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L3 Magazine – July Issue Featuring Sizzla Kalonji ~ Etana ~ Demarco ~ Stephen Souza + Royal Wedding Attire ~ Music Charts ~ Tambu Recipes + More!


The July, 2013 issue of L3 marks a major milestone! This year marks the 2nd anniversary of the re-launch of L3; we are officially 2!

Over the past 2 years, L3 Magazine has connected fans with the industries best personalities, and has balanced that with information on music news, fashion, beauty and as of late, great recipes. There is no doubt that readers are clear, L3 Is the #1 Caribbean-Urban online publication!

This month, we celebrate our Earthstrong by featuring Sizzla Kalonji on the front cover. With the release of his album ‘The Messiah’ on his own record label, and distributed by VP records, Sizzla energizes Reggae lover’s the world over as his voice returns to the roots of the music to deliver sonically stunning new material. The album is so loved, Natasha Von Castle met with the artist for a one on one that revealed plans for August Town, as much as it revealed the planning for his album. The artist was not shy to let Natasha know that we are all one, and whether an artist performs in the R&B, Hip Hop or Jazz genres, we all come from the same root. The way Sizzla brings us to that conclusion is remarkable!

While in Toronto, Etana the Strong One paid us a visit to talk about her album Better Tomorrow and to give us insights on what it is to be 90% Mom, and 10% everything else! Demarco spent some time with Tricia ‘ZJ Sparks’ Spence to share what it’s like to live with such a hectic travel schedule (Jamaica to Toronto to Dubai to Jamaica), create music and record music in one breath. Rounding out the interviews, Jennifer Menster speaks to Stephen Souza who is one of the most promising upcoming artists!

Additional features include Kush I Krown, Shawnee, and SOJA. Music Charts (Top Digital Downloads, Top Music Videos and Soca) are included as well as the Fashions of Tekay’s Ultimate Wedding Collection fit for Royalty. Heike Dempster walks us through the art exhibit ‘Art Walk in Wynwood’ which highlights
As July is the month of birth of Haile Selassie, we pay tribute to the Emperor which includes words of significance from Kaisha Lee, King Ali Baba, Sophia Squire and Buju Banton. Buju’s words are profound and moving.

All of this and more are available in the July issue of L3 Magazine!

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