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"Caribbean Rapper Chromatics Taking On Canada With Hit Single & New Video in Hand"

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. ———-Passion in heart, Trinidad and Tobago rapper, Chromatics is preparing for his post video release promotion in Toronto, Canada. Just about two weeks ago, the entertainer who has defied the odds and made a name for himself locally and throughout the Caribbean, delivered the much-anticipated video for his single, ‘Never Satisfied.’ It’s been making the rounds but above everything, Chromatics says his hope is that people will understand the song’s message.

Determined to end 2014 with powerful messages through his music, Chromatics says this particular song and the video exemplifies the need for people to strive for more in their lives, instead of settling for mediocrity. Shot in and around Trinidad, at venues such as the scenic capital of Trinidad, Port-of-Spain, and the natural surroundings down the islands, on the outskirts of the city, the video for ‘Never Satisfied’ speaks volumes and encourages everyone to fight harder in their lives, no matter the circumstance.

Explaining that the song is a demonstration of his rapping ability, having delivered a production that is on par with set international standards, Chromatics says he also made every effort to deliver elements that would let the world know that the track is a Trinidad and Tobago production. Its concept was collaboratively created between the artiste himself and director, Akino Williams of Red Beam Evolution productions, but Chromatics says many people assisted in the overall production, granting favors and offering tremendous support when needed. “I’m truly grateful to everyone who helped me out during this process. Originally, shooting was supposed to have been wrapped up in three days but we ended up going into five painstaking days of production,” explained Chromatics. He admitted that there were setbacks during the production of the video, setbacks that could have led to him settling with certain shots, but much like the video’s sentiment, he simply couldn’t allow himself to settle for mediocrity; he wanted the best.

With one more video set for release before the end of 2014, Chromatics says that would essentially be the fourth and final single off his ‘Science of Colours Volume 3 Mixtape.’ “I’m glad to say that we’ve achieved our goal this year, which was not only to showcase the different types of music featured on the mixtape, aside from ‘Carnival Rap Up’, but also to re-establish a visual presence for myself and my brand in the industry,” said Chromatics. He says he hopes the people of Trinidad and Tobago will be proud of the new video. “I encourage everybody to download the mixtape and for all my Canadian family, I’m on my way!”

His visit to Toronto in the coming weeks will see Chromatics perform alongside DJ Power in a signature Angostura LLB event where he will not only promote his music but the video and others as well.

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