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Reggae Hip-Hop Artist SADIKI I Releases New Single 'My Story'

Reggae Hip-Hop Artist Sadiki I Releases New Single ‘My Story’ Featuring Junior ‘One Blood’ Reid

On February 5th, 2016, Sadiki I released his first single off his upcoming album titled ‘My Story.’ The hip- hop reggae tune features the vocal genius of veteran reggae artist Junior ‘One Blood’ Reid.

Sadiki I was born, Jevon White, on the small island of Montserrat in the West Indies where his father, George Buffonge, was a respected concert promoter. As a child, the young Jevon often found himself surrounded by influential reggae and calypso artists, including his own godfather, Arrow, of “Hot Hot Hot” fame.

“Sadiki I” which means “faithful” in Swahili, made a successful debut on the Dancehall scene with his album, I Man See Judgment. He used the next couple of years as his time to grow as an artist, finding his own unique style, combining reggae and hip-hop and elevating his skills as a composer and emcee. His mixtape, Sadiki I a.k.a Crazy Horse Vol.1, which was hosted by the world renowned DJ Saki, hit hard and he soon captured the attention of the international reggae circuit, recording and performing with reggae stars Terry Ganzie and Mr. Easy, among others.

In 2013 he released his EP, The Book of Sadiki I: The Prologue; his singles, “The World is Mine” and “Economic Bubble” hit number one and two respectively on the underground hip hop charts. In 2014 he performed a knockout show at the Montserrat Reggae Festival sharing the stage with his friends, Queen Ifrica and Tony Rebel.

In 2016 Sadiki I embarks on the musical journey of his life. ‘My Story’ is a true blueprint of his life. The powerful lyrics and deep content are sure to make waves in the industry. Sadiki I’s story is the stuff legends are made of.

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