With the Caribbean’s rich musical and cultural heritage, Tropicalfete is challenging Caribbean governments, private and public organizations to seriously consider investing heavily in music tourism. There is an enormous diversity of music and musical rhythms which would make music tourism an experience that people from all walks of life would enjoy and appreciate. The Caribbean is not about only sea-water, sand and sunshine. Each island has established and famous musicians, modern bands, school bands, traditional folk bands with unique and interesting rhythms.

Music is similar to sports, it has no barriers and no boundaries. Once it is marketed effectively, music tourism will definitely increase visitor arrivals resulting in employment opportunities to different sections of the communities, therefore boosting economic activity for the islands. Hotels, guest houses, restaurants, farmers, crafters, artists, car rental companies, service stations, tour guides, boutiques etc will benefit tremendously with a well marketed, well organized music tourism industry.

The economic benefits to be derived from music tourism will definitely filter to all sectors of society. Organizers and stake-holders of such an important event should make it entertaining as well as educational. However, visitors as well as nationals will have the opportunity to choose what aspect of this industry best interest them, be it music festivals, street parties, dances, music classes and/or demonstrations. Music Tourism will not only be entertaining and educational, it will include fashion, food, drinks and shopping which is also some of the ingredients in any musical environment. It is a well-known fact that music is a universal language, be it in english, kweyol, spanish, french, dutch or latin, everyone can relate to it, so Governments/stakeholders should make every effort to introduce music tourism as soon as possible to the islands’ calender of activities.

Tropicalfete is of the opinion that since music tourism will be entertaining, educational, inspirational and motivational; it will be family oriented and attract people from all walks of life. Therefore the onus is on Goverments/stakeholders to step up to the stage and hit the right notes to increase economic activity on the islands.

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