I-Octane Becomes the Voice of the People Through his New Single 'My Story'

Reggae and Dancehall hit maker I-Octane strikes gold again with the release of his new song “My Story”. The message of this song is familiar territory for the artiste as he always seeks to speak up for the masses whose voices aren’t often heard.
The song produced by DJ Frass, appears to give praise “to all who wipe car class” and “to those who sell bag juice, to help dem youth”, but I-Octane is quick to point out that the message of the song spans a wider cross section of people.

“Yeah I specifically mentioned two particular groups of people,” the artiste admits, “But due to time constraints with songs, it wasn’t feasible to list out every single group, but I’m really singing for all people who are struggling to make ends meet, struggling for a better life.”

I-Octane went on to explain that he’s always felt it was his responsibility to speak up for the downtrodden.

“The Almighty blessed me with a gift where I can put words and thoughts to music. When I see people suffering or going through certain things, I can take those emotions and express it for them. In essence, I am giving the people a voice, saying what they want to say but never knew how to express it. The biggest advantage I have as an artiste, is that I have a platform. I’m lucky enough that when I speak, people listen. So what I’m doing is singing on behalf of certain people.” And sing for the people he does.

The catchy phrase “Man a suffer too long” is a common sentiment expressed by people all over the world. In this song, I-Octane points out that even people who appear to be relatively well off still experience their own struggles and suffering. He acknowledges that everyone, no matter their race or social status wants to know that their children will be ok.

“Most people know about and have experienced the difficulties in the ‘system,’ the hardships with the taxes and at some point or other, most people feel as if they’re suffering”.

Part of the purpose of the song therefore, is to let his fans know that he sees their plight and to help them find their voice. It is also to show the authorities and leaders of the various systems, the plight of the people and clearly state that the people are tired of it.

“This song is our version of a protest. Yeah, we not blocking no road or holding up placard, but we will never stop telling our story. Man a suffer too long and its full time that the people who have the power to change the situations acknowledge that and do something about it.”

It is this passion to stand up for the poor that has fueled I-Octane’s desire to shoot the video for ‘My Story’ immediately. The song has already been released and is rotating heavily on the radio but I-Octane believes that having the visual aspect will send a more powerful message. The video is slated to be shot sometime within the next week by Scorpio 21 Production.

Take a listen and lets continue to support positive music.

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