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Kingston(JA): Chimney Records’ recording artiste, Zagga, is pleased to announce the release of the official music video for ‘My Destination’; a song on Chimney’s ‘Rising Sun Riddim’. The video, which features Zagga riding a bicycle from the hills of St. Andrew to his home parish St. Ann, was shot and directed by RD Studios and was premiered on one of Jamaica’s top entertainment programmes ‘On Stage’ on August 23rd, 2014. Some say this move is long overdue as ‘My Destination’ is arguably Zagga’s most successful song to date, released inRead More
If your attitude radiates; energy, swagger, finesse and style, then you already know how to “Zagga Dat”. “Zagga Dat”, is the new catch phrase for 2014, coined by Sir Skarz. It’s not only a catch phrase but a song and dance off the “Toots Riddim” produced by Dwaingerous. Sir Skarz equates this song as his second persona; a man full of energy ready to “Zagga Dat” for the 2014 Soca Season. Sir Skarz is an artist that takes joy and pride in freestyling. Skir Skarz added the “Zagga Dat” toRead More

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Zagga- Catch Him If You Can

Kingston (JA) – Chimney Records’ recording artiste Zagga has been making his rounds doing live performances over the past year. His latest being the ‘Never Give Up’ Concert At Holmwood Technical High School – that treated the students to a concert and personal development sessions, all in aid to raise funds to buy a bus for the institution. Zagga was pleased by the reception at the school and comments that the initiative was a good one and he was proud to be a part of it. He also says thatRead More

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My Destination – Zagga

Kingston (JA) – ‘My Destination’ is the chosen title for Zagga’s latest release on Chimney Records’ new compilation called ‘Rising Sun Riddim’. This song was released on October 11, 2013 on ZIP 103 FM and Irie FM. ‘My Destination’ is a reflection of the artiste’s‘easy going’ personality and is a fitting addition to his growing collection of positive music. Zagga says he sticks to positive music because “It feels right. I love making music people will feel rather than just hear”. He also states that the feedback he has beenRead More