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              Mastamind Productions Presents Da Spirits Soca Parang – Siparia Christmas Composed, produced and arranged by¬†Shawn “Mastamind” Noel¬†for¬†Mastamind Productions. Executive Producers:¬†Natasha Andrews¬†&¬†Shawn Noel.   Mastamind Productions is celebrating with their latest Soca Parang release titled “Siparia Christmas”.¬†Producer/composer Shawn “Mastamind” Noel ¬†takes¬†us on a musical journey¬†to his ¬†hometown, Siparia with the delivery of a track ¬†that he is dedicating to the¬†memory of¬†those¬†musicians no longer with us, who have made immense contributions to the culture of Siparia and Trinidad & Tobago, including¬†Hazel Noel, Daisy Voisin, LeroyRead More