want to make. When sound and visuals work perfectly together magic takes place”.
    He views the working relationship between Patricia Mohammed and himself as one that has contributed immensely to building the regional film industry. He divulged that they both presently are at work on future projects and have plans to make feature films and to form a formal brand to represent all of their productions.

    He further stated, “As a film maker my team and I are truly thankful for the support from The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company who funded The Cool Boys. We fully appreciate the cooperation of family, friends, corporate entities as well as the encouragement fellow practitioners, critiques and fans.

    As an artiste, a visionary and a young entrepreneur, Michael Mooleedhar has big dreams for himself and the industry and is working hard towards making them become a reality.

    The Cool Boys will show during the 2012 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival on the following dates:
    Fri 21 Sept, 6.15pm, MovieTowne POS, Q&A
    Mon 24 Sept, 3.30pm, UWI, Centre for Language Learning
    Mon 01 Oct, 6.30pm, MovieTowne POS
    Mon 01 Oct, 6.00pm, MovieTowne Tobago

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  • DNZ & One Team Promotions Bring Konshens Back To CT To Finish What He Started!

    CT, U.S.A (Mpr Consulting/Shuzzr PR) – The highly anticipated Konshens LIVE “The Return” took place this past weekend in Connecticut to a packed house. The DNZ & One Team promotions event took place in Hartford, Connecticut at the West Indian Social Club. The event was hosted by multi media personality Diva Nikki Z and reggae artist Delly Ranxx.
    This was Konshens 2nd time appearing at the West Indian Social Club, but his actual first time performing. On May 4th 2012, eager fans gathered by the thousands to see him perform, Konshens mania had reached Hartford and the crowd spilled outside the venue which resulted in the Fire Marshal shutting down the night.
    Second time was indeed the charm and at 12:30am the show started with New York’s top selectors/djs Platinum Kids who themselves gave the crowd a performance that is still being talked about (watch performance below). the musical entertainment was then preceded by CT’s elite DJ MDot, DJ Token and DJ Scarface.
    Although this event was dubbed “Konshens Live The Return”, fans were also treated to a performance by their musical host “Delly Ranx” and DNZ rising artist “Leximillion”.
    Delly Ranxx recently ended a promotional tour for his latest album “The Next Chapter” (available on itunes). The album features such veterans acts as Bunny Rugs from Third World, Grammy award winner Buju Banton, newcomers Chali 2na and Gabrielle Foster.
    For lack of a better word, Konshens demolished Connecticut! His stage performance left the ladies breathless and wanting more. His dashing looks, sultry yet commanding voice, arousing lyrics and style have made him one of today’s dancehall superstar and this was one of the last opportunity for his fans to see him perform in the New England area for 2012.
    The event was a huge success and CT eagerly is awaiting for more from DNZ & One Team Promotion, when asked for comments, Nikki Z replied “I have to say thanks to my team especially my manager Smiley, Creepa NoLanding, my artist Leximillion & Joel for their hard work in making this show such a success. Much love to my gracious and ultra talented performer, artist & host Delly Ranx (Buy his new album Next Chapter) also to my family who held me down during this magical night. On to the next DNZ – OneTeam Event “Heatwave” Midnight Pool Party Sept 28th”
    View Pictures of “KONSHENS THE RETURN”



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  • Wayne Wonder New Music Video (COMPLEX Premiere) + *Nov 20* New Release Date for ‘My Way’ Album

    Wayne Wonder reveals his second music video “Drop It Down Low” from his upcoming album My Way, which will now hit stores November 20. The vibrant dance anthem was produced by Triple Dee and the accompanying video was shot in the Netherlands and directed by Sicerow & Ruben Solognier.
    Peep the exclusive premiere today on Complex and Boomshots.

    Here is the official YouTube link:

    25 years deep, 12 albums strong, the GRAMMY-nominated reggae pop star is gearing up for his first album in six years, My Way, off his own label Singso Music. Recorded in his primary residency of Florida as well his native country of Jamaica, Kingston meets Miami on this 14-track opus of tropical pop anthems and sexy club bangers. My Way features guest vocals from Shaggy on “Don’t Say No” and r&b sensation Mya on “If I Ever.” While Wonder breathes new life to his sound, he stays true to his signature blend of irresistible island rhythms, catchy hooks and flawless vocals.

    This is the winning formula that catapulted him to the national spotlight in 2003: earning him a live performance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, a MOBO Award for Best New Reggae Artist, one of year’s biggest hits “No Letting Go” (peaking at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart) and a GRAMMY nomination for Best Reggae Album on No Holding Back (Atlantic Records).
    “My Way has some new twists. I make sure my sound is updated like a MacBook Pro, but I’m sticking to what I do best. I’m a lover at heart, so that is what I sing about and why my fans have grown to love me. I’m all about positivity and creating these vibes,” states Wonder.

    On My Way, Wayne Wonder rallied top producers – Kingston’s Tony Kelly (who co-produced Wonder’s Grammy-nominated album No Holding Back), Stephen Genius McGregor, Dre Day, Freelancer as well as Miami-based Riddim Fingaz (credits include Trey Songz, Sean Paul, Mya) – to form a polished 14-track opus of sweet serenades and sultry dance hits. This formula is poised for commercial success.

    Prior to “Drop It Down Low” video, Wayne Wonder unleashed his sizzling visual for “Caught Up” in late June, which racked up over 22,000 YouTube views on its first day and has over 100,000 views on to date.

    More on Wayne Wonder
    Since his self-titled debut album in 1987, the Portland native, born Von Wayne Charles, has been responsible for an extraordinary catalog of reggae hits including “Saddest Day,” “Bonafide Love (Movie Star)” ft. Buju Banton, “Love And Affection” and “No Letting Go.” In 2003, he made major waves in U.S. when his latter single topped urban radio and his album No Holding Back debuted at #29 on Billboard Hot 200 chart. His later albums led to collaborations with numerous artists including Foxy Brown, Trina, TLC’s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and CNN: Capone & N.O.R.E. His last studio release, 2007’s Foreva (VP), debuted at #6 on the Billboard Top Reggae Albums chart. My Way is a celebration of Wayne’s return and his full creative control over the entire process after departing from VP Records.

    1. Caught Up
    2. Drop It Down
    3. Sweet Dreams
    4. Anna Lou
    5. Crush On You
    6. All About You
    7. Xtra Ordinary
    8. This Time
    9. Like The First Time
    10. If I Ever ft. Mya
    11. Don’t Say No ft. Shaggy
    12. Lovely Days
    13. Put Your Drinks

    Sat. Sept 22 @ Dunns River Island Cafe in Tampa, FL
    Fri. Oct 5 @ Club Islands in Augusta, GA
    Sun, Nov 4 @ Lee Vista Park for 11th Annual Caribbean Splash in Orlando, FL
    Sat. Nov 10 @ Malibu Fun Spot, Castle Coakley, Christiansted, St. Croix (USVI)
    Mon. Dec 31 @ Club Ma Trixx in Nigmegen, Netherlands

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  • BERES HAMMOND Announces New Studio Album (NOV 12) One Love, One Life

    Whether Rihanna is quoting his lyrics on Twitter or Drake is retweeting that “Beres Hammond has to sing at my wedding,” Jamaica’s most prolific crooner has influenced some of the biggest stars today. Known to many as the “Otis Redding of Reggae,” Beres Hammond has been producing and pouring out his smoky-sweet voice over every kind of riddim track for over three decades.

    On November 13, the Grammy-nominated reggae icon will unleash his brand new double-disc studio album One Love, One Life with VP Records. The first disc One Love includes his signature classic lover’s rock sound on new singles like “No Candle Light” and “Keep Me Warm,” while the second disc One Life contains more of his socially-conscious, spiritually-empowering tunes including “You Stand Alone,” “Truth Will Live On” and “Prime Time.” Beres Hammond produced 19 of the 20 songs with co-producers Donovan Germain on “No Candle Light,” Collin “Bulby” York on “In My Arms” and Michael Fletcher on “More Time.”
    Beres is currently wrapping up his U.S. tour with remaining dates in New Orleans, Orlando and Jacksonville. On December 12, Beres Hammond will headline the Barclays Center, NBA’s Brooklyn Nets new arena, which will feature special guests UB40, Maxi Priest and more.

    From his early days as the lead singer of the ‘70s funk-reggae infused band Zap Pow, Beres has consistently produced number one hits and iconic reggae anthems still played today. While newcomers are searching for a breakthrough hit and old timers are plotting their comeback, Beres is a study in longevity.

    He released his first studio album, Soul Reggae in 1976 spawning the number one hit “One Step Ahead” and in 1985 the dancehall breakthrough “What One Dance Can Do” off his self entitled album. He has collaborated with reggae’s elite—Marcia Griffiths and Buju Banton are virtually staples on any Beres tour—and has worked with legendary producers like Willie Lindo, Steely and Clevie, and Philip “Fattis” Burrell. In 1990, his album A Love Affair from Donovan Germaine’s Penthouse label raised his popularity to new heights. Cuts like “Tempted To Touch” and “Who Say” with Buju Banton are still huge in the dancehall today. During the ‘90s, Beres blazed a trail of modern classics for a variety of producers, from the strugglers’ anthem “Putting Up Resistance” (Tappa) to lovers’ laments like “Come Back Home” (Star Trail). In 2001, Beres brought us major hits like “They Gonna Talk” and “Rock Away” from his Grammy-nominated album Music Is Life. VP Records then released The Ultimate Collection: Can’t Stop A Man in 2003 to commemorate Hammond’s career, and in 2004 Love Has No Boundaries, which features his familiar romantic ballads and mid-tempo dancehall grooves. His last studio album A Moment In Time was released in 2008 and features his most recent smash hit “I Feel Good.”

    Beres Hammond’s track record of hits is unprecedented in reggae. He has also garnered an international fan base from his ceaseless touring schedule around the globe. He performs non-stop and has repeatedly sold out some of the country’s largest and most prestigious venues including the Theatre at Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall. In addition to Rihanna and Drake, he is also a star favorite among Alicia Keys, Carl Thomas and Wyclef Jean.

    Wed. Sept 19 (8pm) @ House of Blues in New Orleans, LA
    Fri. Sept 21 (9pm) @ Plush in Jacksonville, FL
    Sat. Sept 22 (9pm) @ Mela Room in Orlando, FL
    Wed. Dec 12 (7pm) @ Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY

    Disc 1
    1. No Candle Light
    2. Can’t Waste No Time
    3. In My Arms
    4. Crazy Dreams
    5. Lonely Fellow
    6. My Life
    7. Keep Me Warm
    8. More Time
    9. Shouldn’t Be
    10. The Song

    Disc 2
    1. Still Searching
    2. Don’t You Feel Like Dancing
    3. One Love One Life
    4. Can’t Make Blood Out Of Stone
    5. You Stand Alone
    6. Not Made Of Steel
    7. Family
    8. Truth Will Live On
    9. Prime Time
    10. I Humble Myself

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  • Blaxx fires up Yorke’s Independence Fete

    POS, Trinidad– The audience at the 2012 edition of Yorke’s Independence all-inclusive was left craving more after a performance by Dexter Stewart the musical powerhouse known to Soca fans as Blaxx. The charismatic vocalist and energetic performer put the exclamation point on an evening of premium all-inclusive partying.

    The annual Independence event was this year held at a spacious residence in Valsayn and was headlined by Blaxx backed by the beloved Roy Cape All Stars. While some party goers were enjoying the fete’s culinary delicacies and wide array of top class beverages, the majority could not fight the urge to gather stage side to experience the exciting and enjoyable set from the Roy Cape frontliner and his long time band.

    With a virtually never ending supply of vocal stamina, Blaxx delivered a wide range of musical genres such as Soca, Chutney, Pop, Dance and Old School R&B. He kept the crowd moving to several of his original hits including “Tanti Woi”, “Tusty”, “Good Time” and “Carnival Jumbie”. The musically diverse singer had the patrons singing along to his renditions of popular songs by Machel Montano, Beenie Man, Al Green, Usher and Maroon 5.

    A true family man and advocate for the development of T&T’s youth, Blaxx was pleased to perform at this particular annual event as part proceeds are donated to K.I.N.D (Kids in Need of Direction) a Laventille based organization that aids children in need; and also towards an annual bursary to the U.W.I Alumni which assists needy students who require financial assistance to complete their education at U.W.I.

    Promoter Gerard Yorke, who is receiving rave reviews for his Independence soiree, was pleased with the success of this year’s fete and the quality of performance that Blaxx and company brought to the occasion.

    Blaxx took a moment while onstage to wish those in attendance and by extension all Trinbagonians around the world a happy and blessed 50th anniversary of Independence and urged everyone to continue to spread Trini love and keep the positive vibes flowing into 2013 and beyond. Although Blaxx is constantly performing, touring and making appearances at events internationally, he is still in preparation mode for what he describes as an electric Carnival 2K13 season.

    Follow Blaxx via his Facebook Page:

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  • New Single: KC Jockey – “Y Hate Each Other” (Press Release & Single Download)

    New York, NY (Sweet Sadie’s Records) – Jamaican-born and New York-raised R&B artist KC Jockey is no stranger to the method of using song to spread a greater message. This week, in commemoration of 9/11, KC is releasing a new track titled “Y Hate Each Other,” with a hope of spreading more awareness to the world of all the unnecessary hatred and violence that has plagued our way of life.

    The tragic events of 9/11 have haunted and inspired KC to write this new track in time for the 11 year anniversary. As he imagines what the families of the victims continue to go through to this day, KC says, “NYC will never recover from this tragic incident, and we as a nation will only get stronger from our experiences. We will try to live better and do positive things and be aware of the violence and unnecessary hatred that’s out there. We have to live together, so why fight.”

    KC has taken similar social stances in the past , with music and lyrics supporting the fight against domestic abuse of women. Being a huge fan of Jamaica’s most beloved artist, and probably one of the most influential singer-songwriters to guide social change through music, Bob Marley, KC’s musical approach follows many of Marley’s ways in an never ending battle for change.

    “They rejoice for your downfall wanna see you dead. Hidden from view my silent tears flow freely. God better anoint them before it’s too late.”
    [Lyrics by KC Jockey from “Y Hate Each Other”]

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  • Jamesy P Releases New Single, “Obama Will Survive” (Single Download)

    New York, NY (Up Ah Notch Ent.) – Soca star Jamesy P returns with a sizzling new single entitled “Obama Will Survive,” and up-tempo soca-fusion dance track that pays homage to U.S. President Barack Obama. The song is timely with its delivery as Obama is currently campaigning for votes and gearing up for re-election come this November. With this ode, Jamesy P pledges his support for America’s first black President and wishes him victory in the fight to keep his chair.
    “Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, the tsunami of 2011 destroyed Japan and killed thousands, the recession has taken a toll on the U.S. economy and the rest of the world, hurricane Isaac just passed through and left a path of destruction…and the list goes on,” states Jamesy P. “But, through the ‘fire,’ through the ‘rain,’ through the ‘heartaches’ and the ‘pain,’ the ‘rubble,’ the ‘mud’ the ‘debris’ and the ‘flood,’ they all have survived and so will the President of the United States of America, Barak Obama.”

    Written by Jamesy P, “Obama Will Survive” was produced by Parry Jack, and the track is geared towards the building and upliftment of nations everywhere.
    With his breakout hit “Nookie Tonight,” Jamesy P is no stranger to the international scene. He is also known for other party anthems like “Bashment” and “Leave Me Alone,” and this song is sure to be another hit for the exciting entertainer.

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  • Stephen Souza’s “Sounds Explosion” #1 On New York’s TOCH FM!

    Stephen Souza’s latest single release, “Sounds Explosion” reached #1 on New York’s 105.5 TOCH FM, and continues to gain sales on iTunes!

    Released in July, 2012 to select DJ’s on the United States east coast, Stephen’s song was given to TOCH FM’s Tony Touch who played the track initially for feedback from his listening audience. Not long after the introduction, Stephen’s song became one of the most requested songs which led to charting on the stations popular top 10 chart. Consistently earning votes, Stephen’s song became #1.

    “I am really excited to know that listeners like the song and have voted it #1. My goal now is to keep giving listeners good music” said Stephen upon hearing the news. No stranger to charts, Stephen’s song also reached #1 on Rico Vibes New Music Tuesday’s Reggae charts, which is widely regarded in the Atlanta market.

    Since the release of “Sounds Explosion” Stephen performed at the Breezy Point Yacht Club alongside Road International, and will be performing at Mingles Café on October 28th.

    Media can download Stephen Souza’s “Sounds Explosion” at these links: – OR –

    The single is also available on iTunes:

    Upcoming! Stephen Souza will be releasing new singles in the next few months and will be performing at various shows! You can stay up to date with Stephen via and on Twitter @StephenSouzanyc.

    About Stephen Souza:

    Born in England, many Reggae enthusiasts agree that Stephen was born into Lover’s Rock. This thought is solidified with the fact that The Reggae Gentleman was raised in Manchester, Jamaica where he began his musical career with his high school band Phase II.

    Moving to the United States to pursue his degree, the Reggae stars vocal skills added to Danny Dreads song “Respect Due,” and stage performances were shared with Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor, Beenie Man, Sean Paul and more.

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    Through their musical evolution, spanning over a decade and now 7 full-length studio albums, Groundation has developed an international following that has brought people together from all continents, races and creeds. Throughout October and November, the 9-piece Bay Area band embarks on the North American segment of the Building An Ark 2012 World Tour. The 4-week stretch takes them back to their stomping grounds along the U.S. West Coast with one stop in Mexico City and key dates in Hawaii, then to the East Coast for select shows and a festival in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Already, the Building An Ark 2012 World Tour has seen the band play to tens of thousands of fans on four continents and over twenty countries. Opening acts on the U.S. portion include Trevor Hall and on select dates John Brown’s Body. Groundation will be supporting their latest CD Building An Ark and intergrating new songs from the album into their widely acclaimed show.

    On Building An Ark, the acclaimed band stays true to the essence of their dynamic sound – capturing the true spirit of roots reggae while combining elements of jazz, funk, latin and transcendental dub. The album’s hypnotic funk-based rhythms move from earthy percussion-based tracks to complex impressionistic dub compositions. This 10-track set is filled with outstanding solos from every instrument and complimenting vocal harmonies. This sophisticated selection of genre-bending sounds provides the perfect template for some of their most fiery militant and conscious lyrics to date.
    About Groundation
    Groundation formed in 1998 when three long time musicians Harrison Stafford (guitar/lead vocals), Marcus Urani (organ/keys/piano) and Ryan Newman (bass) met in the jazz program of Sonoma State University. Over the years, the band grew to a 9-piece group including a jazz horn section, several percussion players and Jamaican background singers. They have released over 9 albums independently – collaborating with reggae legends including Don Carlos and The Congos – and developed a very international jam band following with their progressive sound and legendary live performances. They have toured extensively on four continents – headlining several renowned European festivals like Summerjam and Rototom. Known for ever-changing set lists and extended improvisation grooves, the band will be sure to surprise fans on the last leg of their 14th worldwide tour.

    iTunes ‘Building An Ark’ Purchase Link:

    Watch Official Video for the Single “Humility”:

    Watch “Merry Go ‘Round” Live:

    “Groundation’s nine-piece lineup never fails to enthrall crowds by way of legitimate roots reggae, high musicality, and an unnamable, addicting vibe that fills whatever room the band occupies.”
    –The Onion AV Club

    “Groundation has gained fans around the world for their jazz-influenced roots reggae.”
    –Rolling Stone

    “Sonoma’s roots reggae explorers Groundation have earned an international following with an improvisation and dub-laced sound powered by one-drop beats.”
    –San Francisco Chronicle

    Oct 17 – Knitting Factory / Reno, NV
    Oct 18 – Park City Live / Park City, UT *
    Oct 19 – Ogden Theatre / Denver, CO *
    Oct 20 – Fox Theatre / Boulder, CO *
    Oct 21 – Aggie Theatre / Ft Collins, CO *
    Oct 24 – Knitting Factory / Spokane, WA *
    Oct 25 – Neumos / Seattle, WA #
    Oct 26 – Wonder Ballroom / Portland, OR #
    Oct 27 – Ace of Spades / Sacramento, CA *
    Oct 28 – Mystic Theatre / Petaluma, CA *
    Oct 31 – The Catalyst / Santa Cruz, CA *
    Nov 1 – The Independent / San Francisco, CA *
    Nov 2 – El Rey Theatre / Los Angeles, CA *
    Nov 4 – El Plaza / Mexico City, Mexico
    Nov 6 – Paradise Rock Club / Boston, MA
    Nov 7 – Highline Ballroom / New York, NY
    Nov 8 – State Theater / Falls Church, VA
    Nov 10 – Isla Grand Pier / San Juan, Puerto Rico ^
    Nov 13 – Belly Up Tavern / Solana Beach, CA *
    Nov 14 – Yost Theatre / Santa Ana, CA *

    * w/ Trevor Hall
    # w/ John Browns Body & Trevor Hall
    ^ w/ Cultura Profetica & Steel Pulse

    Listen to Building An Ark album:

    UN: press

    PW: milesahead

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    Tourism Authority to host FCCA delegation including reps for Carnival, Princess Cruises and RCCL

    NEW YORK, NY (September 14, 2012) – The Martinique Tourism Authority is ratcheting up its efforts to attract more cruise business by hosting a delegation of Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) members September 17-19, 2012. The group will be led by FCCA President Michele Paige, and include high-ranking executives with such notable cruise lines as Carnival, Princess Cruises, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL).

    “The opportunity for Martinique to grow its tourism receipts by further developing the cruise sector has never been greater,” said Mrs. Karine Roy-Camille, Commissioner of the Martinique Tourism Authority. “Recently completed capital improvement projects to the Malecon promenade and La Savane Park in Fort-de-France have reinvigorated the capital, while continued upgrades to the Pointe Simon wharf and Tourelles cruise terminal will soon enable the world’s largest cruise ships to dock here. The timing simply could not be better for cruise lines wishing to spice-up their itineraries with the unique brand of French Caribbean vacation chic only available in Martinique.”

    Ms. Paige noted: “Martinique has taken great strides to further enhance its destination product and infrastructure for cruise tourism. This will be a prime opportunity to display the developments and investments to key decision makers in the cruise industry, and we are proud that the FCCA could provide this valuable tool to our important Platinum Member.”

    Throughout their stay in Martinique, the FCCA delegation will undertake site inspections of Pointe Simon and the Tourelles cruise terminal, and tour the re-built Malecon promenade and historic La Savane Park, a 12-acre oasis of nature amid the hustle and bustle of downtown Fort-de-France. Visits are also planned to several of Martinique’s leading tourist attractions, including Le Village de la Poterie and the Creole Village shopping area in Trois-Ilets.

    Special meetings will also be held enabling local government and private sector officials to share in-depth details on the latest developments in the Martinique tourism sector with the FCCA delegation.

    “Martinique has never been more open for cruise business,” Roy-Camille continued. “We look forward to proving it to our FCCA cruise industry partners next week.”

    About FCCA (
    FCCA is a trade association composed of 14 Member Lines: AIDA Cruises, Azamara Club Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Costa Cruise Lines, Cunard Line, Disney Cruise Line, Holland America Line, MSC Cruises (USA) Inc., Norwegian Cruise Line, P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and Seabourn. It was created in 1972 by the Member Lines operating more than 100 vessels in Florida, Caribbean and Latin American waters, in order to discuss and exchange views on issues relating to: legislation, tourism development, ports, safety, security and other cruise industry issues.

    About Martinique (
    The Caribbean island with French flair, The Isle of Flowers, The Rum Capital of the World, The Isle of the Famed Poet (Aimé Césaire) – by any one of its many names Martinique remains one of the most alluring and enchanting destinations in the world. It was named “Top Caribbean Island for Delectable Dining” in 2009 by Caribbean Travel + Life, and “Best Caribbean Destination” (2010) by The bay of Fort-de-France, the capital city, is among the most beautiful bays of the world. Martinique is an overseas region of France that stirs the passions with distinctive culinary delights, awe-inspiring natural beauty, a rich cultural history, warm smiles and so much more. Napoleon’s bride, Empress Josephine, was born and raised here. Majestic Mt. Pelée and The Pompeii of the Caribbean, St. Pierre, is found here. The finest French products, from Chanel fashions to Limoges porcelain, are readily available here. A special place, to be sure, with so much to offer – Martinique c’est magnifique!

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