The Caribbean’s Most Popular Entertainment Hub Just Got A Boost

Like a breath of fresh air ahead of Christmas and the New Year, Caribbean entertainment news website,, the most credible Caribbean entertainment news website in the hemisphere, has delivered a fresh, new look and vibe. “We felt the need to spruce things up a bit going into 2018,” said co-founder and main writer, Aba Luke, adding that she’s truly excited about the improvements made by web designer and partner, Trevyn Roberts of He’s the man behind much of Soca artistes Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons’ Ground Empire artwork and digital design.

It’s been almost six years since the website’s introduction. Luke recalls her initial promise to Caribbean people, saying that it remains pretty much the same to this day. “I wanted to create a platform that would connect us to the world- a place where international onlookers could find credible stories about our culture, our entertainment, our lifestyle in these parts. I wanted to express our unique beauty and provide the fuel that our movers and shakers in entertainment needed, to be seen and heard,” she said.

Back in 2011, it was explained that the site, which at the time had been called, ETCETERABUZZ.COM, was prepared to do what was necessary to make Soca artistes and other cultural stakeholders, their work and elements of themselves, more accessible, better known and better understood. The site was also initially branded as a Trinidad and Tobago entertainment news portal, however, over the years, the enthusiastic team of Roberts and Luke felt inclined to show off the Caribbean as a whole, as much as they possibly could. “Maintaining this massive undertaking- just us two, is not easy. It takes a lot of effort, a lot of passion. More than anything, I love this and Trevyn believes in it,” said Aba.

The site has been credited by several media outlets across the Caribbean and internationally, for stories accessed and reproduced over the years. is now the premiere entertainment news platform for the Caribbean, showing off much of what’s happening in these parts, to global audiences who visit the online hub, from countries like the USA, Canada, Europe and even Japan. “Our reach has certainly grown exponentially since we started off. The social media management, which is done by us, has generated a lot of attention and we link everything to the website so even in our Instagram Stories, you’ll find a link to the website. We’re also on YouTube, Flipboard, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook- you name it… oh and Snapchat too,” said Roberts.

A Google search for “Caribbean entertainment news” finds at the very top of the list and so to does a search for “Trinidad and Tobago entertainment news.” It’s a great accomplishment for the passionate duo who, while often daunted by the challenges faced in generating income from the website, remain as committed to the mission, as when they began. “We started this as a labour of love. The web is where it’s at now. Advertisers, who are slow to understand and believe this, will also be slow to feel the effects of their brands reaching mass audiences. No longer does a person need to listen to the radio or look at the television, or even pick up a newspaper to know what’s happening around them. The news is delivered instantaneously via the World Wide Web and on your smart device,” said Luke. She said traditional media isn’t to be sidelined, at least not yet, but in the same breath, she warned, Digital media should be taken very seriously in this day and age.

With the buzz about the Caribbean steadily making its way into the popular urban markets, globally, continues to urge Caribbean people everywhere, to be a part of the movement to throw support behind everything Caribbean. “We have to represent ourselves as one Caribbean people. Only then will we be a force to be reckoned. Our music, our lifestyles, our food, our cultures, our Carnivals and festivals- there’s so much bubbling here, so much to be shared for the encouragement of investment, but it must be done sensibly,” said Aba.

Check out the fresh, new website and as Aba and Trevyn put it, “Advertisers we need you to come on board. Don’t be afraid to reach out.”

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