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Charm Carnival is abuzz with excitement these days. The newest mas band on the carnival scene in 2013 is enjoying tremendous acknowledgement by patrons who are eager to get a slice of what’s being offered. Already sections like Mesmerize are close to being sold out- this after it was made public information that the section was created by the wife of soca artisteBlaxx, Jemima Stewart. Owners of the band, Robert and Sharon Amar are however saying that there are some spaces still available in some of the other beautiful sections.Read More
Following the launch of Charm Carnival’s mas camp at 19 De’verteuil Street in Woodbrook last week, many have been curious to know some of the innovations planned by the Amar team. Robert and Sharon Amar who have both been involved in the carnival masquerade sector prior to the launch of this brand new band, have boasted of incredible new delights for Carnival 2013 masqueraders who choose Charm as their band for the road. With a yearning to keep things under wraps still, the team has decided to unleash just oneRead More