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King of Dancehall Beenie Man Collaborates with International Star Orisha Sound on New Single

Los Angeles, CA – Once again proving her star quality, international pop artist Orisha Sound has teamed up with the King of Dancehall, Beenie Man, for the release of their music video “World War III”. The all-star duet joined forces late in 2013 to deliver an unstoppable single that has invaded the iTunes charts and radio airwaves. Topping off the success from the single, the duet collaborated in Jamaica and Los Angeles to create their magical video.

Enlisting the help of some Jamaican dancers, the duo took to the streets of Kingston to give fans an edgy, yet real vision. From dancing in the streets of Jamaica to Orisha Sound rocking her Los Angeles Lakers jersey, both home fronts for Orisha are represented. Orisha describes the making of the video as one big party, from the dancers to the excitement of fans around them; “the experience was more than I could ask for”. The relaxed and pleasant environment of the set directly translated to the energetic and fun attitude of the video. Complimenting her honey-coated vocals, Beenie Man serves up a hot dose of reggae charm. The song opens with an electro twist and progresses when the snares beat out bringing in the booming bass. Matching the diversity of the sound, the lyrics aren’t lost with the sensual insinuations and clever wordplay, which in turn are the factors that make the song so hypnotizing and memorable.

Beenie Man is a Grammy award-winning reggae artist originally born in Jamaica. Since signing to Virgin Records, he has been dubbed the King of Dancehall. Beenie Man’s collaborator on the track, Orisha Sound, grew up on the battlefield of music. She was honing her skills on violin, piano, and vocals while other girls her age were still playing with dolls. By the time she was just nine years of age, Orisha was a seasoned veteran due to her tours of duty that had her playing all across Europe and the United States. Each time on the road exposed her to the many different genres and styles of playing that all found a way into her current modern eclectic sound. “I don’t stay in one place – I move a lot…” Says Orisha, “I enjoy the beat of the streets and the studios of LA, Moscow, Kingston, London, Paris, NY… It’s all about the people and their love, hate, sex, faith, fun and struggle. It’s a ‘F**k the police’ mentality.” The musical rebel knows what she wants and takes it with a musical tour-de-force. Her international lifestyle has helped earn her a deal with DirectTV and PunchTV for her own reality show, Project O, which debuts in 2014.

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