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City Council Member Alicka Ampry-Samuel 41st District

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Council Member Brad Lander  39th District

Tropicalfete, Inc. Tax info (2011- Present)

Purpose: Tropicalfete publishes information with a concentration on arts and culture as well as highlights the importance of the arts on education and its positive impact on the economy. Tropicalfete is and continues to be committed to the cultivation of emerging artists working in all genres. Among these are Visual arts, fashion, music, dance, theater, film and new media. Tropicalfete serves as a vehicle to elevate talented persons while recognizing their contribution to society and the arts. In addition; Tropicalfete offers opportunities for gifted artists to be mentored through a variety of diverse events. We look at the development of artists from a holistic view; therefore our mandated obligation includes assisting persons with their social needs. Tropicalfete seeks to utilize the power of the artist and arts, as it strives to bring about social changes to whomever/ where ever it is needed.

Your Tax Deductible donation will keep Tropicalfete Inc. on the front lines in our mission “Developing the community in the area of arts and social services with the focus on educating community on Caribbean Culture”