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Stag: The Beer with a Riddim of its Own (2016 TNT Soca)

The third edition of the Stag Riddim is finally here and the infectious piece will make you keep hitting replay. Themusical combination brings together renowned Soca artists – Ian “Bungi Garlin” Alvarez, Terrin “Jaiga” Callender,

Devon “Lyrikal” Martin, and the highly acclaimed producerKlase Gonzales – to create a sound that showcases Trinidad and Tobago’s diverse talent.

The track, Soca music with a fusion of electronic sound and live percussive instruments, was produced by 1st Klase Records – a Chaguanas based progressive label that continues to craft and compose the future of Soca music. It was mixed by Neel “Fadda” Dwala and mastered by Sterlin Sounds in London, and is an intense follow-up to STAG Riddim 1 and 2, which were released in time for the 2013 and 2014 Carnival season.

Shehann Caruth, Brand Manager, STAG Beer says Stag was driven to create something that would add to the Carnival environment in a positive way.

“As the STAG brand grows, solidifying the fact that it is indeed “the” beer of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and beyond, so too can these Riddims help to promote the Soca art form around the globe, while showcasing the talent of young artists,” says Caruth.

The three songs produced on the STAG Riddim 3 will no doubt appeal to all the men attending Carnival Fetes. “Way Up” was written and is performed by the viking of soca, Bungi Garlin, while “Tingz It Nice” was written by Kernal

Roberts and is performed by Jaiga. The third track, “Party Tun”, is performed by Lyrikal.

Commenting on the inspiration behind his contribution, Bungi Garlin noted that “Way Up” came from everyday street life.

“It’s really about the vibe when people who know each other meet up on the road and give one another a “bounce” or pass and hail with a “respect” on the way to a lime, by a the corner bar, the club and things like that. Typical

Trini life, you know, but the one thing that is most present amidst all that is a beastly cold STAG. It’s really like a portrait of a typical Carnival Friday evening/night in Trinidad and Tobago.”

With blazing performances to back this ambitious track, STAG Riddim 3 is bound to find a home on playlists everywhere throughout the Carnival season both in Trinidad and Tobago and the Soca community, globally. The intoxicating Riddim will be released on November 19th 2015.

About the Artwork:
The art designed for the riddim is powerful and describes the strong relationship between STAG and Trinidad and Tobago culture. The three STAG colours in paint reflect the revelry of Carnival. The three illuminated pillars represent the pulse of electronic dance music. The three steel rings represent the soul and rhythm of the people. This trifecta fused together brings a new sound; STAG…..D Riddim of Carnival.

About STAG:
STAG is European style lager with a distinct, robust flavour and a lingering but gentle aftertaste. Both its taste and its name are indicative of what true masculinity is – unforgettable strength and character. It appeals to the male consumer who embodies these characteristics and who appreciates a beer that reminds him and everyone around him of exactly who he is.

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