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WORLD PREMIERE – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO TAJ WEEKES & ADOWA LET YOUR VOICE BE AS LOUD AS YOUR SILENCE     Roots reggae group Taj Weekes & Adowa is proud to announce the premiere of their second music video, “Let your voice be as loud as your silence” from their 5th album, “Love, Herb & Reggae.”  As a poet and a humanitarian, Weekes has always catered his music to the struggle of mankind against oppression.  The song, which is the first on the album, is an argument against passivity and aRead More
JATTA PRESENTS TAJ WEEKES & ADOWA IN THE WORLD PREMIERE OF THEIR VIDEO “YOU AIN’T READY FOR THE HEAVY (YARFTH)”. With only 2 weeks left until the release of their 4th CD, PARIAH IN TRANSIT, Taj Weekes & Adowa is sharing the last video from their internationally acclaimed album, A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen (AWLSK). As an added treat to their fans, the band celebrates the success of AWLSK with a gallery featuring some video singles from the album. Click through each image and enjoy Taj Weekes & Adowa at work.Read More