It's 'All R Nuttin' for Empress Tashai

Connecticut-based reggae singer, Empress Tashai, is hellbent on making the year 2012 her time to shine. As she says with her characteristic rapid gesticulations, “This year it’s all or nutten for me and the music.”

The Rastafarian Empress, who has been engaged in singing and song-writing for a minute, is particularly quick on the draw as it relates to sharing information on herself and stablemates. She spares no time in naming out the members of her outfit, All R Nutten Family, with whom she recently released a collaboration single, Praise God. Those involved with the song are Singah Mike, Ras Jahtah, Oneil Silvah, Jungleman and Empress Tashai.

An inspirational song, the title alone begs the question, ‘why not Praise Jah?’ since the artistes involved all lean towards Rastafarianism.

“This is a universal single and God is a universal being whether we say God or Jah. We want to reach out not just to Rastafarians, but also to a lot of other people, whether you go to church or not — Christian, sinner, Jew or Gentile,” Empress Tashai, the multi-talented spokesperson for the group states.

She pointed out that the members of the All R Nutten Family each have their solo careers as secular artistes, but they took the time to work on this project which is meaningful to all of them. “Although we are based in Connecticut, we are all from Jamaica and we will always say One Love. The new year is usually a time of reflection and give thanks for life, so that’s what we are doing with the single, Praise God,” the artiste said of the single which was produced by Third Floor Productions.

Empress Tahsai, who is also a disc jockey on 106.5 FM in Connecticut noted that Praise God has been enjoying great rotation, especially in the States, and added that she also hosts the All R Nutten Showcase for two hours once per week. This, she points out, is a legitimate way for the artistes to get their songs played on radio and build their fan base.

While pushing her solo career with conscious singles including No Weapon and Better Tomorrow, Empress Tashai doubles as a fashion designer with Gillepsie Fashions. “We are the ones who designed Macka Diamond’s Money-O suit,” disclosed the entrepreneur as she showed off her most recent achievement, the 2011 Most Creative Enterprise Award from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Empress Tashai expressed the hope that Jamaica will show Praise God “a whole heap of love”, as they prepare to shoot a video for the single.

The All R Nutten Family is managed by Danny Peeces and also includes Empress Basahani.

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