Keith Hudson & Ragga Ragga Ragga

Keith Hudson(1947-1984), the celebrated singer, songwriter and producer known as the “Dark Prince of Reggae,” will always be remembered for his classic 1978 album Rasta Communication. This seminal release was a departure from his previous popularized dub sound and solidified him as a true roots reggae musician. Recorded at Randy’s, Channel One & Chalk Farm with a final tweak from Prince Jammy at King Tubby’s STUDIO, the album featured a line-up or Jamaica’s finest musicians including Family Man & Carlton Barrett and Sly & Robbie.

Greensleeves has completely remastered and expanded the original ten-track album to a double-disc 27 track deluxe edition that will be released on April 24, 2012. The second disc features full dub companions including the previously unreleased dub to “I Broke The Comb.” The package offers many extras for reggae lovers, including all four songs from two classic Keith Hudson 12” singles as well as two rare Jamaican single mixes of “Rasta Country” and “Jonah,” which are making their CD debut.

To celebrate Record Store Day 2012, the label will also release a four-track limited edition vinyl EP titled Bloody Eyes with original album and dub versions of the song in a vintage 12” Jacket.

Rasta Communication Track Listing:
Disc 1
1. Rasta Communication
2. Felt We Felt The Strain
3. Bloody Eyes
4. Rasta Country
5. I Broke The Comb
6. I’m Not Satisfied
7. I’m No Fool
8. Jonah
9. Musicology
10. I Won’t Compromise
11. Nah Skin Up (12” Mix)
12. Felt We Felt The Strain (12” Mix)
13. Bloody Eyes (12” Mix)
14. Rasta Country (12” Mix)
15. (Jonah) Come Out Now
Disc 2
1. Rub Dub
2. Felt The Strain Dub
3. My Eyes Are Red Dub
4. Bloody Eyes Dub
5. National Item
6. National Anthem
7. I Broke The Comb Dub
8. Barabbas Dub
9. Image Dub
10. (Jonah) Come Out Now Version
11. Musicology Dub
12. Darkness Dub

Ragga Ragga Ragga 2012, the annual hardcore dancehall series from Greensleeves, pays homage to UK’s dancehall scene on April 17, 2012. The compilation features top hits from British emerging artists (Gappy Ranks, Stylo G and Lea Ann) as well as Jamaica’s leading dancehall stars (Popcaan, I-Octane and Mavado). This year’s edition also contains a bonus DVD focusing on the UK’s dancehall scene and interviews with its key players plus seven music videos of breaking tracks from artists like Popcaan, Tommy Lee, Masicka and Lea Anna.

Jamaican reggae has given a voice to people of all backgrounds around the world and since an influx of Jamaican citizens emigrated to the UK from the 1950’s onward, the music has affected British culture. In the 1970’s, reggae’s freedom fighting songs quickly resonated with the rebel spirit of the UK’s punk audience and eventually evolved into England’s mainstream culture. Reggae helped spawn the country’s subgenres like dubstep, grime, drum ‘n’ bass as well as UK dancehall. The dancehall scene in Britain is now setting the trend for the genre as a whole. Ragga Ragga Ragga 2012 will feature the UK’s most popular club anthems as well as the chart-topping Jamaican tunes and tracks gaining momentum in Kingston’s dancehalls.




This Year’s Installment offers hits from Rising British Stars Gappy Ranks, Stylo G and

Lea Anna and Jamaica’s Own Popcaan, Mavado and I-Octane plus a

bonus DVD on UK’s dancehall scene

Watch the video:

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