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Heart of The Congos
A 40th anniversary edition of the iconic reggae album ā€œHeart of the Congosā€Ā will be releasedĀ by VP Records on June 9th. TheĀ album will be its most complete version forĀ this edition. Produced by Lee ā€œScratchā€ Perry in 1977, theĀ release was re-mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at the Soundmasters, UK and features the original mix with dubs, disco mixes and ā€˜Donā€™t Blame It On Iā€™- a ā€œmissing trackā€ discovered by Steve Barrow and David Katz in 1997. Christopher Chin of VP Music Group Inc. served as the Executive Producer of the project. First releasedRead More