New Jersey, October 2, 2012. The SUNSHINE Awards Organization announced in New Jersey the nominees and recipients of the 2012 SUNSHINE Award. The SUNSHINE Awards Program was founded in 1989 to recognize and honor talented exponents of the performing arts, sports and education of the various Caribbean countries. Over the years the canopy of the program was extended to South America, Central America and Africa.
This year, the 24th Annual SUNSHINE Awards Program on will be staged on Saturday, October 27, at the AXA Equitable Center in New York City and will be dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Independence of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. In making the announcement, the Founder of the SUNSHINE Awards Program, Mr. Gilman Figaro, said, “This year, we celebrate not only the talented exponents of the various countries but also the milestone of fifty (50) years of Independence for Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. This milestone invites us not only to reflect on the progress we have made since 1962, (progress in the performing arts, sports and education all of which contribute to human development and a civilized society) but also to confront the challenges of the future.”

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