Tropicalfete’s mentorship program is a prestigious opportunity. The program seeks to partner students with persons who are well accomplished in their profession and that profession is the chosen career path of the students. Mentors will provide guidance, advice, and support, sharing their knowledge and experience to help participants navigate challenges, set goals, and develop their professional abilities. Regular mentorship meetings and check-ins will be scheduled to ensure ongoing support. Mentees will gain valuable skills, knowledge, and networks to excel in their chosen career paths.

Tropicalfete hosts two main annual productions that showcase vibrant masquerade performances and outfit designs. These events provide a platform for celebrating Caribbean and tropical cultures through a blend of music, dance, and artistry. Let’s delve deeper into each of these productions:

  1. Carnival Festival (June): This event, typically held in June, is the flagship celebration of Caribbean and tropical cultures. It emulates the spirit of traditional Caribbean carnivals. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Masquerade Performances: The carnival features a grand parade with participants donning colorful and elaborate costumes. These costumes often reflect the rich cultural heritage of the Caribbean, with elements drawn from various islands’ traditions.

    • Outfit Design: Outfit design is a central focus of the carnival, and participants invest significant time and effort in creating or acquiring striking costumes that become the centerpiece of the event.

    • Stilt Walking: Stilt walkers add to the visual spectacle, as they navigate the streets and parade routes on tall stilts. Their graceful and daring performances are a key attraction.

    • Steel Pan Music: The sound of steel pan drums, a hallmark of Caribbean music, fills the air during the carnival. Live steel pan bands or musicians deliver mesmerizing performances that create an unforgettable atmosphere.

    • Masquerade Dancers: Highly skilled dancers perform traditional and contemporary dance routines, adding an extra layer of entertainment and cultural richness to the event.

    • Other Performing Artists: The carnival often hosts a variety of other performing artists, such as calypso and soca singers, fire dancers, and more. These artists contribute to the diverse and exciting entertainment lineup.

  2. Pop-Up in Times Square (August): In August, Tropicalfete hosts a pop-up event right in the heart of Times Square, New York City. This event brings a taste of Caribbean and tropical culture to one of the world’s most iconic locations. Here’s what you can expect:

    • Street Festival Atmosphere: The pop-up event transforms Times Square into a vibrant street festival, with colorful decorations, music, and food stalls offering Caribbean and tropical cuisine.

    • Live Performances: The event features live performances, often including elements like steel pan music, masquerade dancers, and other traditional and contemporary acts.

    • Interactive Activities: Attendees may have the opportunity to participate in interactive activities, such as trying on costumes, learning traditional dance moves, or enjoying workshops related to Caribbean and tropical culture.

    • Art and Craft Displays: Many artists and artisans showcase their work, including traditional and contemporary artwork, clothing, and accessories inspired by Caribbean and tropical aesthetics.

These two annual productions by Tropicalfete are not only celebrations of Caribbean and tropical cultures but also serve as a platform for artists and enthusiasts to come together, share their passion for these cultures, and introduce a wider audience to the vibrant and diverse traditions of the Caribbean. Whether you attend the grand carnival in June or the Times Square pop-up in August, you’re sure to be immersed in a world of music, dance, art, and celebration.