Tiana The Fabulous One Of The Fabulous Five Shines At Sting Despite Being Interrupted

Tiana The Fabulous One Of The Fabulous Five Shines At Sting Despite Being Interrupted – @TianaMusic
Swedish Promoter Vanessa Marko booked a show for Sweden minutes after Tiana exits the stage.

The Dancehall Duchess Tiana who was scheduled for 5am performance time at Sting 2014, had to perform a little later given that the show’s performance schedule was way behind time.

Even though the Dancehall Duchess was robbed of her performance time, according to many online reviews and patrons at the show, for them Tiana turned out to be the Fabulous one of The Fabulous Five even though her performance time was rudely interrupted by MC Nuffy which most persons labeled as being bias towards Tiana as everyone else got more time but failed to execute.

“I was so shocked, because I thought Sting was about talking up di things dem, but from my point of view it seems as if a certain people weren’t too happy with me addressing certain issues. But them need fi know that is not enough to stop Tiana because I knew what I’m capable of doing and I didn’t even had to dress naked fi get a fawud, or pay people to buss fire crackers and blow horns during my performance. I dont know why some of these artistes believe that a whack performance can be hidden behind fake encores (Fawud).”

Tiana added, “mi still cant understand why the Category was called the Fabulous Five when I am the only Fabulous one, it should have been called The Fabulous One And The Others. I am so hurt about what took place, but from every bad comes good cause right after that short performance, my manager has been getting a lot of mails from promoters who are now curious of what would be the results of my energetic performance if I had given the chance to complete my set. Special big up to the Swedish Promoter Vanessa Marko who booked a show for Sweden minutes after I exited the stage.”

According to Tiana, The Fabulous One, she will not let such negativity discourage her as she’s now focusing on her upcoming 2015 European Tour from January 16th to February 28th alongside Kalado.

Tiana and Kalado will be going to several countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy with more countries soon to be confirmed.

Also remember to be on the look out for Tiana’s dancehall anthem Balance Pon Mi Head official video coming soon.

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